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"Never Again"

By Jim Kirwan

Courtesy DDees.COM

After the close of WWII, the Zionists that today have taken complete control over “Israel” continue to raise this negative slogan to define their permanent excuse for every situation which Zionists have found themselves in: They have never tired of citing “NEVER AGAIN” to describe their permanent VICTIMHOOD, in virtually every instance in which Israhell has found itself being the aggressor since the end of WWII.

No other country even comes close to their record of bloodshed, torture, chaos and slaughter which has only added to their war-crimes and to the largest number of babies and civilians killed by an invading force, in the modern era.

Today Israel supposedly reached a cease-fire with the Palestinian captives completely encased inside Gaza, for the umpteenth time since this unholy farce formerly began in 1948. Here is the record of their theft of the Palestinian lands that have continued to be stolen year after year after year. The Dark Green is what was Palestinian land, and the white areas are what Israel has stolen…

Here are some videos that immediately preceded and then followed the supposed truce deal organized by Egypt & the USI today. (1)

What the world must remember is that this has happened over and over and over again and it always ends up the same way. This supposed truce will also end with Israel breaking this truce, just as she has broken every other truce before this one. This 64-year slaughter will begin all over again, with Israel still CLAIMING her right to “self-defense.” What Zionist-Israel can never explain to the world is why she always ends up expanding her lands; and she must murder millions of people; yet she is always the aggrieved party who is

Only exercising her rights as

The ARMY of God’s Chosen People”

What this ‘TRUCE’ contains might elude most people but for anyone who has been watching the Middle-East, here’s what is about to happen—again.

Hillary, a failed Secretary of State who has been someone who issues statements on all sides of every issue she is ever consulted about. Hillary has just announced that Turkey and Qatar will join the US to insure that these agreements can be kept. Neither of these two countries are now favorable to Palestine, in fact both are actively working against Palestine; while Egypt remains an unknown player as their newly created regime has just ventured out from under two regime-changes both engineered by USI.

Consequently what will probably happen in Gaza, since Hamas is the real target there; is that the US and Egypt will decide that the people of Palestine will have to get rid of Hamas in order to achieve peace.

Of course the problem with this is that after the PLO under Arafat had massively sold out the Palestinians—the people of that war-torn place rejected both Arafat and the PLO in an election which the US ordered Palestine to hold. The election results went something like 90% for Hamas and nothing but hatred for the PLO. However the US in our infamous duty to global-rule, decided that the Palestinians MUST be represented by the fraudulent and discredited PLO, and the hell with the election, which ruled massively in favor of Hamas and against the PLO!

This false-flag negotiation as of 11-21-12 will be Israel and Amerikkka’s chance to rid themselves (legally?) of Hamas forever forbidding Hamas to exist inside Palestine. Soon the hated PLO will hand the Palestinians over for the final slaughter—courtesy of this “globally-negotiated solution,” again courtesy of the US. This new dog & pony show will be held (as the new solution) because the world has already forgotten the obscenities’ perpetrated by Yasser Arafat—but the Palestinians will never will forget those crimes either.

What should happen this time, in deference to Israel’s infamous slogan of “NEVER AGAIN” - is that when Israel breaks the truce this time; its leaders ought to immediately be turned over to the war crimes tribunal for summary executions! The world cannot afford to tolerate these outlaws for even one more event, EVER-AGAIN!

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Psychopaths claim dominance

and a "G-d given right" to rob, kill and maim

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Smiles ... wiped of innocent faces

Little girls weep

Little boys butchered

Babies are slain

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Criminals are the law

They bomb, they shoot, they smite

With mini-nukes they wipe life out

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Without "lamp-shades", bodies mutilated

Without "cremation-ovens", toddlers charcoaled

Without "gas-chambers", Tiny tots... exterminated

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Aggressors crowned with "victim-hood"

Their victims... "anti-Semites", "filled with hate" !

