Is Israel Attacking America?
By Jim Kirwan
Beginning last September I began to have doubts about the events leading up to the SUPER-COMMITTEE: Where had this idea come from, how was it introduced and who exactly was able to make such an obviously unconstitutional thing happen?
"In recent months over 300 US members of Congress, over half of the 535 members of that body signed letters of absolute-loyalty to the Zionist-Apartheid-state of Israel; Swearing their oaths, in writing, to support the needs of Israel above all else in this world; which was a blatant act of TREASON, committed directly against the U.S. oaths they took when they were "selected" to be in the US Congress. And yesterday this Zionist led congress finished destroying the reason for their existence by shattering the terms under which their offices were constitutionally created in the first place. (The SUPER-COMMITTE held its first public meeting, complete with a closed door 'SECRET' hearing in the middle of it) The U.S. Constitution was violated by the US Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 when the court basically appointed Bush to be the next president against the specific prohibition of the interference by the court in any US Presidential election: That job was to have been done by the Congress who refused to stop the court from breaking the constitutional prohibition.
So we have the Courts and the Congress trashing the Constitution and of course the Tarnished House with its' over 5,000 employees vigorously supporting the Zionist State of Israel against all challenges to their illegal invasions and occupations. . ." (1)
FLASH: On December 14 Obama made these statements about both the US Constitution & the first notice that he would be introducing "Prolonged Detention" as part of a newly created and legal structure to deal with what he sees as a security threat to America. (2)
Then we go back to the end of last week when this completely illegal reinterpretation was created by an overwhelming vote that had taken place in the US House, during the summer which came before the Senate and was overwhelmingly passed by a vote of 97-3. This piece of TREASON then was sent to a committee to unify its provisions and today this illegal document was signed into law by the man that will go down in history as the TRAITOR that killed America.
The combined vote for this Bill was 369 voting for it and 149 in opposition, out of a possible 535 members of congress. Those in favor represented only 60 or so members that had not already pledged their undying support to Israel-First, over their previously sworn oath to the US Constitution and to the people of the United States-which began to turn my thoughts back to the SUPER-COMMITTEE; which like S.1876 was rammed through the congress, with almost no publicity and no comments from any of those directly involved at time. A few weeks back the SUPER-COMMITTEE died because they had FAILED utterly to come to any conclusions.
Once might have been a coincidence: but two such proposals having come because of Bills with heavy ISRAELI backing-so close together that this cannot be just a coincidence: This is a pattern! This effort was NOT reported by either the Washington Post or the New York Times until long after they had already been in session and progress, or in this case the lack of progress, which was definitely minimized. (basically it was not actually reported on except to say very occasionally that "they were holding sessions"). And then that they had FAILED-but again without any coverage as to what they had failed at or indeed what exactly had been discussed?
Now back to the current sneak attack upon the Constitution that did succeed ­ TODAY! This would be the four paragraphs hidden in the 680 page Defense Spending Bill that stripped Americans of their Constitution.
This too was barely even mentioned in most national publications, and when it was mentioned usually the story was that Obama was threatening to VETO the Bill unless the provisions were changed to exempt Americans. However two days ago Obama let it be known that he would NOT VETO the bill after all; no reason was given. Then yesterday Obama expressly did say that Americans would NOT be exempt from the draconian terms in the final Bill. Today he signed it and thus ended the 220 years during which the people of this country had the protections of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights: All of which are now DEAD! America is now officially a Police-State, with no protections from the government for its people.
The thunderbolt struck just when I began to wonder 'Why in hell was this NOT FRONT PAGE NEWS (above the fold) IN EVERY NEWS PAPER IN THIS COUNTRY, or the world for that matter? Then I remembered who owns 96% of all the MEDIA globally! Oh Yes! The Ashkenazi Zionist basterds who basically own or control it all! I started to wonder if maybe the Supreme Court might take this up but then I remembered that it was they who shoved George W. Bush down our throats exactly twelve years ago TODAY, on 12-12-2000. The timing of this could NEVER have been "just another coincidence!"
Not much luck there so why bother, because it's clear that the fix is more than just "in": The deed has been completed, and we no longer have a nation and no longer any rights and we've been told that we are all Enemies of the State ­ pretty bizarre coming from an imposter that has failed in every effort of his first term to accomplish anything except one very long chain of massive defeats on every front he's even looked at, much less on those he actually embraced which totally fell apart.
The Question becomes "What will happen when the public finally figures out that this entire addition to our national-nightmare is just more Espionage from Zionist-Israel? But during wartime, to send people into another nation's government to alter loyalties might be something that the people convicted of such things could be shot for-no?
Of course Israel's argument might well be that this is nothing new because their "special relationship" with the USA goes back to the time before they tried to sink the USS Liberty (1967) or even to the time before JFK was assassinated (1963); and since nothing has changed, 'What's the Big Deal, We are Israel, and we've always done whatever we want, so just shut up and get on with it; because we OWN you and you'd better know that now!' (3)
But if this did come from Israel, then this is definitely an ACT of WAR! And everyone involved could very easily be tried for treason and be given a death sentence if the case could be proven as easily as it appears to be, given how many Zionist sympathizers hold every single key post in this government and throughout all the major private corporations and government agencies, and have for decades now.
In addition there is a serious track-record of what the Zionists have always done around the world. The Communist Party was infiltrated with 4 out of 5 of their leaders having been Zionists. Same with the Bolshevik rebellion, and the NAZI movement, again the Zionists, and there was a great deal of activity in Stalinist Russia as well and none of those events turned out well for the native populations but they were like manna-from heaven for the Zionists and their ever expanding bankers!
These were the same people that financed and started both WWI &
WWII, (and have planned WWIII) so why not just take over America and stop fooling around by pretending that the US is not totally controlled by the shitty-little country that keeps the world at war throughout each and every decade? It was your country, but it looks like it's going to belong to Israel outright, after all-aren't you glad you never objected to anything that Israel told YOU to do!
1) Slogans Are No Substitute
2) FEMA Imprisonment ­ Obama Announces Prolonged Detention ­ Video
3) I AM Israel 6 min 28 sec. VIDEO
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