Overlooking The Obvious
Can Sometimes Be Fatal
By Jim Kirwan
In the last few days a number of doomsday scenarios have begun to be suggested across the internet. However there are some things that have been almost totally overlooked, at least by quite a few Americans that actually care about what might be waiting for us in the very near future. And this reminder refers to what is inside every uniform, as well as what each and every one of us has to lose. . .
These doomsday scenarios, for the most part have overlooked the times we are living in. This is a technological age especially when it comes to warfare. The only thing that the coming shutdown of theUnited States will have in common with previous "wars" will be the torture and the death tolls-everything else is totally up-for-grabs!
Here's why: First we are at the beginning of yet another massive land grab in the Middle East; and this time we shall be outgunned and out maneuvered, in Syria and Iran. That is the case because we have allowed ourselves to rely on previous outcomes whenever this place has coveted the resources and lands of other nations. Syria is NOT Iraq, and neither is Iran. Both will be protected by both Russia and China which will make this most recent international crime anything but a cake-walk.
Most Americans have forgotten that China can down any satellite they deem to be problematic, with missiles from the earth. This can be done within an hour's time, and we are powerless to do anything to stop such an action. Without global communications the US military is just another private-club playing at war with no way to get or receive orders, or supplies anywhere on this earth. And without these communications the US will go straight into panic mode because without computers there can be no cash, no banking, no fuel, no cell-phones ­ basically everything reverts to the late eighteenth century. Oh and for the navy that will mean they will be stuck in the water because everything there is also computerized, along with all of our weapons systems ­ so the American Luftwaffe might as well not even bother to take off.
If Russia and China team up to stop what is about to happen to Syria and Iran; then our mighty global military is going to look very silly, because Russia is armed to the teeth and they are just across the border from Syria. Does no one remember what happened the last time that Syria was threatened and the Russians showed up in force ­ WE BACKED DOWN, that's what happened that time. And that is exactly what will happen again, with or without the American Aircraft Carrier, named for a WAR-Criminal, that is currently sitting right offshore, and is looking for trouble. Because the Russians will NOT allow us, or NATO, to do what we are there to do. And if we continue with what is planned for Iraq, then China has said that she will definitely intervene to prevent that from succeeding, either. You see after GWB stole the second election here; Russia, China and 'The-Five-Stans' teamed up to stop the West once and for all; because what we are doing now was crystal-clear to them, even that far back!
Apparently the global order has overlooked these key facts, in their haste to seize and destroy the USA from within. It will be literally impossible for the TRAITORS in this government to fight both Americans at home and the two or even three new wars overseas in addition to all the other wars that we are still connected to militarily.
Plus, since China has been buying up land across the USA it would be to their advantage now, not to see this place be reduced to rubble, since they plan to make use of our resources after we are done playing at global-warfare. The easiest way to prevent that would be to simply cut off our communications (something that they have already shown the world they can do with ease) and that alone would even the playing field between any armed American Resistance and the confused but cut-off "Amerikan-traitors" that might be enticed to attack their own country.
Meanwhile in Syria with heavy armor plus the more than ready Russian Air Force within spitting distance from the front lines in Syria; Russia could smash the CIA led "rebel-forces," along with any NATO involvement that might want to join in! With all of this nearing the boiling point, and a formal attack probably planned for something like next week-the current REPEAL of the US Constitution, might prove to have been a very bad idea.
Some believe that the troops from Iraq will be coming back to slaughter Americans ­ but what will happen when they discover that the CONSTITUTION to which they sworn allegiance has been hijacked in their absence? They might be wearing US Uniforms, but there is no longer any nation to which they pledged their lives to defend-because the same people that sent them overseas
"To protect the FREEDOM of all Americans"
have just sold them out along with every other American citizen that thought we had a real-nation built around our own Republic and a Constitution, that was worth fighting to defend? Consequently sending these same troops in to slaughter this population might not go down without a hitch: In fact that might well trigger a civil war!
With Russia and China opposed and ready and willing to do what must be done to defeat our latest land-grabs overseas-about the very last thing that "Amerika" needs right now would be to have to fight its own people for control of the banks, the money, and whatever might be left of this nation. But apparently the Zionists have started to believe their own very twisted PR ­ because that's about the only thing that might explain the actions of this country at this very critical point in time.
If this country chooses to unleash these rabid barbarians in the uniforms of local and state police against the public, this coming week, then how can they also manage that situation while they will be losing ground and face throughout the Middle-East? Apparently they have chosen not to read Sun Tzu's Art of War? Basically what the Art of War says is that you cannot fight everyone in the world simultaneously; especially not when your lines of communication and supplies will for the most part be interdicted, at virtually every turn.
And since once the public becomes aware of your real intentions toward us all, you might find people willing to fight to the last drop of blood, where before there were only docile and compliant fools. That tends to happen in civil wars, just as these illustrations from Francisco Goya illustrate.
And since we have no natural allies (that we don't have to pay to be allies), we will be sitting ducks for whatever nation or nations that might decide to join in, by taking revenge on us at that particular moment when we shall be at the weakest point possible, with major wars both at home and abroad-How could this "plan" make any real sense to anyone? Well I guess if you're part of a megalomaniacal-movement with ego problems on a global-scale maybe anything might seem possible to you; but the reality is there are LIMITS to what any power-grubbing amoral organization can ever do to anyone else they've chosen to utterly destroy!
Just a couple of thoughts to add to what is already spinning round in so many heads tonight! I wonder what are we going to call this place now that we no longer have a Constitution? We can't really call it the HOMELAND that was Nazi Germany's name for the Germany they took over. So what shall this place be called after that lying sack of shit in the oval office finally makes the takeover of this place official on the fifth of December?
Good Night and Good Luck Amerika because we'll need it!
Ironically this will happen on the same day that Obamanation will sign
the official REPEAL of the Constitution of the United States.
Time Magazine December 5, 2011issue: Will be CENSORED in the United States
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