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Mad Police State Crimes In Maine
By Ted Twietmeyer

Some years ago it came out that the government was quietly funding more police-type shows and increased police-state police behavior. If you job is a government propaganda specialist, using television shows would surely be one of many tactics. After all, there are countless ways to charge citizens with petty crimes and collect money from them, while demonstrating to the unaware public that crime is everywhere.

In the past we had what were commonly called "game wardens" in every state. Now in many states such as NY and Maine game wardens are now considered as police and given the same powers to kill, arrest and cite people. Often their vehicles display lettering such as "Environmental Police." in Maine, these officers wear olive drab uniforms virtually identical to what the US Army wears, along with the same style boots. And of course, they have the brush cut to go with it.

Animal Planet was a network devoted solely to animal life, Now it is running a television series featuring the day and night actions of environmental police. I wonder just how much the network was paid by the government to air this overt propaganda series. On a recent episode, a camera crew spent most of the time with a man called officer LaFlame.

Here are a few highlights which clearly show the agenda of the show, and how easy it is to break a law in Maine:

* A boat was found abandoned on private property during a patrol. In case you didn't get catch that, the boat is on PRIVATE property. LaFlame noted that "95% of the land in Maine is privately owned." The sixteen foot long Galaxy brand boat had the registration numbers ground off and was found on a boat trailer. It's also worth noting that registration numbers on boats are mainly for using or driving the vessel on water, not on land. Boat trailers are also registered (and usually inspected) for use on roads and highways.

An investigation was made after LaFlame traced the faint numbers of the registration  with a felt tip pen to identify the last known owners. It was stated the owner faced a $2,000 fine for this abandoned boat. One would think an issue like this is a regular police officer or sheriff matter, not a job for a game warden.

* Another game officer was hiding in a drainage ditch when a pickup truck illuminated a bear. Officers came up to the vehicle and made the man who was driving get out. He was immediately informed "You know that as of Sept. 1st it's illegal to illuminate wildlife, right?" The man replied, "My wife told me there was a bear over there, that's all." The man was issued a citation for doing this horrific crime.

Then the narrator chimes in, "If there was a firearm in the truck, the crime would be much more serious." Yet during another part of the same show, officer LaPlame noted that "Almost everyone in Maine is armed."

* Immediately after the night crime scene, the next event was a black bear about 8ft. off the ground up in an oak tree. Most likely this was late afternoon. You could clearly see for miles all the surrounding homes and fields. What was the first thing the officer did with bear up in the tree? He switched on his vehicle's spotlight and shined it directly on the bear. Clearly he showed game officers are exempt from obeying the same laws they enforce. Why was a searchlight needed at all? The camera had no problem picking up the bear.

* In another scene it was opening day for Moose hunting. Officers were out on patrol at 4:30AM looking for hunters and listening for gunshots from those who start hunting before the official opening time. They seemed somewhat disappointed when there was no one to catch.

* As the cameraman and officer were driving through a residential neighborhood the officer pointed out one home in particular. He noted that "Just last week I cited a man in that home for poaching a black bear in his front yard." Defending yourself is now defined as "poaching." Clearly the message they give here is, "Don't defend yourself. Let the bear break into your home first (which has happened to many people already across the country.) Let a wild animal endanger or kill your children. Today, animals are more important than people.

These are all clear examples showing the mad police state we live with and in. It is not a police state we are entering into as some claim. This madness continues because no one speaks out or even tries to add a measure of common sense to stop the progression of foolish laws and regulations. Even though Nazi Germany was less than a century ago, and was extremely well documented with documents, film and living witness testimony, it seems very few people today have learned anything from it.

Ted Twietmeyer



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