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Ignoring The Obvious!
By Jim Kirwan
This from Occupy Wall Street.
By David Graeber in 'The Occupied Wall Street Journal'
My comments are italicized, kirwan
"On Aug 2, at the very first meeting of what was to become Occupy Wall street, about a dozen people sat in a circle in Bowling Green. the self appointed "process committee" for a social movement we merely hoped would someday exist, contemplated a momentous decision. Our dream was to create a New York General Assembly; the model for a democratic assembly we hoped to see spring up across America. But how would those assemblies actually operate?
The anarchists in the circle made what seemed, at the time, an insanely ambitious proposal. Why not let them operate exactly like this committee: by consensus.
It was, in the least, a wild gamble, because as far as any of us knew, no one had ever managed to pull off something like this before. Consensus process had been successfully used in spokes-councils, groups of activists organized into separate affinity groups, each represented by a single "spoke" but never in mass assemblies like the once anticipated in NYC. Even the General Assemblies in Greece and Spain had not attempted it. But consensus was the approach that most accorded with our principles. So we took the leap."
k -Your consensus was yours to attempt, but not ours by any stretch of the imagination; primarily because it is not based on individuality but on group think!
This is the Visionary & the General, both attempt to change the world, but in this contest we must listen to that interior voice that cannot ever be silenced, in the quest for which is the real and lasting course of action to be followed.
"Democracy" is not and never was a goal, it is but a stepping stone, downward from the Republic, in which all opinions are respected and protected: Democracy is nothing more than mob rule - if you had known anything about how real government actually works you should have known that. But instead you have chosen to play upon the ignorance of the public about the actual content and functions of the so-called government that they have allowed to govern over them!
"Three months later hundreds of assemblies, big and small, now operate by consensus across America. Decisions are made democratically, without voting, by general assent. According to conventional wisdom this shouldn't be possible, but it is happening, in much the same way that other inexplicable phenomena like love, revolution or life itself (from the perspective of say, particle physics) happen.."
k -You're correct - this isn't actually possible: It was made possible by the money invested from the same people and organizations that brought us to this impasse in the first place: This is simply the continuing TAKEOVER BY THE ZIONIST-BANKERS AND WAR-MONGERS UNDER ANOTHER GUISE!
"The direct democracy process adopted by Occupy Wall Street has deep roots in American history. It was widely employed in the civil rights movement and by the Students for a Democratic Society. But its current form has developed from within movement like feminism and even spiritual traditions (both Quaker and Native Americans) as much as from within anarchism itself. The reason direct, consensus based democracy has been so firmly embraced by and identified with anarchism is because it embodies what is perhaps anarchism's most fundamental principle: that in the same way human beings treated like children will tend to act like children, the way to encourage human beings to act like mature and responsible adults is to treat them as if they already are."
k - Ah but you have overlooked all of the most obvious flaws in your self-proclaimed arguments. Your organized-leaders are treating the public EXACTLY LIKE CHILDREN, to the point that they are not allowed to even speak or to demonstrate any of the normal responses to anything and everything being proposed. How insidious of this arrogant pile of retrograde-anarchists coupled with the latest form of Zionista co-conspirators that are attempting to use this form as something "new" when the truth is this form of "ORGANIZATION" has far more in common with outright slavery and submission than it ever did with any form of either rebellion or true freedom!
"Consensus is not a unanimous voting system: a "block" is not a NO vote, but a veto. Think of it as the intervention of a High court that declares a proposal to be in violation of fundamental ethical principles--except in this case the Judges robes belong to anyone with the courage to throw them on. That participants knew they can instantly stop a deliberation dead in its tracks if they feel its a matter of principle, not only means they rarely do it. It also means that a compromise on minor points becomes easier; the process toward creative synthesis is really the essence of the thing. In the end, it matters less how a final decision is reached --by a call for blocks or a majority show of hands--provided everyone was able to play a part in helping shape and reshape it."
k - Welcome to the HIVE MIND and to GROUP THINK! This is not a solution to anything it is a further perversion of individuality by stiffeling individual responses in favor of a false CONSENSUS that is arrived at by intimidation and "organized-mind-control" over what has become a virtual herd that has been browbeaten into believing they are free-thinking people - when in fact they are nothing but another extension of the monstrous-disease that has already captured most of the planet..
"We, may never be able to prove, through logic, that direct democracy, freedom and society based on principles of human solidarity are possible. We can only demonstrate it through action. In parks and squares across America, people have begun to witness it as they have started to participate. American democracy are our ultimate values, and that our love of freedom and democracy is what defines us as a people--even as, in subtle, but constant ways, we're taught that genuine freedom and democracy can never truly exist."
k - All that you have "proven" is that the mob can be even further controlled from within by cowards and self-appointed spokespersons who have actually put nothing on the line in their attempts to form something that is without any real substance - because unless and until these voiceless groups begin to demand changes and above all CONSEQUENCES for the crimes already committed by those that have paid the bills for these concocted demonstrations with no actual results - NOT ONLY WILL NOTHING EVER CHANGE - but what is being instilled by you and yours is that the public must remain helpless in the face of the Police-state forces that continue to maim and murder citizens at will!
"The moment we realize the fallacy of this teaching, we begin to ask, how many other "impossible" things might we pull off? And it is there, it is here, that we begin enacting the impossible."
k - Apparently those that buy-in to this charade; this shadow-show that trumpets things that it has yet to accomplish; are providing the ideal Trojan Horse for something that still does NOT exist! That something is a real demonstration wherein the public makes demands that the state must consider or lose their positions in that state as a result of their failure to RESPOND to the demands being made. So far neither the government nor the banks have taken any steps to address anything which these demonstrations have brought up. No police are being charged with any of their crimes and in fact the government has announced even more invasive laws and punishments in every area of life - just since these bogus demonstrations began: So where's the PROOF that this form of protest has had any real effect whatsoever?
The only thing that has shown real promise is the removal of money from the banks at this critical juncture which has begun to create real cracks in the entire structure of the AUSTERITY programs worldwide - and none of that came from your so-called leaders, it came from ordinary people deciding one by one, on their own initiative, to take ACTION to change who has CONTROL over the power which the international bankers are trying to use to subdue the world.
Using an even greater obscenity to supposedly come to terms with the massive criminality is hardly a solution to anything except to possibly end-forever any real chance that anyone might still have to take back this Republic and restore our natural FREEDOMS, IN THEIR ENTIRETY - this vile construction of yours only adds insult to the damage already caused by those who thought up this total-lie as it relates to what people can and should do with their time and effort to bring a real ending to our subjugation and enslavement, once and for all - which incidentally includes you and yours in all that must DISSAPPEAR - preferably sooner rather than later!
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