No Stress, No Progress!
By J. Speer-Williams

Today - in our country and in all others - mankind has a premonition of a coming ill wind, more dangerous than any that has ever blown before.

The word premonition means an uneasy anticipation of something unpleasant, a discouraging feeling of trouble to come.

Prescience, on the other hand, means knowledge of things before they exist or happen.

God has prescience. Men have premonitions. For mortals, subject to death, the purpose of living is to seek our Maker's help in turning our disposition for premonitions into god-like prescience. Such a venture is fraught with fear, but it is the ultimate game of life.

Such fears are many and great, but can be tempered with the truth of a simple datum: Knowledge has the potential to protect us, while ignorance endangers us.

The inescapable truth is we are all playing the ultimate game of life whether we want to or not. Those who play the game well win in life, while those who play it poorly suffer from life's slings and arrows. Those who do not know they are playing the game suffer from the cruel fates of existence.

Our destiny is to win at the ultimate game of life, for our destination is to sit with God. The fates of life only step in when we play the game poorly or refuse to play it at all.

We have two mighty opponents in the game of turning premonitions into prescience: Fear and Ignorance. One feeds the other, as they are allies, an axis of negativity, you might say.

Of course, knowledge is the antidote for the poisons of both ignorance and fear.

But just as too little knowledge keeps us enslaved in fear and ignorance, too much knowledge gained too quickly, can also fetter us in fear and ignorance.

When we increase our awareness of life and its negative factors too quickly, the sudden influx of such knowledge can cause anxiety and feelings of helplessness, and we can suffer a net loss of knowledge. In other words, we can lose more ground than we have won by gaining knowledge too quickly. The tendency is to then shut down our drive for knowledge as it is hurting us.

Knowledge is like a loaded pistol, which can injure or protect us. As we all need training with a gun before using it, we all need a grasp of how best to attain knowledge, especially when it carries those bits of information that tend to scare us away from becoming more aware.

Becoming fearful or stressful from knowledge gained, however, is not disgraceful; in fact, it can be a sign of becoming more aware, more conscious.

A worse mistake would be to let fear thwart our drive to become more knowledgeable, as enough accurate data can alleviate fears and provide protection in the material world.

Still, too much stress or fear, at any one time, can incapacitate the best of us. At such times, we would be wise to commend ourselves on what has been learned that caused such fear or stress, but then let go of the pursuit of such knowledge, at least for a while. Allow a sort of emotional and mental digestion to take place. Engage in a favorite pastime until these fears subside and become less intense.

But the ultimate solution to fear is knowledge and increased consciousness. So let us have courage. Let us reach again for facts, truth, and knowledge.

It is a process that will enhance our potential for increased consciousness, which we are all in this physical realm to attain.

It is our consciousness that lets us know we are aware of being aware - something robots, without souls, cannot do. The androids in control of our world are only faintly aware, and are even unaware of that.

To actually be aware, one must be conscious of the fact. Our awareness perceives life; our consciousness understands it.

Our awareness merely observes, while our consciousness knows. As we advance in our awareness of life's events, we increase our measure of consciousness. As we understand more, we can perceive more - one helps the other.

Consciousness is a storehouse, while awareness adds to it. Awareness perceives specifics, but consciousness is a general understanding of life.

In the same way that advanced physics eventually flows into spiritual understandings, material knowledge brings about the potential for increased consciousness, which is the ne plus ultra - the Holy Grail - of physicality.

There are two vital links between knowledge and increased consciousness: empathy and wisdom.

To have empathy for others is to enter into their feelings, to the point we can share their sadness or happiness. Those who have empathy for others understand perhaps the most important fact of life: We are all one.

Sympathy and compassion are lesser emotions, which are directed toward someone, from someone and do not bring the closure that empathy does.

With the full flowering of empathy comes wisdom.

Wisdom is possible only to the degree we have empathy.

The upward spiral of life is knowledge, empathy, wisdom, and an ever-increasing consciousness.

What lowers our potential for increased consciousness are the things we are afraid to learn, along with irrationality, lies, cowardice, cruelty, apathy, and sickness.

Conversely, rationality, truthfulness, courage, empathy, interest, energy, and intention all increase the potential of consciousness.

The answer to any kind of fear is more knowledge and consciousness, both linked by empathy and wisdom.

There is a great deal of confusion - perhaps some created purposely - surrounding the concept of "you create your own reality." There is truth in the statement, but the concept goes off the rails when followed by "never think of anything negative." If we never thought of anything negative, how would we know how to choose a mate, rear a child, or vote for the best candidate?

Moreover, such a resolution negates the prime reason we are in this negative realm: We are here to learn how negativity works and how to rise senior to it.

The proper way to bring about a desired reality is to first visualize and decide on the positive result wanted and then forget about it.

Then try to learn of all the negative things that could possibly happen, always keeping some attention on them, without becoming compulsive about it.

Too much fearful worry about a potential problem can actually draw it into our personal existence. The right amount of insouciance and carefree attention has a tendency to freeze those possible future negative outcomes in place, thus keeping them out of our world of experience.

For instance, not knowing about the criminal activities of governments and their possible consequences is one of the most dangerous courses of inaction I can quickly think of.

Could that be why the Power Structure heavily promotes all the New Age books that advise us never to consider the negative?

Could it be that the global elite's continuous refrain that stress is a killer is done to try to keep us from understanding the magnitude of their continual crimes against humanity?

Through their medical doctors, they sell us prescription drugs. Through their intelligence agencies, they sell us street drugs - all to make us and our children ignorant, apathetic, and indifferent to life.

So please, learn all you can. Then congratulate yourself when you begin to feel stressed or fearful - as you have made progress in the ultimate game of life.

Like weightlifting: No stress, no progress.

J. Speer-Williams



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