Malice Aforethought - Part 1
By Mary W Maxwell PhD, LLB
We should be in an uproar over the "malice aforethought" that is being loosed upon us today, including those damned HAARP skies that I have seen over my town every day starting October 28, 2011. Are we in an uproar? No. We're a bunch of ninnies, in denial, dissociated from reality.
And how about the suppressing of the cure(s) for cancer. Anybody going postal over that at the moment? Why not? Here, let me show you. This is Part 1 of a series of essays on Malice Aforethought.
I Accuse You of Malice
To be malicious is a very human trait. Typically we think of malice as practiced by only a few, but have you noticed that in war we all do malicious things proudly? It's built in to human nature. It's not a wild, weird artifact: it's genetic and it isn't about to go away.
Granted, there are some odd individuals who are clinically classified as psychopaths. But there are also "psychopaths" at the top of our society who got that way by um ... by being at the top! What is it about them that makes them turn into very inhumane creatures? It is the same thing that would make you behave inhumanely if you were placed in their position. It is human nature, as I
shall explain below.
The Fact of Malice in Biowar Is Not in Dispute
First, let's agree on some very basic facts about the normalcy of governmental misbehavior.
We know for a fact that there is a part of the United States military devoted to biowar. That is not in doubt, right? You can see annual requests for appropriations from Congress, merely by googling for that.
We eagerly seek to kill our enemies, at times, with biological weapons, i.e. disease. We do it with nuclear weapons, too, as in the now-commonplace practice of building "depleted uranium" right into our tanks.
We also have never disputed that some governments turn weapons on their own people. Soviet prisoner Alexandr Solzhenitsyn revealed in the 1970s that there was an "archipelago" of prison camps in the USSR where citizens were tortured for disagreeing with the party line (the "Party" being the party of the people!)
Granted, a justification was given: those prisoners had done wrong. But we also have indisputable knowledge of governments harming innocent people. At the moment, a man named Frank Rochelle is leading a group of US army veterans in a class action law suit, to get an apology and medical help for tests that were maliciously carried out. (All the soldiers used in these "experiments" had to sign an oath that they would never tell their physician what had been done to them. Talk about guilty knowledge!
Does Your Neighbor Know?
Note: Rochelle has not yet won the case, but his facts are not being challenged by government. All documentation has been put on the table; you can inspect it ad lib.
If you try to initiate a discussion about malice with your neighbor and she says you are imagining things, you can be confident she is incorrect. Of course having solid facts may not in any way break down the barrier that your neighbor has erected. Very likely she will either change the subject politely, or get hostile with you.
For now, I do not advise that you push. Assuming the message about the impossibility of malice-by-government has been planted in her subconscious, you can't access that by reasoning with her.
Still, it's quite possible that if she sees you, over a period of time, being jolly and decisive about your plan to disrupt the cruel nonsense of domestic biowar, she may get "accessed" inadvertently at the irrational level. I'm no psychologist but I do believe it's well accepted that children "know" many things even when grownups tell them the opposite.
We are animals. Much of our daily lives, certainly all of our relationships, are carried out by instinct. That's why it's possible to communicate with neighbors by using subrational means.
Hierarchy, Not Greed, Is the Engine
Almost every article written about the misbehavior of "Big Pharma" and corrupt federal agencies ends by chalking it up to money forces. Granted, billions of dollars are being made -- and which of us is not susceptible to a bribe or to "seeing things according to our interests"? I don't deny the importance of venality, but I have a different explanation for the power game that is being played.
Yours Truly wasn't trained in sociobiology for nothing! Among mammals, the male individuals (and sometimes the females) have a status hierarchy. Think about this: Each individual animal must be born with the mental equipment to occupy every position in the hierarchy, since it's never foreseeable what the competition will be like.
Ignore Aristotle on this point: we don't have a temperament that determines our rise to the top or our fall to the bottom. It could go either way depending on the situation. (And, as can readily be seen, a modern human often enjoys high status in one group that she belongs to, while being an obsequious sycophant in another. We're flexible!)
I argue, contra Ari, that some get to the top of a hierarchy and then their behavior changes. Once at the top a guy has to play the role of Top-type. Because he knows other talented, aggressive individuals hope to challenge him, it becomes a priority to deal with that very issue. Little else really matters for him anymore. THIS is what is giving us HAARP skies at the moment.
Consider this: life at the top is a pain. You have little freedom and it's hard work to keep pushing competitors down. But after you've had a few successes in that department, ruthlessness becomes your norm. (Betcha some Fort-Detrick-like neuroscientists have found the very mechanism, if not the very neuron, by which the human conscience can be securely switch off.)
Furthermore, once you've been at the top long enough to pull some capers (even something as simple as publishing a news story about a spree killing that never took place) you sense the astonishing phenomenon of real power, power to dictate the "beliefs" of millions. It's intoxicating! Then, like anybody else, you want to have additional feathers in your cap, so you plan some more capers.
Theory: Trapped at the Top
Here is my biological theory: the stuff we see happening around us, be it the imprisonment of home-schooling parents or the decimation of Libya, is the unintended (and correctable) outcome of a basic problem of mammalian hierarchy. The men at the top are, understandably, obsessed by the problem of staying at the top. They MUST do twisted things, including things that are plainly self-defeating for them!
It is clear that the genes of Homo sapiens have brought about this odd state of affairs. Because we are mammal, our groups (clans, tribes, nations) were virtually guaranteed to develop hierarchies. And since humans can interact with folks outside their territorial group, the species Homo sapiens was probably bound to end up having a global hierarchy. Our generation, thank God, can see that this is a disaster.
Go one step beyond that realization, please, and accept that this structure cannot be allowed to continue. Don't waste any time saying "The guys should stop using DU, making AIDS viruses, or whatever. earthquakes, etc." They CANNOT stop. If you were in their shoes you could not stop either. Those guys are fully trapped.
The main thing trapping them now is our habit of switching off our anger. We let them get away with anything. For all practical purposes we are egging them on.
Why? Because in evolutionary times we had to have a certain directive in the brain, a certain clustering of neurons, that said "He is your leader. He is Daddy. He can do no wrong." And of course if our brain had such a cluster then, it has it now. Neuronal clusters don't undo themselves just because a changed historical setting makes their function absurd.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB runs the website <>
Her book Prosecution for Treason sells for nine bucks at Amazon.
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