They murder then cry

Sneer as they lie

They twist and deceive, innocence they proclaim

Apart from themselves, Everyone to blame

In Palestine

Primary colors no longer three

Red and green, black and white

Freedom painted red... Love is green

Sacrifice and faith... black and white

In Palestine

Out of the ashes humanity rises tall

Resilience leaves you speechless

Courage takes your breath away

and in contrast Bottomless cowardiceAs never seen before

In Palestine

Something miraculous happens

The more people die

The more hope is born!

Hope... Astounding

Bequest of the Divine

Seen in every face

Written with every name

Posted by Nahida -Exiled Palestinian at 7:47:00 AM (2)

What is ‘at stake” in the world because of these outlaws inside the fascist state of Zionist Israel? Here’s part of what must be considered—because we refuse to even question, much less challenge Zionist-Apartheid-Israel. While Israel claims to be a democratic-state: “The only real democracy in the entire region” – Israel today spits upon her Jews, as well as her Christians and her Muslims. In fact Israel has deported almost of every other group, the only exception being Zionists. And because Zionism wants all the lands around them as part of what they refer to as The Greater State of Israel, consequently the world must take her psychotic-tantrum

seriously, because on top of her LUSTS for more of everything: Israel could so easily push the planet into this… (3)

But most of the news today is not “fictional’ and Gerald Celente explains how some of that otherwise unreality has already begun to hit us right now… (4)

The most overlooked aspect of Zionism’s vaunted powers is that their army, navy and air-forces are not experienced when it comes to fighting any force with experience that can actually oppose them: Israel only excels when they are attacking unarmed children, babies and helpless civilians—but whenever Israel faces any real opposition they get their asses handed to them—because their so-called forces are nothing but cowardly racist psycho’s and spoiled brats that delight in torturing the helpless and raping the defenseless. The world would be greatly enhanced without the deeply blood-stained curse of Israel’s twisted designs upon it!

Tomorrow is the 49th Anniversary of the death of JFK at the bloody hands of Mossad and half-a-dozen other self-interested criminal-organizations. His death snuffed-out the hope of billions of people. But that flame has not died. When it comes to the filth that Zionist-Israel has become, ordinary people can indeed have an effect upon that rat-hole, without resorting to raising a weapon. If every man woman and child around the world began to acquaint themselves with the true nature of these INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS where they live – then people everywhere could OSTRICIZE every Zionist on the planet and condemn them to the absolute-silence of everyone they encounter wherever they are every day 24-7.

Believe it or not such things can and sometimes do have a massive effect if “most people just “DO IT”! I was recently asked by Mike Harris on his program, what I could suggest to begin to change something without the use of violence; and I’ve thought about that since he asked that question: Consider this my answer Mike, SILENT-OSTRICISM; even though I personally agree with Ry Dawson.

Israel’s (been) disgraced to the world, you’re immoral you’re ignorant or all of the above. So join me in this campaign. Say: “I’m from such and such place. Israel needs to GET OUTTA GAZA and Netanyahu should be hanged for War-crimes.

Sentence that fat bastard to death, because that’s what he is a fat psychopathic murdering, Zionist, racist-BAIN on HUMANITY. He and Richard Pearl should both be just be buried up to their necks in Palestine and give the kids a bunch of baseball bats and let ‘em have at it. They do not deserve to be on this earth they should be tried for War Crimes—just like some of the worst criminals in history.

There’s no excuse for it ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF GAZAAnd Hang Netanyahu” (5)

1) Israel bombs AFP's Gaza office for second time, 3 Palestinian reporters killed in previous attacks – (VIDEO)

Israel launches massive airstrikes on Gaza after Tel Aviv bombing (VIDEO)

Cease-fire declared in Gaza conflict – (VIDEO)

2) In Palestine Something Miraculous Happens - Illustrated

3) The Day the World Ended Part 1 – fictional 5 min 46 sec VIDEO

4) Israel’s attack on Gaza and how WWIII will rise out of these unfortunate events.

5) Netanyahu should be hanged for war crimes





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