Washington DC Coveting Oil & Natural
Gas Equals Quagmire, Death Of Empire

By Karl W B Schwarz

The Kipp Report has compiled a list of the 10 largest customers of Iranian oil. However, the issues go far deeper and I have added commentary to fill in some blanks for the readers. You probably will not see the following in MSM because they want you to think that jumping off the cliff with no parachute or safety net is the American thing to do. You know, just follow Barky and show bravado amidst all the contrived lies and bullshit and such. Surrender all freedom and liberty, leave it to DC to protect all of the lemmings, mullets, mushrooms and Sheeple.

The commentary is between the Kipp Report citations that follow the three headings just below.

Country Imports k/bpd Percent Imports

1. China 543,000 10

If China has done anything since 9-11-2001, it has made it abundantly clear that they are all business and not interested in letting the US ­ UK ­ Tel Aviv troika control their supplies of energy in any manner whatsoever. While the US continues to make about every stupid move imaginable, China continues to be an economic juggernaut. Major pipelines are in progress from; 1.) Russia and Siberia to China; and 2.) from Turkmenistan (CIS region of Caspian Basin just north of Iran and Afghanistan); and 3.) partner of the new Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline (IPI) which pretty much trumps why the US coveted to control the TAP (Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline.

There is a very good possibility that the US dollar is going to completely collapse by late 2012 or during 2013. In that case, watch for China to start dumping US debt they have before they lose too much in value. That would pretty much be the nuke equivalent right into the heart of the US capital markets and huge financial shakeouts would crush what little remains of the US empire and its ability to even float bonds to sucker investors.

Many readers will know that I have written many times about Bridas Corporation and that they had the entire Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline deal sewed up from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and to the ocean through Baluchistan Province Pakistan. Well, the US desired to steal that from them so the US and their BushCo buddies would control it. They conspired, they lied, they launched a war on false pretense and they lost. It cannot be summed up any more succinctly than that.

Bridas has and will continue to build pipelines while the US is stuck in a self-made predicament and lies about Afghanistan and why they attacked due to September 11, 2001. They wanted control of that pipeline right-of-way since JIMMY CARTER was president.

In a little reported event, CNOOC (China's primary oil company) is now a partner in Bridas Corporation.

Some readers will recall when CNOOC wanted to buy Unocal from the Venezuela Petroleos and the US government said no, let Chevron purchase it. Those 9-11 folks that focused on Unocal / Afghanistan were on the wrong trail. The company was owned by Venezuala since the George H W Bush adminsitration and included all CITGO gas stations, too.

I expect that Bridas / CNOOC will rock along just fine while the US stays stuck in their Afghanistan quagmire and lies. It is so true about DC; how can you tell they are lying? Their lips are moving.

China is one of the key players in the New Multipolar World, no longer a unipolar world led by the US.

2. India 341,000 11

The India economy is booming and they have learned the lessons well from China how to 'go direct' and cut out the US-UK middlemen that do nothing to add value and are merely profiteering from oil and energy supplies. The IPI pipeline will see these figures skyrocket in the near future, and frankly India and Pakistan could not care less what Washington DC or London think about that fact.

Remember well, America when US gasoline prices hit $4 per gallon, Goldman Sachs was trading loaded tankers back and forth to intentional inflate and profiteer.

I have a theory that the only customers Goldman Sachs has are greedy assholes and I bet that is not far off in an assessment of who their clients are. I for one would love to have a list of their clients for the specific purpose of doing exactly what I do regarding Goldman Sachs ­ BOYCOTT THEM.

India is one of the key players in the New Multipolar World, no longer a unipolar world led by the US.

3. Japan 251,000 5.9

Japan is yet another economic giant that is suffering at this time from eating too much US debt and going along with the US fiscal insanity. Japan has always been dependent on imports of just about everything and oil and natural gas are no exception. Watch for Japan to distance from the US on the Iran sanctions and embargo issues. They have no economic reason to aid and abet the US on this one having to face both recession, an extremely strong Yen (due to US dollar weakness) and dealing with the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. Their economy has contracted and they will focus on getting that back on track.

The Japanese are not happy to have choked down so much US debt and then getting bumped from second largest economy to third just within the past months. Statistically the US is still the largest but about 50% of the GDP is financial services that are replete with US-style fraud and deceit.

Watch for Japan to follow China's lead on what to do about limiting exposure on US debt. Just recently China and Japan entered into a trade agreement that eliminates the US dollar as the currency of trade between the two nations. China and Russia have already done the same, so the relevance of the US dollar drops with each stupid move out of Washington, DC.

Folks, if you have not figured it out yet they are eat up with the dumbass in Washington DC and excel in lies and really stupid moves. These idiots that call themselves leaders of the US and free world cannot successfully lead hungry wolves to red meat.

Japan has already figured out long ago that their primary markets will not include the US at some point in the future after DC and the greedy corporations crash the entire US economic system.

4. Italy 249,000 13.3

A G8 and NATO member, was very close and influential with Gadaffi and his Libya oil industry until the US, UK and NATO decided a knife in the back of the Libyan people was a war worth having. Of course, Italy is one of the EU economies that falls within the PIIGS moniker, that being Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, with Italy presenting the biggest potential bailout problem. The last thing Italy needs is US ­ Israel warmongering and driving up the price of energy and continuing to destabilize the Euro.

Italy has begun to face its internal problems, but with the US led assault on the Euro to artificially prop up the US dollar and this new wave of increased energy costs that are solely the fault of the US and IsraHell, things will be more difficult.

