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The Land That Was

By Jim Kirwan


In the 1950’s this country was still filled with both promise and personal convictions.

We were then a nation of contradictions; of hope and promises, but all of it rested on that hidden world of dark-power delusions and secrets-unending that was for the most part hidden from both ourselves and from world at large—which was all about to radically change.

The age of the men in the gray-flannel suits was quietly making its way into the black-corporate heart of the world. Families were being destroyed by the need of the rise of the global corporations, that would soon lead the world into their “us versus them mentality” that destroyed the independence of families and individuals just to create the finishing touches on the New World Order.

In the 1950’s a family of five could prosper from a single job held by the head of a household. This left too many with enough free-time to think about their lives and their private futures—together with enough money and security to make their dreams come true. The infant global-corporations knew this circumstance threatened their dreams of global-full-spectrum-dominance.

In 1973 the global-powers held the first meeting of the Tri-lateral Commission. Three hundred of the world’s most powerful men met and decided to force an end to prosperity and personal security by destroying the pay-scales of those who had earned their way to success. Soon after, both parents in each household had to work to obtain anything even remotely similar to what had preceded that situation. That was when wages were frozen and have ever-since gone backwards!

Education had already begun the hollowing-out from the inside that led to the carnage of today’s educational-farce which cannot lead to even a meager job. Insurance became carnivorous and extortion replaced real insurance whether medical, financial or business insurance ­ all of it is and was a total fraud.

Government began to impose itself across the board as a reaction to the 1960’s rebellion of the young. That reaction by the children led to their meager attempts to know freedom, from the semi-silent dehumanization of the whole society, which the corporate-takeover began for them in the 1950’s. Families were torn apart by the relocation of corporate-officials who were ordered to uproot their families to “prove” their corporate loyalty that became a requirement for the rise of the corporate powers worldwide. The new prominence of prioritized monetary-success trumped life and the needs of the people that wanted to remain as part of the communities they were being forced to abandon. As heads of households sought to prove their loyalties, to their corporations, over the lives and futures of their families, the whole fabric of American Life suffered its first huge attack upon American families.

The children of the Baby-Boomer-Generation had seen it coming, and despite their youth they rejected the Gray-Flannel-Empire and tried to forge their own new way to discover freedom-love-and-life, over the dictates of the new Barbarians of corporate-lockstep. But this corporate order had come too fast, to destroy the present at that time. That led to the Hippie-Generation, to the massive use of drugs both legal and illegal, and to the false-promise of responsibility-free-love for all that could not or would not work. This became something that was seen as a dangerous reaction to a corporate mandate. However in their youth there was no responsibility on any level for the attempted breakaway, from the overzealous corporate takeover of the society back in the fifties. Long afterward, the same creatures that had played so large a part of the 60’s were still vehemently pushing to erase all traces of the 1960’s

It’s worth noting that the Jack Abramoff’s and the Newt Gingrich’s of that time soon took charge of this new countries leadership, over their former classmates. This created various rebellions in the nineteen-sixties and early seventies. The new Nazi’s used illicit money and fake-power to corrupt the whole issue, so that they and they alone could lead this nation into the nightmare that they would soon after spread around the world. These young-retarded “politicians” began by joining with Reagan’s death-squads in central and South America, for hands-on experience in conquering any and all who opposed their new fascism. One by one each of these fascist oriented would-be politicians were building a new political base, inside a virtually naïve Amerikan public.

The same totally naïve herd that today has become the target of the forces of the current Communist-Fascist-Police-State which has taken control of everything that was once thought to be American, by definition.

The carnage which this social-revolution left in its wake was monstrous! Yet it was all strangely hidden from the American-society at large. Meanwhile the entire infrastructure of American life was savagely destroyed—piece-by-piece—until we have all arrived at this impossible place where we no longer own anything that was once considered to be our own property, our own money, or our own lives…

This infestation of the secretly-infected Lord-of-the-Flies Crowd, under Death-Squad-Reagan, began the current path which has now come full circle and must be faced and defeated: Lest we all have to deal with World War Three: To rid the world of the global-barbarians who have decided to erase the global-population while they claim ownership of the entire planet for the very few of them—but which cannot happen because they have failed repeatedly and will ultimately vanish into the dust of history - like every Empire that preceded them in the long march of global-history. This is a recent step in that direction.

(NaturalNews) The U.S. government has, since at least 2004, used "professional actors" to depict victims in terror drills that simulate large-scale attacks.

According to
this ABC News article from 2004, "professional actors will play the roles of victims." In addition, a "virtual news network" will be created an operated in order to practice the dissemination of government propaganda during the event.

The use of "professional actors" to depict victims is especially telling, given that many Americans believe the government has used professional actors in events like Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon.

This analysis of the Boston marathon bombing claims a double amputee was an actor and that the blood on the scene was "Hollywood blood" designed to look bright red for the cameras. (Real blood is much darker...)” (1)

No ambulances or firetrucks were visible in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of the Boston Marathon, or even police were evident—which would have been the case if the Bombing had been real. Yet one day later 4,000 federal cops magically appeared to lock-down the city of Boston, to search for one wounded-teenage boy and Martial Law went into effect while the people of Boston complied without complaint. (2)

Martin Luther King gave us the entire cautionary tale that we face today, as we try to deal with this Gordian-Knot of unworkable violence: It’s the choice that must not be allowed to become “reality”. Yet if we do not act now that is exactly what will happen!

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral - Returning violence with violence only multiplies violence: Adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of (too many) stars.” MLK

This is part of what we have inherited from

  1. Government admits using 'professional actors' to play the role of victims in terror drills

  2. Police Perform House to House Raids in Watertown Raids





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