Israel's America!
By Jim Kirwan



That strange sound that millions heard around the world recently was the sound of our war dead turning over in their graves; because the ghosts of all those millions know that what was their country is no more! Dees‚ Illustration above, pretty much says it all!

Today Bibi Netanyahu is coming to Washington, now just a suburb of Tel Aviv, to give Obama his marching orders and to take a Victory Lap around Washington to mark the formal end of this country and the ever-greater expansion of Zionist-occupied Israel.

Beyond the ongoing Zionist Orgies in what was this nation's capitol, the future of the planet will probably be decided in the next few days: Now that Russia has decided to throw Syria and Iran to the voracious Wolves of the global-criminals in the New-OLD-Order. But since Amerikans never pay any attention to what goes on politically here; very few will probably even notice until there is suddenly no more money in their accounts. For instance, we have just Lost the War on Afghanistan, because the Œpeople‚ we supposedly went there to save have had enough and are turning on us with hatred and with a real vengeance.

"Shock, incomprehension, fury. Americans are feeling these raw emotions as news keeps coming in of more attacks by Afghan government soldiers and officials on US and NATO troops. Six US troops were killed last week as a result of protests across Afghanistan following the burning of the Holy Quran by incredibly dim-witted American soldiers.

"Aren‚t they supposed to be our allies? We are over there to save them! What outrageous ingratitude," ask angry, confused Americans.

Angry Britons asked the same questions in 1857 when "sepoys," individual mercenary soldiers of Britain's Imperial Indian Army, then entire units rebelled and began attacking British military garrisons and their families. British history calls it the "Indian Mutiny." Indians call it the "Great Rebellion" marking India's first striving for freedom from the British Raj and the Indian vassal princes who so dutifully served it.

Britons were outraged by the "perfidy" and "treachery" of their Indian sepoys who were assumed to be totally loyal because they were fighting for the king's shilling. Victorian Britain reeled from accounts of frightful massacres of Britons at places like Lucknow, Cawnpore, Delhi, and Calcutta's infamous "black hole."

As Karl Marx observed watching the ghastly events in India, western democracies cease practicing what they preach in their colonies. British forces in India, backed by loyal native units, mercilessly crushed the Indian rebels. Rebel ringleaders were tied to the mouths of cannon and blown to bits, or hanged en masse." (1)

Now both of Bush's Wars have been lost and for what˜poppy fields and stolen oil, more god damned bases and how many dead and broken bodies did we leave in our wake˜not to mention $3 trillion lost in Iraq alone. Of course there is still Pakistan where we are building an even bigger embassy than the one in Iraq (the world's largest) while Americans are starving and dying in the streets. But yet we have just increased the billions going to Israel for more weapons in their unending Wars upon the World.

"This year this wicked occult ritual of Purim falls on March the seventh and eighth. Consider this the Iraq war of 1991 ended prematurely exactly on Purim Day: Immediately following the savage slaughtering of 150,000 SURRENDERING Iraqi troops, during the Purim dates. Decidedly monstrous in any estimation. The next Iraq War began on Purim, 2003. (And the Libyan Invasion began on Purim, 2011" (2)

How much more proof is needed that this year's Purim Day, just 48 hours away, will not also be used to open yet another war or maybe two?

In all of Israel's Purim related wars American Troops have done their fighting for them. Hell we might as well rip off all those once proud US military-shoulder patches and replace them all with the IDF patch, or maybe we could just create something, preferably something techy, for our new totalitarian forces around the world?

Basically the United States has been led around by the ring through our noses that Israel put there back in 1948 when we created that shit-hole that now has come to own us outright!  Millions of people the world over have written volumes about this OPEN SECRET that paved the way to the end of the USA. I‚ve written probably at least a hundred articles about this global atrocity that has killed tens of millions of people from many nations˜but despite all the academic puzzling and the debates unending over Zionist-Occupied Israel˜that parasitic cancer just keeps on growing. It was this parasitical relationship that ended the United States on January 1, 2012 with the formal denial of the powers in the US Constitution that has brought us to this Orgy of Zionist Celebration that began yesterday in our own former capital.

How much will it take to show Amerika that "We've Been Had ˜BIGTIME"!

If you think I‚m lying, just try protesting anything in public or in writing: ŒFreedom of Speech in this country is now DEAD and was buried by the Congress in a vote of 388-3, just a few days ago. Israel already OWNS over 300 members of Congress out of a possible 545 in total. If you can do the basic math that means that the US Congress is now the PROPERTY OF ISRAEL, and NO LONGER serves the people of this country! You and I were told that this would happen; but for the most part all we did was to remain SILENT, while the death blows were delivered; bill after bill after bill until there was nothing left to take from us.

So "What have you got left to lose Amerika"?

Any and every thing that you might think you still have will be totally gone before the elections even get here˜and yet millions still faun around repeating all the same old political-promises & the traitorous lies that have never been honored or kept. Amerikans have to be perhaps the most dense people this planet has ever produced. Even ordinary animals are smart enough to know when they are about to DIE˜yet apparently Amerikans choose not to believe any of the bad news and all of the LIES! The truth is We Can‚t Fix Stupidity or Greed or Hate˜all we can do is try once more to clear the air so that everyone here can finally see what has already happened, and consequently realize, that we must fight this!

Both Obama and the co-opted members of the congress ought to be in jail awaiting trial for TREASON ˆ but that's not going to happen unless millions of people descend on their own local government offices and demand that simple fact. Someone sent me this today: "How can we stop this when the real villains don't ever live here? It's an Orwellian nightmare that's becoming worse than 1984 ever described."

To which I responded: "Oh but they DO LIVE HERE , most of them are right here in the USA ˆ Tel Aviv & Jerusalem are just shells whose occupants are just BAIT hiding behind the barest minimums that are used to keep the Palestinians ALIVE, as hostages to Israel's continued survival. If we could arrest Lieberman or any of the big-names here for the Conference: In fact all we would need to do is arrest every Israeli-American that attended that AIPAC Conference - and ALL OF THIS WOULD END TOMORROW!

Of course, as everyone knows that since we've been taken over by these same people, the above is a near impossibility. .

Upon further reflection it occurred to me that people throughout the nation know where their politician's offices are, in every city or town. Of course Demonstrations are now ILLEGAL, but maybe (under these circumstances) the population of the now dead USA, might still find the guts to show the politicians and the criminals what the second amendment is really all about?

But I keep forgetting that America has become as weak and intangible as the flag in the illustration above, its colors growing weaker and more transparent by the day. . . I‚d love to be proven wrong about the non-depth of the American character ˆ what will YOU do about any of this?

1) Afghans Turn on Occupiers

2) The Panic Room 7 min, 10 sec. VIDEO



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