Notice Of Effects That May Occur On
Reading Or Hearing My Material

By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
There is energy in the books I have written which has various functions.
The degree and frequency of the energy varies from book to book.
The Information and its Energy are basically to awaken beings to their own Truth within and prepare them for what is to occur to them, to this planet, and to the whole physical dimension..
Their mode of action opens Centres of Awareness in each individual, and if these centres Harbour Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, (which we all have on this level to varying degrees) the reactions in the individual will vary according to the degree (concentration, severity) of the programming, pollution and indoctrination.
Some people have Evil Energy in their auras, or are possessed by demonic energy partially or totally. Others are totally non-viable Evil Beings.
The energy in the information will certainly stir many to a great degree.
This can cause physical effects. But the effects are due to flushing out the Negative Energy that lay hidden within the individual, not due to the energy of the information.
Physical effects may manifest as nausea, headaches, nightmares, visions of discarnates who are stealing the reader's energy, Succubi and Incubi who are stealing the reader's sexual energy at night, thoughts that relatives, friends and associates are draining them of energy at school, at work, at play. This is not paranoia. As those more knowledgeable know, there are people that steal our energies as we go about our daily business. Energy Vampires exist.
The headaches can be due to blocks in the spiritual pathways. They usually subside as one cleanses sufficiently.
But, always remember to get persistent symptoms checked out. One reader, years ago, was elated that periodically he felt drowsy and euphoric, with a wavy motion in his head and at times slurred speech. He put it down to the massive amounts of energy he thought he was receiving through his Crown Centre at my weekly lectures at that time. When he told me about this, I realized immediately he was having TIAs, Transient Ischaemic Attacks, due to his high blood pressure which he ignored. Inspite of subsequent treatment he later suffered a stroke which paralysed him. He was in his 50s.
Manifestations due to the stirring and exposure of Evil Energy and blocks within can upset awakeners. But, they must push on. It is the Negative Energy within them that is surfacing and producing all these effects, including anger, fear and paranoia, as it were. The Positive Energy of the books is making the readers aware of their negative impost.
It can be likened to a spiritual Herxheimer Reaction that occurs in medicinal healing. If you don't know what that means, look it up. It is a manifestation of rapid removal of toxins from the body after a healing agent has been ingested. In the spiritual case, it is the exposure, and hopefully, the rapid removal of Negative Energy from the individual by the introduction of the energy in my books and voice.
Sometimes these reactions are so frequent, great and/or distressing to the individuals, they must stop Positive Energy input until they cleanse to clear the mess and the crises pass. It is simply a case of overload.
New readers can feel these effects and erroneously blame the content of the books for the negative effects.
It is similar to students studying in intensive courses in which they take in more facts than they satisfactorily integrate at any one time. Hence, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual fatigue can occur.  
That is why cleansing and purification are such important daily requirements.
When one takes a rest from positive input, cleansing and purification should be intensified. Read my books for details please.
Also remember to drink lots of water, for the body is helped by drinking water when larger energy inputs occur. Hands-on-healers say they drink up to 12 litres a day to cope with the energy flux that affects them as they attempt to heal patients.
Avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination is mandatory if you are going to progress on your Spiritual Path.
Half measures are not good enough. Don't be a hypocrite.
I repeat, the negative effects are due to the Negative Energy that is stirred and flushed out of the individual by the awakening and healing Positive Energy of the books.
The same goes for the energy in my voice when I give lectures, conferences, speak on Radio shows, etc.  Many readers have commented on the boost of energy they acquire as they listen and on the elation from the energy of the words that they feel. It is an automatic process.
Lately I have been using increasing doses of the New Green Energy (NGE) which has resulted in even more spectacular effects.
The Negative beings feel far worse with it. It attacks negative energy more forcefully, and it cannot be manipulated as the former Divine energy could be by Evil Beings to do destructive things. I had previously revealed that this whole Evil System is being starved of Divine Energy. The system simply cannot use the NGE for its evil effects. Thus it will totally collapse.
The NGE and the Evil Energy are incompatible and the NGE destroys the Evil Energy on impact. That effect can be felt by the individual with negative energy as temporary physical malady.
Evil Beings are exposed by the NGE and are never the same. They cannot run away fast enough from me, my words, my books, and my voice, even if before they appeared really close friends and devoted to my work.
The Viables feel far better with the NGE. They experience a new, pleasant sensation, as many have written to me to say so. They feel a boost of energy, new confidence and greater love that heals them faster.
As an individual purifies, the unwanted side-effects of cleansing will be less, obviously, until finally, when the Centres of Consciousness are relatively clean, the effects will be of Joy, Elation, and True Love.
These benevolent effects are due to the Energy of the words being able to establish a pathway in the individual to his Divine Energy within. And that is basically the mechanism of awakening and true realization of God Consciousness.
Renewed pollution may cause them more distress until they cleanse properly again.
I can tell you now that failed Robots and Demons will not only reject what I write, but they will also become argumentative and abusive. Internally they have great FEAR.
The Positive Energy, especially the NGE, stirs their evil energy within, and being unable to grasp Truth, for they have none within, all they are left with is the Anger and the Fear of the thought of Justice and the elimination of Evil which means elimination of them. That is why they fear, even though externally they may express anger.
And although they may say they do not believe a word of what I have written, subconsciously they know that what I have written is correct. And as that realization which they have buried deep within their psyche slowly filters from their deep subconscious into their lower minds, it brings anger for having been reminded of this Truth, and the Fear of their fate.
By the time it reaches a conscious level, they will manifest the Terminal Madness I have often written about.  Thus, "verily shall there be gnashing of teeth and (some of) the living will envy the dead".
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