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Smoking Out The Monster - Jay Weidner

The REAL Hidden Jeff Rense - Lorie Kramer


About the Henry Makow mess... I just finished reading your response.
 I know it wasn’t easy to open up like that. You handled everything PERFECTLY. That’s a ROUGH arena you are in.
 And so sorry to read about your house too. What’a nightmare, living in the garage with a child. You have mentioned your daughter a few times to me, I had no clue that you have been a single Dad for so long. Any guy can be a “father,” but being a “Dad” is hard work. Sometimes gratifying, mostly HARD WORK that isn’t appreciated until the little ones have little ones of their own.
 You’re a good man, Jeff Rense. One of the marks of a “good” person is the number of long term friendships they have. You obviously have excellent long term relationships with Brad, Jim Marrs, Jay, Charlotte Iserbyt, Devvy, Patti Doyle, Frosty, Dave & Sharon, Brian Vike, and others. It’s been 10 years now that we have been listening to you and your guests. I’m a very intuitive listener and can spot questionable characters fairly easily. Not ONCE have I ever heard something from you that made me question your credibility.
 I had to think about this for a while, but it’s been several years since Henry was on the program. But I recall that he was kind of vague and flat. Not “reserved” like George Filer, he seemed kind of distracted. Sometimes you have guests on that are so sparkling (Adrian Salbucci, Dean Gotcher, John Barbour, Bill Deagle, Terry Arnold, Jim Marrs, Jay Weidner, Gerald Celente, and others) that, as a listener, afterwards I find myself thinking about what they said and looking forward to their next visit. Makow was just, FLAT.
So, keep on keep’n on, my friend.

Those of us that love you are still with you and always will be.
Take care.

You Rock!   And....,Just want you to know that you have a TON on support out here on the net!
It's sad but true that there are a lot of sick puppies on the web who could use a good doctor.  Perhaps you can introduce Henry's scurrilous  ad-hominan attacks to my favorite medicine man....Doctor Delete!   LOL
Keep up the good work, Jeff!
You be 'da man!
-Cliff Mickelson


This Is Evil Henry
From Jay Weidner

Would you like me to travel to Jeff's with my video camera and prove to you that there is NO railroad built on Jeff's property?  Why are you saying this?  Where did you get this?  Who are you, Henry?  Is this your idea of investigation and journalism?  You are taking the testimony of one of Jeff's enemies.  I know who it is that you are talking to.  

What you are doing is destroying yourself. Jeff built his place from scratch.  Yes, he owns a motorcycle that he uses to get around.  Maybe it cost $30,000.  I don't knows and I don't care.  My car costs that much, too.  So, is anyone who has a $30,000 vehicle a greedy bastard?

Publishing the article by Lisa Guliani was the final straw.  She left her husband and three children and moved in with porn writer Victor Thorn.  They then teamed up with Laura Knight Jadczyk, who channels aliens via a ouija board.  The three then went out of their way to attack everyone in the 911 truth movement including Christopher Bollyn, myself, Jeff Rense, Michael Rupert and many others.  

Only liberals care about what someone else makes.  Only liberals are openly jealous of what another man owns.  Only liberals and communists go public decrying a man's personal property and possessions.  

You have been exposed as a petty person, Henry.  I cannot describe my disappointment in you.
So, please answer my question.  Should I travel to Jeff's and video his property to prove to you that there is no railway on the property or will you issue and apology to Jeff for saying this without any proof?

Your ex-friend
Jay Weidner


Totally support you Jeff and your website. Visit it often to get latest news. Find it eye opening and have found many great websites. I love researching. Sorry to hear of your row with Makow. I am on your side. He bit off more than he can chew here. I don't believe any of Makow's assertions against you.

A loyal reader,


Hi Jeff,

I and my groups (about 7,000 plus of us) wanted to show our support for you.

Please know that we have followed your work for years and greatly appreciate you
as a person.... we will continue to speak well of you and follow your news
Be well and sending much love and warmth to you and yours


Although unable to support your great work due to being laid off and semi-retired, I look to your site as a cornerstone of my insatiable need to "know". Opening to your web page is second only to my email site and both are kept open all day. I am constantly refreshing your page for the most current information. Disinfo is a constant problem, but I have come to appreciate your ability to discern fact from fiction and stay focused on the truly relevant issues with a depth and clarity that surpasses all other "alternative" news sources.

