Our Past Is The Future
By Jim Kirwan
Victory & Defeat have a lot in common. Neither has a head, and where Victory is claimed by every criminal in history to favor their policies-Defeat is an orphan because no one wants that shroud associated with their name or what passes for their reputation.
Obama and Bush and a whole lot of previous 'presidents' have refused to look-back, once they have attained the Oval Office, as the past can be an accurate prologue for what is to come: Because the past contains massive crimes that, if revisited, would require that most former leaders would be charged with massive war-crimes against humanity. That list of crimes and guilty American presidents is very long. So 'Americans only "LOOK FORWARD"!
In the previous article I mentioned the culpability of the evil nightmare that is currently hell bent on seizing and murdering the entire world that is not Zionist. In going back over the arguments (most of which were formed by Zionist-spin controllers), I tried to find one single reason for the continued existence for the Nazi's of today-but there isn't even one.
There are however a number of attributes that need to be mentioned because they cast Zionism in the column of inhuman-unpeople at almost every turn. Here is a brief list of some of what Zionism has been responsible for injecting into the world.
Slavery has been around almost from the beginning but the slave-ships that brought slaves to the New World were owned and run almost exclusively by Zionists. Since then Zionism has virtually owned the bulk of trafficking in the sex-slave trade, and their role in drug-sales and trafficking is well known. They also lead the world in illegally obtained human body parts, frequently "contributed" by the dead they have killed during secret and continuing torture.
All nations lie; but Israel takes this to extremes that boggle the mind. Zion is blackmailing the world with the threat of thermonuclear-war, if they are not given what they are demanding in the Middle East, as can be seen in this map of The GREATER STATE of ISRAEL. While there is only a very tiny piece of Iran in their outrageous demand, Iran has the capacity to interfere militarily, together with Iraq, in preventing this outrageous criminal theft from succeeding. And please note that all the hell in the recent Middle East has come from that tiny stain that was once Palestine, that Zion calls "Israel." Now American troops are in Israel practicing their war-games with the IDF for the nuclear-tipped invasion of Iran. This takes greed and arrogance to a whole new level on the world stage.
In addition to blackmailing LBJ into trying to help Israel sink the USS Liberty, for Israel during the 67 war Israel later blew up the Marine Barracks in Lebanon to embarrass Reagan, and end our role as peacekeepers inside Lebanon. The Liberty cost 34 American dead and a 137 wounded. The Attack on the Marine Barracks cost 241 service members including 220 US Marines: Israel did that bombing.·
Incidentally the "Settlers" inside Israel would be among the world's most vicious outcasts in any other place on earth: but they are welcomed as "settlers" inside occupied Palestine for their brutality and for the callousness of their personal savagery. In fact the treatment of the Palestinian's by today's Nazi's makes the Nazi's of the Third Reich pale by comparison, when it comes to the inhuman treatment of any captive population. This behavior has been institutionalized among the population of Israel to the point that over 90% of the people living in Israel today, still approve of what was and is still being done to Gaza, during and after Operation Cast Lead. That insane attack upon defenseless Palestinians is routinely threatened over and over again by Israel, every month or so, just to remind the world what they are capable of. But that could NOT have happened without all those weapons and political support which this country has routinely given to the most incredibly evil darkness upon the face of the earth. This is on top of the now $4 TRILLION that was spent of taxpayer money to bomb Iraq back to the stone-age.
Aside from all the blood and outright death Israel also must answer for what they have done to the arts, to humanity as an idea, and to the world, most aggressively since the end of the Second World War. Instead of working toward a better world, the Zionistas have undermined mass-communications. The media and all but a very few in the film world to force the world to live their paranoid delusion of Security, national-security, terror and deceit at both the highest and the lowest levels of every society around the world today.
They OWNED the paper world, or they did until that lawsuit was filed yesterday that will begin to show the world that Humpty-Dumpty can never be 'put-back-together-again!' (1)
So, whether we are talking about nations that are fit to be part of the community of nations, or even ordinary Outlaw-members of the Axis of Pure-Evil-Zionist-occupied Israel has exceeded all norms, and exists in a space that is unfit for any human habitation. And USI has made it all, not just possible, but mandatory in a world where that ancient phrase was that was routinely implied above the gates of their concentration camps in WWII. 'Unconditional Surrender' because RESISTANCE is FUTILE!
What other nation ever dared to forbid historians to look into their past, to question their resolve or to state their findings for history to decide what really happened during the Second World War? Still that myth has been shattered, and the plaques at the concentration camp gates had to be changed because the infamous 6 million was also a LIE! Less than half the number of Jews claimed (by Israel) died in those camps and their number is no longer considered real. Millions of Jews did die in the camps, but not from being gassed, they were worked and starved to death along with more Catholics than Jews, millions of gypsies and criminals and others: But to succeed in creating their nightmare-Hitler's own SS (one third of which were Zionist-Jews) were used to create the myth by killing real Jews and branding the NAZI's as mass-murderers of more than twice as many people as were actually killed. That was needed to produce the 'get-out-of-jail-free card that was needed to prevent anyone from ever criticizing whatever the new Israel might want to do in the future.
If the Jews had been so badly treated by the NAZI-state, then how could Israel have done all the Palestinian massacres and shameless bloodlettings which they have been practicing since they began their illegal-occupation of Palestine, 63 years ago?
PBS used to run all that Holocaust garbage right into the ground, until there was nothing more that could be said. There are so many Holocaust Museums all over this country that it is an OUTRAGE; especially when we have only one monument to the millions of American troops that died in WWII. That "memorial' did not happen until almost everyone that served in that war was dead!  But Hollywood never sleeps when it comes to Zionists and their criminal agenda's-whether it's on television or on the silver-screen: Whether it's conspiracies on and in network programming for television or talking heads on network news: The goddamned lies about 911 and the Holocaust are never missed, when the chance to drive home the LIES into the stunted minds of so many completely brainwashed fools is on the line! (2)
Obama and the Zionista's have come up with what they think is a perfect solution to this continuing problem of the LIES that are finally killing Israeli goals. However their plan for this twisted pile of human excrement won't be ready for several more months ­ by which time Caesar ought to be in jail and Israel ought to no longer be a threat! (3)
1) Full-Blown Civil War Erupts on Wall Street ­ Financial Elite Start Turning on Each Other
2) How Our Societies Owner's Get Away with Everything
3) Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans
· Israeli Attack on USS Liberty
· Fallout from the 1983 barracks bombing is still being felt
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