More Kubrick? Proof Apollo
Flag Was Added Later

By Ted Twietmeyer

I found this staged photo in a UK documentary titled "IN HIS OWN WORDS: BUZZ ALDRIN 40 YEARS LATER."

The flag pole absolutely has NO shadow. You can see the astronaut's shadow, the large black Lunar Lander shadow in the background but no shadow from the pole. This was clearly added to the photo later

Above image was snipped without modification from source image. Flag was clearly added to photo later (studio shot.)


flag pole base enlarged.png Enlargement 300% with no other processing. The anti-gravity flagpole stands on the Lunar surface with no shadow without it
being planted in the Moon's surface. Truly amazing. Jagged line extending from the pole to the right edge is apparently from footprints, not the pole itself.
Bottom edge of pole is perfectly flat, which would not happen if it was actually inserted into the Lunar surface



Original unaltered screen capture from video "IN HIS OWN WORDS: BUZZ ALDRIN 40 YEARS LATER." While is shown
here by the network as the source for the photo, I doubt UPI did this. They just used what NASA gave them.


Ted Twietmeyer



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