I am now fully prepared mentally (and somewhat prepared physically) for the imminent chaos thanks largely to you and Clif High. The standards set by Edward R. Murrow in journalism and investigative reporting (gratefully) have not been lost as exampled by the standards you have preserved. The Zionist have destroyed those standards within the MSM that they now totally control, but I know that you will continue to tilt at the windmills these rat bastards have erected.

I am sure you have your own "Bug-Out" plans in place, but I strongly suspect you will be among the last to abandon your post for personal safety. Not all heroes wear uniforms. You are a true hero of mankind.


Dear Jeff:

Your incredible website is the most informative, interesting and balanced on the net as far as I am concerned.
I am happy that you are distancing yourself from destructive entities like Henry Makow.
You are the most sensitive and knowledgeable interviewer I have ever listened to.
I do admire your resolve ........
Wishing you all the best from a most loyal listener


Thanks for your time in exposing Makow for what he is. I've noticed for at least a year that his stories are not worth the time to even glance at, much less read. And he writes essentially none of them himself, it seems.
Best wishes for continued success in getting out worthwhile information.


Jeff, or Jeff's webmaster, I have been a regular reader and purchaser of Oxy C since 1998. Normally I just read the articles, but I have been inspired to write this due to the Henry Makow situation. I just wanted to say to Jeff that he has earned my respect and trust over the years, and has no need to defend himself against anything written by Makow to me. His body of work speaks for itself.

I realize these types of situations occur fairly regularly (the first I can remember was with Dr Day), but I can guarantee that I will continue to support and visit your website until you no longer do what you do.


I just can't believe the level of unchristian character assassination to which Henry Makow has sunk against Jeff, and I'm sure he knows he's dealing with some lying person or persons to dig up all this nonsense. All Henry's rants about personal responsibiliy & christian living, just went right out the window! He has to know that by doing this he makes Jeff a greater target from those who would seek to harm him... how could he in good conscience do such a thing?? It takes a very wicked person to go this far. Shame on you, Henry. Shame. You clearly didn't go to God with this, you went straight to the devil and you're doing his work. What would Jesus do, Henry? You've attempted to damage Jeff irreparably, and that is truly evil, truly vile and truly wrong. Repent, and publish a sincere apology and recantation of your accusations, claims, liables, slanders and baseless smears. It's the only right thing to do, and you know it.

_________________ has real news and an open mind that can present subjects others cannot conceive of. I am not one of those people who complained about Makow but frankly his articles I felt were not up to the standards one otherwise sees on Makow’s articles can be recognized by title … I hover over the link…see his name…skip that article. I think it is pretty obvious that Rense was being generous to post his articles alongside the likes of most of the other contributors. Makow paints Mr. Rense as being successful as if that’s a bad thing. When did that happen? Personally, I think what Mr. Rense owns, buys, makes or anything else is not any of his listeners are readers business. The claims Makow made were clearly invented, puerile mudslinging and were very reminiscent of the tantrums of other chubby little men lacking good sense, love for their fellow human, and ethics. These fine qualities of common sense, love of humanity and ethics are clearly possessed by Mr. Rense in abundance. I am glad that you have spoken to this assault on your character Mr. Rense. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing. You are a jewel and a light and I am grateful for all you do


"Makow is a dingbat most of the time. He can string a sentence with a Christian twist and on occasion come across as intellectually competent but mostly his work is that of a fiction novel. I would NEVER put much thought into his theories ...'shallow, shallow...' ~ And he obviously knows very little about finance 'that was clear in his smear'... His gossip column is just that and I saw that from the onset of reading his material; he is the usual Christian gossip; YUK! A dime a dozen..."

I applaud you sir, very well written replies to your slanderer. I have read your site since spring 2000 and still do to this day. Just one thing, please don't lump all of us Canadians into the same boat. Keep up the great work Jeff :)


Keep it up Mr. Jeff Rense, don't let the detractors get you down, keep up the Great work that you do. Thanks


"keep fighting the good fight Jeff"


Jeff. Thank you for your work. Still most of the population is asleep, but some are waking up. It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

“Hello, Jeff, ,,,,I'll make this email brief, as I am sure you have many many emails and articles to read & research.

