ObamaCare And The Marx-Men
By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved

The so-called "ObamaCare" nightmare has nothing to do with improving Americans' health, or even making health care more affordable. It is another corporate bailout, this time poised to pour untold billions into the wealthy insurance industry, the very industry that has driven medical costs up into the stratosphere. It is an industry that has stolen professional medical care from the hearts, minds and hands of the physicians and placed it instead into their own untrained, unskilled hands. The concerns of the insurance industry are not for the patient that the doctor is treating. The concern is corporate profit.

The insurance industry saw that they could vastly increase their profits if our Marxist government created a mandate forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance, and then forced each American to submit his or her body to the broken health care system that is run by the insurance industry. Those selected to enforce this mandate are the kindly, health-conscious IRS. Does this sound like a plan to improve Americans' health -- or does it sound more like a government that thinks it owns all rights to you, your family, your privacy, every dime you make, and now claims to own your body, as well.

The clueless mainstream media has obediently touched only lightly upon some of the jagged edges of this latest piece of communist junk designed to completely control Americans. Today, as I spend my July 4th writing this commentary about communism that is now rampant in the US, it is as good a time as any to review how many other communist mandates have been established in the United States since the early 1900s while the general public barely took notice. Marx defined communism as the abolition of private property, and it is further defined by the "redistribution" of wealth. Communism does not recognize individuals and it eliminates choices: One size fits all.

Industrialized agriculture is perhaps the unhealthiest gem of Marxist communism established in this country, in which small farms were systematically taken away from decent family farmers, and placed into the claws of conglomerates that, like the insurance industry, have no concern about the actual health benefits that their work yields. The results, like most communist tactics, have touched us all. The once healthy and robust people of the United States have now been deformed into a nation of sick people, many of whom are also struggling with weight problems due to the US dependency on starch and grain products. The industrialized agricultural conglomerates have forced depleted soils to produce substandard "food" by forming a partnership between agriculture and the chemical industry, as suggested by Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto. Rather than replenishing the soil by mulching, the industry harrows and dislocates topsoil, and then adds chemicals in an attempt to correct the ruined, depleted earth.

Another Marxist idea was the creation of a privately owned centralized bank that, to this day, still cannot be held accountable or even questioned about any of its actions. "The Fed" cannot be audited. Other Marxist ideas include "federal" control of airwaves, highways, and blurring borders, along with federally controlled "public schooling," which, like media, controls information and serves as a propaganda outlet.

Perhaps the worst yet, was the Marxist creation of the "federal income tax" in 1913, made possible by the ratification of the 16th Amendment, the authenticity and legitimacy of which remain in question. This unconstitutional tax tells us that we are all servants and slaves of the "federal" government. We must work to live but before paying for our food or health, the federal government claims that we must pay it for our labor, and that our money is not ours. Our money is then siphoned away from us to pay taxes that our grandparents never had to pay. Those taxes taken from us under duress help pay for the enviable salaries and benefits of the lard bricks in government who primarily serve corporate interests, and who rarely listen to the drowned out voices of individuals. This is taxation without representation.

Traditional American family life is now completely taxed out of existence. Mothers must enter the workforce (for reduced pay, of course), rather than keeping the important close watch on their family's health, nourishment, upbringing and wellbeing. That job has been taken over by the federal government, a government that is so hopelessly outdated and out of touch with true health and everything else that is important to the family, that it is still advising us to drink fluoride and eat a Marxist diet that is primarily based upon industrialized grains and starches. The most recent focus on "health care" has been taken over by someone whose name and birthplace we do not truly know and he is about to touch us all in the way that only a Marx-man can. Our total loss of privacy is about to become complete. The airport nudity scanners, strip searches, and genital groping were simply testing the waters to see how far Americans could be pushed.

Of great concern should be the "preventive" measures in ObamaCare legislation, because not all of us want to be entered into the medical system for mandatory, invasive procedures looking for potential goldmines that would call for further medical assault via chemicals, surgery, and radiation. Colonoscopies, for example, have inherent risks including intestinal perforation that can result in the need for surgery to remove the intestines and create an abdominal colostomy bag in a previously healthy but now devastated victim. Mammograms have been suspected for years of creating breast cancer due to the radiation of sensitive tissues never meant to be radiated.

Real preventive health care would instead call for every American to have a diet based upon fresh, organic, raw vegetables and fruits. That, alone, would help curb medical costs. Physicians in the 1800s knew that diseases and conditions, including diabetes that is now an epidemic in the U.S., could be completely reversed by eliminating starch from the diet and adding raw fruits and vegetables. Real preventive health would ban the antiquated practice of pouring fluoride, a chemical waste from the fertilizer industry, into our drinking water. German and Austrian physicians knew in the 1930s that fluoride blocked thyroid function. Real preventive care would demand that the USDA stop telling Americans to eat a Marxist diet of starch and grains. While Marxists have sometimes used the word "progressive" to describe themselves, it is clear that they are not progressive at all except when it comes to their progressive control over the rest of us.

Now, as a final insult, we are being told not only to hand over even more of our money, but also to submit our bodies to the badly broken mainstream medicine machine that has been destroyed by and is still being run by the insurance industry.

Approximately one-third of working Americans are "independent contractors," therefore receiving no employee benefits, including health benefits. They must pay for 100% of this sudden mandate to subsidize the insurance industry. According to various sources, an individual yearly policy (along with a hefty deductible) costs approximately $5,000. For those who do not have $5,000 annually to give to the insurance industry, the alternative is to become more dependent upon the Marxist government. No matter how it is viewed, this mandate is as intrusive and outrageous as what is happening on a much smaller scale in airports, and it is the most contemptible insult to individual privacy and self-governance ever carried out by the Marx-men, whose progressive medicine machine is something many of us wish to avoid it at all costs.

As I wrote this commentary on July 4, I was reminded of how others dealt with taxation without representation. James Otis, Jr., a colonial lawyer and Harvard graduate was quite sensitive about this subject, as were others, and a slogan of his that was popular during the 1760s was, "Taxation without representation is tyranny." His views and similar views of others led to the American Revolution, in which individuals fought for their right of self-governance, which brings me to a question. We know that the views of the insurance Marx-Men were all well-represented when the new taxation plan was in the works, and we know that the views of the Marx-Man himself (Obama) were represented. My question is this: "Who was keeping their oath to uphold the Constitution during that time, and who was representing the rest of us?"


Mary is an investigative journalist and internationally published book author. She grows food and flowers in her front yard instead of grass. She is in very good health and has not been in a doctor's office in about 20 years. Her son, John Shaw, ran for a seat in the Florida Senate and was endorsed by the Republican Party of Florida. Mary's daughter, Emily, is a Deputy Sheriff, sworn to uphold the Constitution.

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