Watch for Italy to come to the conclusion that their 'best interests' are not aligned with yet another US war based on lies. The new Prime Minister Monti has publicly stated that Italy might phase in the embargo. However, a major Italian company named ENI has been building major oil-related facilities for Iran and the nation owes ENI a lot of money. Monti has publicly stated that he expects those amounts due to ENI be exempted from the oil embargo demanded by the US. As mentioned below, ENI is also doing a lot of work for Venezuela.

5. South Korea 239,000 7.4

South Korea has already publicly announced that they have an economy to run in difficult world markets and economic times. Therefore, they have no intentions of honoring Barky's latest sanctions and attempts to falsify a war with Iran.

It is not in their economic interests to shoot themselves in the foot or head.

6. Turkey 217,000 30.6

Turkey has been interesting to watch last year and I expect yet more interesting surprises for 2012. Turkey is the route of one of the Bridas Corporation pipelines that comes across the northern part of Iran and then Turkey to get to the Black Sea.

The falling out between Israel and Turkey has every appearance of Turkey not aligning with yet another US ­ Israel war based on lies. Turkey knows well that any attack on Iran could wind up being a major regional or world war and I think they will consider their own economy and people as being more important than another US ­ IsraHell war based on lies.

Additionally, Turkey has already publicly announced that they will continue to buy oil from Iran and not comply with the US-led embargo and saber rattling.

7. Spain 149,000 9.6

The economy in Spain has weakened and they are having to deal with major levels of unemployment. Higher energy costs are not in their best interest (or any other nation in EU or the US for that matter), but DC seems intent on yet another war based on lies.

I think the US is going to see some major fallout from this rhetoric because even the likes of France and Germany are now facing higher energy costs in a contracting economy environment and major bailouts looming on the horizon. If the US pushes the rhetoric to actions and war, expect most of the world to turn its back on the US.

The US is way out of line in stirring up this crap in such an economic environment and I think most of EU is about to come to that conclusion.

8. Greece 111,000 34.7

As if Greece does not have enough problems, the current US warmongering is driving up the cost of energy and making things more difficult. Most Americans are not aware that certain US billionaires, hedge funds, and even the US government are waging economic warfare on the EU due to how weak the US dollar is. It is called shorting, and it is being done in huge volumes just to make it appear to unknowing Americans that things are just hunky-damned-dory in the US economy. If you fall for their lies you have no one to blame but yourself.

Greece is one of the PIIGS mentioned above and right now they do not need additional obstacles in getting their nation back on track. Watch for Greece to come to the conclusion that their 'best interests' are not aligned with yet another US war based on lies.

9. South Africa 98,000 25

I was surprised to see South Africa on this list and in 9th position. Like most nations that have gone through turmoil, strife and changes, they do not need higher energy prices due to US warmongering.

10. France 78,000 4.4

The French oil companies have major interests in Iraq and have had good relations for many years with Iran. France will also have to play a key role in the bailouts and emergency fund since they are the second largest economy behind Germany of the EU nations on the continent.

As a G8 and NATO member France will play along in appearances but when push comes to shove, France will have to align with Germany and the EU and do what is best for their own nations regardless of US demands and attempts to spin up another falsified war.

From the Kipp Report:

""In addition Sri Lanka imported 39,000 bpd in the first half of the year. It is completely reliant on Iranian oil.""

""Iran holds around 137 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, or nearly 10 percent of the world total, according to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011. Despite sitting on the world's second largest reserves of gas, Iran's growing appetite for its own gas, combined with tightening international sanctions that have throttled its fledgling liquefied natural gas (LNG) programme, have made it a net gas importer for most of the last decade. Natural gas accounts for 54 percent of Iran's total domestic energy consumption, while most of the remainder of energy consumption is attributable to oil, according to the EIA.""

(The Kipp Report information was complied by Daniel Fineren and Emma Farge; editing by William Hardy)

Due to myopic and self-serving policies of the US, there are other small nations that get all of their energy needs either from Venezuela or Iran.

Not reported in the Kipp Report is the Bridas Corporation pipeline that goes north from Iran into Russia and Russia sells the oil for Iran. Since most of that oil winds up in China and the EU, I think Iran is laughing their asses off that Barky thinks himself so important and powerful that he can play 'Black Bush' and impress people.

I cannot think of a single EU nation that is willing to freeze their butts off or crash their industries, businesses and economy by telling Russia they will not buy any Iran oil (via Russia) since Barky thinks it is time for more made-up wars.

Also, many EU nations get a significant portion of their energy needs from Iran. OMV of Austria was getting up to 25% per year from Iran of the total needs of Austria so an embargo, sanctions and higher energy costs are not in the best interest of such nations. Austria also does a booming business with Venezuela, in spite of US policies towards Chavez, Venezuela and their energy industry. ENI of Italy is the prime contractor on a $16 billion refinery that Venezuela is building and they are about to come into the world market not only as crude producer but also derivatives producer. Most of that will head to China, South America and other locations that seem to be on the US shit-list as well.

Iran has also preferred to work with ENI rather than US companies, as mentioned above in the commenatary regarding Italy.

Indeed, the EU decided on Friday that they will probably 'postpone' any oil embargo against Iran for up to 1 year. The current economic crisis is not worth wrecking any nation over due to ridiculous and ill-timed US demands.

The US has the appearance of being the world's largest economy but that is misleading due to the large percentage that is 'Financial Services' and rampant with fraud. The largest economy in the world is the 27-member EU block and is about $2 trillion per year larger than the US and with significant production of durable goods and exports.

The EU economy is collectively almost as large as the US and China combined, and the Germany economy alone is almost as big as China. That is very impressive when it is considered that Germany is about 86 million people and China is 1.4 billion.

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid does. Folks, Washington DC is eat up with shrill dumbass and stupid actions to the point most of the world is not listening.

My assessment is simply that the US is again in the wrong and they will have to learn the hard way yet again that they are not running this world.

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