I started listening to you in September 1997, I had an interest in the Alien/UFOlogy subjects but also a deep interest in health/nutrition, human history & military geo-political news issues. I was attracted to your calm tone & speaking demeanor and that you would just let your guest talk, and of your guest were so knowledgeable about subjects & issues that was non-existent on the main stream TV & radio. After listening to your radio show it was almost like I would step into the REAL world when the Jeff Rense show came on, and when I was watching main Stream TV it was like I entered an artificial reality, just like the movie The Matrix.
Through listening to your show over the years, you have introduced me to guest, topics & subjects that I would have NEVER looked into on my own. And I just want to say this, I don't always agree with the viewpoints of all of your guests say or even all of your viewpoints, Jeff {although, I do admit I probably in agreement with you 98%+ } but, regardless, I have absolute respect and admiration for your ABSOLUTE IMPECCABLE PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM, and that you NEVER EVER compromise your values or viewpoints,
I have been listening to your show for such a long time {almost EVERY DAY for the past 14+ years} that I consider you and almost all of your regulars guests ... like family, Jeff, is your radio show, Jeff Rense & your regular guests that keep me anchored in the real world, thank you, Jeff Rense, for doing what you do,
Best Wishes & May the Force be with you,
forever, a proud loyal listener........(snipt)"
"At this point they don't go after you unless you matter. "


"We're with you Jeff. He was entertaining for a while but its fairly clear what has happened. Keep fighting the good fight and stay out of the mud! "

Stand strong, brother.

"I'm with Jeff Rense. Sorry Makow, but when you get your mind made up you are so bull headed as to be impossible. "
"You need help with anything you call upon our family. Wonderful rebuttle by the way. "
“I been goiing to your site ever since I had a computer. Wealth of information. Don't let the dirty bastards get you down, Jeff. All dogs got fleas,,,,bigger dogs got bigger fleas. Peace be with you!”
“I'll share. Makow is unprofessional and hitting below the belt. Intuitively, I know he is trying to make a victim out of you. This type of slander appears more and more often and I will have no part of it. Thatnks for your integrity, Jeff. Namaste”
“Keep up the fine job Jeff!! By their fruits ye shall know them!”

“I never liked that dood. He's a misogynistic homophobe. good riddance.”

"you sir, are a legend"
"I used to read H. McCow with interest but his work slowly eroded in terms of originality, insight, truth. I wonder when and how the "turning" took place? Is this a spiritual drift that we can't touch or see? Or is it part of concerted dirty tricks by alphabet agencies? Are we near an endgame of sorts, where all the stops get pulled out?"
"Jeff, you should just ignore these devils who aren't worth your time. "
"We support you fully!!!! " The (snipt) family.
"As a musician, Jeff, I learned that the kings of old were very careful not to malign the traveling troubadors (the journalists of old) in any way, as they would someday catch wind of the resulting song, ridiculing said king, that was writte...n and bandied about in the very next town or fiefdom. Makow's tune is just beginning its rounds, from what I can see here. Your response was measured, well-written and peppered just right. I've never liked Makow's writing nor his point of view, anyway. He really has no idea what women want. :)"

"I have been a huge fan of yours since 1998. Keep up the excellent work."

"All alternative media is under attack, Rense, Jones and all truthseekers. Stand your ground for the battle is long. Godspeed Jeff Rense.... "
"Love Rense I go there everday, its the best thing on the web, the best...I don't understand this at all, it doesn't make any sense, unless its a counter intelligence attack, in preparation for the Iran war, and some sort of false flag..."
Excerpt: "...Henry Makow -- a non-starter and a non-issue in the grandest schematic. Before he saves the males, somebody should save Henry from himself. No Jeff Rense, No Henry Makow -- end of discussion. I'll refrain from typing what I REALLY want to say about Mr. Makow, being that it is a glorious Friday afternoon, and I am feeling rather chipper today. Besides, there is no need to drag this on any further -- let's leave HM to wallow in his maniacal ego for perpetuity. Thanks for clearing the air, Mr. Rense (although you didn't have to); your tireless devotion and dedication does not go unnoticed.


"I think I speak for most people here by saying how grateful *I* am (*we* are) for your service. There's only one Internet radio program worth listening to past midnight, M - F..."
This came with a Kitty donation:
".....just a small token of appreciation to show my support given the current smear against you. Incidentally, even if you did make the income from your archives that Makow alleges, I would still say good luck to you and that you deserve it. The cost of the archive subscription is extremely reasonable. The untold hours of high quality material that is available for your subscribers is quite remarkable testament to your many years of effort. Best wishes,....."
"If there is ever a feud with Brother Kapner, I just might shoot my computer! Keep fighting the good fight Jeff! "

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the best coverage on the internet, in regards to the Fukushima disaster. Only has great guests like Michael Collins and Yoichi Shimatsu.  I’ve been listening for close to 5 years now, love the show.

