Physical Impossibility Versus Reality
By Jim Kirwan
This is Magic-Realism, which focuses on particular problems and then expands aspects of the underlying problems; in order to more clearly understand what might be involved with what such images can mean to so many people. Here the myth of power is being deconstructed, in order to see the components of this ancient game more clearly.
The monetary explosions in the background and the feeble attempt by some to use the left-over coins to escape what must be faced. All of it takes place just outside the prize of what was once thought-of as civilization, in a world where locks no longer slow the monsters down, should they choose to smash into the ordered world where things like this are not allowed to happen.
This Illusion of power holds his nets that are used to intimidate the terrified and to snag the unwary. The apparent struggle on the shoulder of self-appointed power is between and among those that would achieve the pinnacle of so-called power that so many envision as an 'absolute.' This 'battle-at-the-top' will never cease until this mirage-of-supposedly-superior-power has been vanquished by a world made conscious and aware of its own true worth, in the global- grand scheme of things wherein in people work with nature and not against her. (1)
Lately we have been presented with supposedly 'overwhelming facts' that would indicate that the end for all of us is very near.
"There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are mostly empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached." (2)
Yesterday, it was announced that the order had been given to staff and stock those camps for use within weeks. The Army is advertising to find and hire a 100,000 strong staff to 'administer' these camps. (3)
This needs to be contrasted with the 400 million weapons that are owned by Americans today and especially by the difference between issuing orders and actually being able to take the actions alluded to in the particular orders being given. The background for the documented past of these supposedly pending events, can be found and thought about in this short video by David Icke.
In the video, the round-ups of people in Nazi Germany and Russia are depicted; but the circumstances for those events were much different than they are here. Americans need to be able to tell the difference and to realize that everything any criminal government says is not necessarily true, because in that difference we will find ways to resist what everything in these self-serving scare notices are all about. (4)
We have already found and exposed the brutally-ugly charade that was offered as a partial "solution" to the brutality of this government. That charade was something called the "OCCUPY Movement". "The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red- handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros.
The groups, most prominent among them being the Tides Center, have been involved with Occupy since the anti-Wall Street movement's inception.
The radical connections have been largely missed by the general public. CNN, the only news media outlet to receive exclusive access to Occupy's alleged headquarters, did not fully identify the activists found running it." (5)
The problem with this fact is that 'It has been "the self-appointed job" of these creatures to sink the expectations of the public by discrediting the effectiveness of demonstrations throughout the US, with non-violent exercises that always end the same way, with the public being victimized, beaten, pepper-sprayed and arrested - to SUPPOSEDY "prove" to people the futility of any and all demonstrations.
So far, this has worked. If the revolution or the protests were real then people would not stand for this and would fight back on the spot - to end this farce of police superiority simply because they are armed and the public is not. This FARCE has been a fraud since 2003 when it began in Europe and then moved on to the middle-east. Now is the time to end OCCUPY as anything but the PUBLIC-FRAUD that it is, and to begin a whole new era of demonstrations that have real demands at their core. "Ending the Government in D.C." and "Ending the Federal Reserve" - with those two cesspools out of the way we might be able to get a real handle on taking back this nation.' (k)
Returning to the topic: What we have now is something that is impossible for the government to translate into the literal actions they are seeking against the entire American public. Do they have the tools and executive orders at their command? YES! Can this be implemented? The answer to that equates directly with something that George Galloway clearly illustrates in discussing the pending attack upon Iran. Substitute the American Backlash here for what he says about Iran, and substitute The Zionist-American Cabal for Israel and the Bush Administration which was the government here when Galloway made this tape. It's one thing to call for an attack upon any people, but quite another to 'pull-it-off and still survive.' (6)
By way of a further explanation a reader said: "First of all, God HELP US. What will it take before EVERY SINGLE militia member in EVERY SINGLE location MOVES??! We have been at war with these criminals in government for DECADES! What are WE waiting for?
