Iowa Votes For War
By Michael Hoffman
Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum together received 60,000 votes in the January 3 Iowa caucus compared with Ron Paul's 26,000. Relentless media vilification of Rep. Paul did its job.
Romney and Santorum seek war with Iran according to Israeli policy dictates. Santorum, like Michelle Bachmann, is a self-proclaimed conservative Christian, who, in reality, is a creature of the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism. As Pennsylvania's U.S. Senator he regularly pilgrimaged to New York to sit at the feet of the most odious Talmudists and receive their instruction in political chicanery and the need for America to go to war with the perceived Middle Eastern enemies of the Synagogue.
Rep. Ron Paul is the only peace candidate in the presidential contest. I wish there was someone else. Paul's advocacy of "Austrian School" usury is a grave flaw. But there is no one else. He is the only candidate who sincerely advocates peace, something which the American people overwhelmingly supported from 1918 to 1941; throughout the presidency of Dwight David Eisenhower in the 1950s, and in the aftermath of the Vietnam War in the 70s and 80s, but no more. Having learned little from the killing and maiming of thousands of US troops and a trillion dollars in taxpayer money squandered on the messianic neocon mission of intervening in a thousand-year-old civil war between rival Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, Americans are still convinced (by the media) that the "Islamic threat" is best countered by maintaining our military meddling in Islamic affairs in faraway Afghanistan, Iran and Arabia; anything contrary to this strategy is stigmatized as "isolationism."
The horrible consequences of a U.S. war with Iran are almost never summoned by the media as a pressing issue for the presidential candidates. War with Iran will make the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan look like Teddy Bear's picnic. An invasion of Iran will seriously damage America's economy for decades, increase our thralldom to Red China and launch us into the permanent war footing which former Vice President Dick Cheney called for when he declared that the "war on terrorism" should proceed for generations. Imagine cursing our children and grandchildren with such a butcher's bill!
This is the curse that is beginning to take shape as Ron Paul is rejected in favor of a consummate politician like Mitt Romney and a fanatical crypto-rabbi such as Rick Santorum.
The quality of life in America will continue to decline as our "Homeland Security" police state and war economy sucks resources from education, medical care, Social Security and mass transit.
The people of Iowa and New Hampshire, along with Americans in general, have no clear idea what Talmudic Judaism is, what counterfeit "Israel" represents and how the Talmudic mentality deftly plays Right and Left for the self-destructive ends of an ideology predicated first and foremost on hatred of Jesus Christ and all gentiles. Romney and Santorum are the means for weaponizing that ideology on the international stage, as did George W. Bush to such devastating effect. We can't afford these men, but perhaps we deserve them.
Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism's Strange Gods, published in November, 2011 by Independent History and Research.
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