Our Freedoms Were Never Free
By Jim Kirwan

 Whether we speak of freedom‚ as part of our law or what used to be our government or just as individuals ˆ FREEDOM has never been "free" to those who seek to profit from her embrace.

There is a price for this very special adjunct to life that is contained in Freedom's direct relationship to personal RESPONSIBILITY.

The light from her torch not only illuminates the shadows of our lives, but it must always resonate through the unshielded forms that outline those responsibilities that we must accept if want to have the freedom that enables life to be lived as completely, and as passionately as possible. That's why Freedom is only half-armored, because without the empathy and humanity that the unprotected flesh and blood signifies˜freedom is just another facet in the never-ending wars of empty people that always command others to fight to protect the lies upon which every war depends!

Of course this is only symbolism, a metaphor for what very seldom happens in the course of most of our lives, because we are too busy to ask the very simple questions that were once the basis for all of Journalism.

"Who, What, When, Where & Why!"

That shorthand litmus test allowed reporters to get to the meat in any real story: but today Journalism has died right along with Justice, with Freedom and with real Choice. How can anyone expect to live in a place where there is no longer any freedom to think, to speak or to act according to our own inner lights? The tragedy seems to be that the truth will only catch up with the majority once they have personally tried some of the new laws that prohibit everything from PROTESTS to speech, from Thought-Crimes to becoming a SUSPECT in the global War on a supposed-Terror˜that has yet to even exist?

Words have lost their meanings in the Newspeak and Doublespeak that has come to permeate our lives. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery," and now "Ignorance is Strength". Did you ever think that you would live to see the day when all of this had become the norm in a country that is now afraid of every shadow anywhere, and where no-one can ever be trusted, because the blackened fingers of fear are now armored and do not speak except with the evermore deadly weapons that are used to taser, to wound and to kill whomever just happens to intersect with an official uniform for any reason or for no reason at all?

If we would "be free" again, it will only be because we shall have used the Second Amendment to defend ourselves from this new breed of lawless thugs that are multiplying like flies at a mass burial ˆ a burial which could contain many of our loved ones or ourselves in the bleak few weeks and months ahead. . .

 Against this backdrop individual lives would seem to matter very little in the grand sweep of history˜yet in fact all of history is beholden to the individuals and to their particular problems that tend to lead to the untimely deaths of so many millions, even billions of people. This is why so many want to create governments to protect them from the problems. But freedom & responsibility cannot be delegated˜that part of life must be dealt with by the individual. The books and texts are written about ideologies, philosophies, trends and idioms: but the history is written in the blood and tears of those that died to free themselves or their loved ones from a fate worse than death could ever be - That would be ETERNAL-SLAVERY!

Once any nation has fallen into the quicksand of Empire's greed-filled lust; No Siren-song will come to those that chose to follow wherever that path leads. This SIREN's call is to that empty hunger that devours souls and strips each human of everything that elevates us from the rabble of our lives, while the SORCERESS looks on unmoved.

We are upon this earth for such an eyeblink in the long history of time itself; how did we become so deluded, as to think that we could actually change our lot simply because we refused to see the truth of what too many have always been all about?  In the end people are who they chose to be, and very little from the real world can ever seem to penetrate those minds that have become calcified against emotions and even against the natural needs that fund the spirit˜without which, the millions of those, are just millions of the unburied dead. "We" will not matter because we never chose to RISK anything, to change what is happening to most of us this minute. . .

Too bad, so sad, Oh well!

It will soon be over anyhow, but what will be left of the world might not be worth living for, never mind living in!




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