In regards to Michael's report back on 01/09/2012, my son just left on Wednesday for a year of schooling in Australia. I had him listen to the first 12 minutes of this interview and I also shared some of the knowledge I've gleaned from I then handed him a zip lock bag with a new Carbosrb Face Mask in it and I wished him good luck on his decision to wear it.

Honestly, at age 24, I wasn't sure if he was going to wear it or not. Thankfully he did and he reported back to me, just as Michael had reported; he appeared to be the only passenger on this 747 wearing a mask. He placed it back in the zip lock bag and will use it next year for his trip home. I also loaded up his suit case up with Atlantic Kelp Capsules. Thanks again Jeff

In closing, I work for large global Japanese Corporation and as far as I can tell, my colleagues in Japan are totally in the dark. Literally, as they work long hours in their offices & factories with no air conditioning due to the power shortages. Every watt of power is needed for production equipment. All I can say is God help them all.

Best Regards and God Bless
We listened to Jay's interview and read his article. My wife and I are longtime subscribers and really appreciate what you do. Hang in there. Don't let these jerks get you down. I have a blog that covers a number of UFO, sasquatch and paranormal experiences that I reformulated and reposted at the beginning of the year. I added a number of articles on 911, TWA 800,Bin Laden, Etc. The hits were increasing daily. Then, at the beginning of the week, it was like someone threw a switch and I haven't had one hit all week.

I realize that I'm small potatoes and wondering if there isn't an entire team of jerks trying to eliminate all of the detractors.


Jeff - It sickens me to see Makow's personal attack on you. As you wrote, "No good deed goes unpunished."

I see that you have taken down some of the recent Makow postings from your website and in my opinion you should delete them all in your own best interest. I never would have read Makow's false statements without reading them on your website. I know you are a private person and I feel uneasy after learning the personal details that you posted about yourself. Any thinking person knows that you alone control what is on your website and that you did Makow a favor by linking to his website. How you spend your money is your business. Do not apologize for your success. I am disappointed to learn that you are not worth 8 figures. Because of your talent and hard work you deserve to be wealthy and should not apologize for your accomplishments.

I'm concerned that you don't have enough free time to exercise. Even with a bad knee, I think you could handle stand up paddle boarding and maybe your ponds are large enough to paddleboard. I also urge you to enjoy life while you still can.

I have had my share of "Makow" type of events in my life that rob you of your time, energy, and tranquility. People I thought were my friends stole large amounts of money from me. My accountant stole $25,000 from me and went to prison. I have successfully sued 2 former attorneys and successfully sued the IRS. All these battles sucked the life out of me so I can empathize with you. I have kept this email short in the hopes that you'll see it. Your loyal audience is still behind you.

Keep up the good work


Dear Jeff, as a long term listener and reader (11+ years) I have felt compelled to write this to you.

Although I know no one ever gets everything right, I trust your judgement and I trust you, and I state here as a subscriber and reader that my faith in your abilities as a journalist, researcher and radio host have never been in question during any of the character assassination attempts on you over the years.

I know you, too well, Jeff.  I remember the first few times I listened to your show and there was a connection, something deeper than the rest of the radio show hosts I'd heard. All these years later I'm still listening, and you are still as passionate and steadfast as ever.  You've got a great heart.

The knowledge I've acquired through your show and over the years has been invaluable to my health and my understanding of reality. I honour you for that, what you do at and your radio show is truly remarkable - you are not just an American Treasure you are a Human Treasure.

I know I'm a subscriber and I've donated before, but I've never got in touch just to say thank you, and seriously man you really are one of my heroes (and I don't have many).

Having been an inquisitive child, with a interest in ghosts and the paranormal, I then started reading books and magazines on the UFO/alien subject matter from the age of 12, this led me to on to researching black areas of military and intelligence. It was only in 2000 when I left home for university and got my own computer on the internet that I realised I had barely scratched the surface.

11+ years later and I still don't have the full picture (who does?), but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of courageous people like you I have a lot more pieces to the puzzle.

I respect privacy and never expected to have the insights into your private life you have so honestly given recently in your reply to the latest pitiful attempt to defame you.

I smile, because when I think about it, I guess its always been just as I imagined you, a devout gardener, a free spirit Harley rider and a devoted Dad.

I'm sure you're like me in that you try your best to take the good from any situation. So I hope my words of support can be considered as part of that good.

Keep going Jeff, as an old friend of mine says sometimes, "When you're taking flack you know you're over the target."

Best regards



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