Do we actually imagine that the treasonous members of Congress and Senate WON'T reinstall their attack against Americans AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, even after the abomination in chief veto's the current pending legislation?
Will WE fool ourselves into believing that "America is safe from fascist totalitarian dictatorships", while it is unfolding right before our eyes?
WHERE ARE THE MILITIA? Are WE waiting for an order from the criminal governors? WHAT WILL IT TAKE AMERICA? When your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, shop owners, all begin to disappear, IT'S TOO LATE. They will come for you, for me, for US, in the darkness of the early morning hours- with stealth! Not with bullhorns and tanks. That's a much later development, after the warriors and bloggers and alternative media journalists have been quietly disappeared. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE NOW THE TIME TO ACT?"
The literal contradictions in the title of this article are clear. It is physically impossible for this broken-government to implement the fascist scheme they have been planning now for decades. Because to do this effectively they would have to act in unison nationwide; inside a window that is only about twelve hours wide. There was NO internet in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia when the troops mysteriously appeared to round up the enemies of the state. There was no available history for most of those citizens to be able to use to avoid what was coming-we have the tools to track these twisted bastards-so why are we still 'not resisting'? That was what "occupy" injected into the national psyche; the politics of the need to SURRENDER outright: Conveyed by inoculating the public with the clear-futility of public demonstrations that could not succeed. Soros and his organizations' should be arrested and charged with complicity in attempting to seduce the nation into capitulating to the Police-State that is waiting to pounce.
But the best counter-point to Soros and his traitors would be to give the police of this country some demonstrations that they will NEVER FORGET, because we have the capacity to do that: All that is missing is the national will to do it in every major city in the country - spontaneously!
If being threatened with national-enslavement inside national prison camps that have already been built for this purpose does not enrage you-then there is definitely something wrong with you. And if you still think that hoarding food and water will protect you from what's coming given all the various lists that categorize anyone that might have ever had a thought of their own which disagrees with what's really going on: Then you are obviously unaware of how dangerous the coming situations will be. No one will be allowed to wait this out at home; this is not like surviving a plague that you can insulate yourself from. This is mass-murder, enslavement, torture and permanent imprisonment: No charges, no trials, and no appeals of any kind: Do you really think that these criminals in this government will really help you to survive this?! How could anyone not believe the worst of people that have voted repeatedly to enslave us all?
The only attention that ought to be paid either to your congressional flunky or to the impending selection is to find the quickest way to jail everyone that is involved in trying to perpetuate the farce that this nation's government and its political parties have become. We are in the middle of a revolution: The problem is that the target (us) seems to think that those who have targeted us are going to help us stop "them" from completing their stated goals. . .
True they have been tracking us ad infinitum since February of 2001. That does not mean that they can successfully seize and confine millions upon millions of people overnight. They do not have the manpower nor do they have the ability to counter the 400 million legal-weapons in the hands of the people of this nation that they keep on insulting and intimidating on a regular basis. This final tidbit did it for me, with the announcement of Junior Officers in TSA at the Airports. (7)
Couple that with this clearly black assessment of the Jobs Situation in America as can be seen from this chart: Unemployment rates by county for the entire US, from January 2007 to February of 2011 Just hit 'play' and watch the changes - 'employment' is this country is now completely DEAD thanks to Clinton and Bush as well as Obama! (8)
If you choose to continue to become overly-absorbed in the coming of Christmas; then this may be your last Christmas ever. It's time to get up off your ass America and to remember who you keep saying that you are. The time has come to PROVE IT to the criminals that have taken whatever they want from you and yours ­ and who will finish us off if we let them. The FREEDOM is ours to lose: Don't let that be the case, chose to resist until this is ended. If you still think that this is preposterous, then how can that thought-form be justified by allowing this nation to have declared "Perpetual War on the World!" If this is not a global-obscenity that could never be allowed to happen, then how can you explain the last eleven years and the fact that we have not even slowed that down, much less stopped any of it from happening. . .
Millions have already died; it's up to us to end this bloodshed here before that number becomes BILLIIONS!
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