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Once, A Wonderful Word!

J. Speer Williams


There was once a wonderful word that expressed rationality, viability, and life. That word, as magnificent as it was, has been sullied and defiled by propagandists for the special interests of the state/corporate combine.

Misuse of this special word has been so flagrant and bandied about in the mainstream media that its original connotation of rationality has become to mean absurdity. What once meant viability now means misery. And its definition of of life now means death.

Of course, this once remarkable word is Sustainability, which now signals an invitation to absurdity, misery, and death.

Be aware of this word [sustainability] in the corporate/government media, and know that the purveyors of it are seeking your cooperation on ultimately killing you, and what you love, while making you all as miserable as possible in the interim.

It is a changing world, and those who keep up with those changes will not be done in by words, words like sustainability.

J. Speer Williams




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