Life & Death In The Balance 
By Jim Kirwan


There are so many questions and so many topics vying for attention that it is sometimes hard to know what must be answered, or what must be sought for. Yet this is not so difficult, not really, especially when the subject directly concerns both Life & Death. These bookends mark every life from birth, which marks the origin of life, all the way to death which marks the end of that same life. So whenever something comes along that directly involves both of these bookends—then that subject must be the first among many; that must be faced. WAR is one such topic, and anything that diminishes anyone’s ‘real freedoms’ is another.

 All the many labels in our lives are part of why it is so very difficult to see the simple truths. There are religions, races, and social-policies along with all the human needs and dangers that keep the world interesting and viable. But a very long time ago when the planet came to one of our first crossroads, we chose this current path that blocks everything and anything to do with actual-humanity, in favor of what humans believe they can create and thereby control.

This intersection deals with Science & the Arts. Science seeks to know and predict, to control and demand; while the arts seek to question, to wonder, to wander and to live the mysteries of our lives. Ideally these two opposites should have become halves of the same coin: But that has not been the case, since the Renaissance ended.

After the Second World War Dirty-Harry set the global stage for the current domination of the planet by the SECRET-KEEPERS. CIA was created for our use and abuse of SECRET-SOCIETIES operating on a global scale, using adolescent envies and paranoia’s to try and control every thought and every action on the planet. These SECRET societies became tools of the much older Illuminati and together with the International-Bankers and the Zionists of the Fourth Reich the pending WWIII was planned. (1)

When the world made this choice, between Science & the Arts, we saw the backers of the analytical SCIENCES and academia try to murder anything that was not literally provable. They believed that they were being practical: but apparently these humorless assholes never knew that life is about dreams and taking risks. So from a very early time the arts were used to depict and reinforce the corruption and the lies of leaders both large and small. Artists of all types became accustomed to being subjugated to the will of the powerful, in order to just-survive. Today in America there is no longer any art because there is no culture here at all; except for the worship of MONEY, the priesthood of GREED, and the hierarchy of those HATREDS that are designed to end the social nature of humanity; while seeking to reduce the earth to Untouchable MASTERS; served unquestionably by completely worthless slaves. That’s their plan, but it has not yet become “fully activated.”

Yesterday a RED-ALERT was announced, for those who fear what may be coming. S-1867 which was contained in the NDAA was signed into law on New Years Eve of 2011 ­ despite what Obama says, the law now includes every man, woman and child in the USA as an ENEMY of the STATE, and subjects us all to anything and everything in the new law; which makes NO PROVISION to exempt Americans or to have the “promised trial” of everyone arrested (which Obama says he will insure). But regardless; such language is NOT in the law he signed!

Now comes a new law that will attempt to ban (the public’s right) to have ammunition (Trying to get around the Second Amendment). The Second Amendment clearly states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” The only thing more important than the Second Amendment is our Freedom of speech in the First Amendment. That has already been ended: Which is why government now wants to ban-ammunition so that the Second Amendment cannot be used to take back the First Amendment. The New Jersey legislature is about to pass a bill to introduce the banning of ammunition, as a stalking-horse for federal legislation to ban ammunition nationally that will swiftly follow, unless the public REVOLTS.

This outrage is being proposed as a way to protect law-enforcement agents from being subjected to the potential-actions of armed citizens for the absolutely unconstitutional murders of more than 500 people with no penalties brought against these OUTLAWS wearing badges.In this nation where the people have their own weapons, people have a duty to protect themselves and their loved-ones, against whatever threatens their lives, without due process. That time has come, and as of March Third, the military of the United States will begin attacking this nation as if ‘we’ are the hostile force. To neutralize ‘us’ the military has been ordered to subdue, arrest or kill anyone that the TREASONOUS occupant of the White House deems to be an Enemy of the State (no proof or investigation is necessary)

There has been no overt THREAT to the United States and this country is NOT at War, which directly contradicts the LIES that have been told to the public since long before 911.  Yet this so-called president has made himself Judge Jury & Executioner of anyone he chooses to detain, to torture or to kill! The only thing standing between each American and this CRIME AGAINST THE NATION & THE CONSTITUTION, are the weapons owned by the public which now total over 400 million. (2)

Yesterday I overheard a conversation in which two people were talking about “what should be done.” One person was muttering about the upcoming confrontations and the so-far-useless actions of OCCUPY having been more of effort to have the public UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER, than it was ever able to effect any kind of roll-back of the government’s growing violence against the public “that seems to grow with every demonstration.

The other person responded with something very creative. “If the public would just think about what could actually CHANGE THINGS, this could all be over in a flash” he said. “How so?” the first person asked. “The Stock Exchange keeps all its data on its own blade-servers, inside the building. If the public were to take over the exchange and damage the servers, not to mention the experts that move the stocks on the floor ­ everything would stop!” Because without that force in the global-financial world, everything would immediately crumble,” yet no one thinks this way.

A third person wondered: “Isn’t that something straight out of Sun Tzu”? They all three laughed, I chuckled to myself. Of course that had to come from the 8,000 year old doctrines of Sun Tzu, because it goes right to the heart of the enemy’s entire strategy & fortunes: which would thereby end their ability to fight anyone anymore. . . but then I remembered that we really don’t have a country where the people actually care about anyone besides themselves. Maybe that’s why we have such a feckless response to everything that is routinely done to all of us—it’s a kind of better-him-than-me response—instead of anything that might actually protect us all, or end the nightmare for the world. . .

Had we made that “other-choice” oh so very long ago (LIFE over DENIAL & death by Non-Involvement) this world could not have happened. But it did and now we must begin to RESIST at each and every point where the OUTLAWS seek to raise their illegal and deadly advantages. We have less than thirty days left to begin to resist in meaningful ways: And we must chose where we will stand when the truth is rolling thru the streets looking for enemies to kill. 

1) Pike’s Amazing Predictions of Three World Wars

2) RED ALERT: First NDAA “Indefinite Detention”, Now our Right to Bear Arms ­ 4 min VIDEO



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