` Inside The Nightmare
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Inside The Nightmare
An Unseen Future Awaits Us All

By Jim Kirwan


If the Fifth-Dimension of Unseen Powers could be released,

Much of life could be reborn without the tyranny.

If the current push for global-war becomes reality, there will also be some highlights for the unforeseen benefits that will occur, if and when global-paranoia is actually unleashed.

That sounds ridiculous on the surface, but try to look past the black & white of the nightmares: If you want to have a real look at the naked future that again may play a major part in global freedom, then read on.

What we all face now with global-threats increasing from Israel & USI, over their continuing attacks on Syria, Lebanon and Iran, is the lack of PAYBACK. That’s what is being denied everywhere that Israhell & USI are making demands. This crime is currently radiating from the events in bloodied and beleaguered Syria, at the moment.

In this 22 minute video, Celente walks us through the farce and the continuing situations that seem to represent so little by way of alternatives, to what has been designed to crush the region and the world. This is the physical part of that which is trying to drag the wider world into WWIII. (1)

But there is much more to this problem than just a global war.

There is the total population-control and the wars being waged upon every person on the planet, through personal electronic-spying, ease dropping and government controls, where no person has any right to anything at all—from the governmental oversight of every act we each engage in.

Their “technologies” have turned the entire planet into a battlefield in which every action, by anyone, can be scrutinized by computers (government, corporate or private) to allow official-monitoring which can always find ways to make every human-act, or even every conversation, seem like something suspicious-enough to label anyone a terrorist-threat. (2)

The commonality beneath everything that threatens the world is based on the lack of the right of people to exist


Every aspect of what currently threatens all of us depends upon technology. And that is the Achilles-Heel of the evil in the New World Order.

This makes their farce of the New World Order—Dead on Arrival. (3)

One of the first things to go in any outbreak of any global-war today will be the technological weaponry that will NOT be able to be maintained. This fact will automatically force the more-powerful forces to revert to the much more primitive elements of traditional wars. None of this is mentioned now. But the sheer fragility of the astronomically-high-technology weaponry; also makes all of them more than just susceptible-to-failure, in limited nuclear wars—because even in limited wars, this fragility practically guarantees the failure of any technology that fails to consider the chaos of modern warfare…

Once this happens the entire balance between the competing powers that supposedly existed when the outbreak of the wars began, will shift. That change will strip the warmongers of what they value most—their ability to monitor every human being on the planet. Of course their ability to use any previously acquired illicit or private-data, will also be destroyed, because they have not considered how this ‘treasure-trove’ of criminally-maintained data could survive in the middle of the pure chaos which coming attacks will be based upon.

Almost everything we are being threatened with, right down to and including the illegal lockdowns inside America, will be limited to using local forces, when the threat-level now being used involves massive forces marshaled from all over the federal-state. Communications will be one of the first casualties if war really breaks out. So it is understandable that any by-product of that breakdown will vastly-change any nationwide effort to lock-down this country. (4)

These unlooked for changes are part of the as yet unrecognized Fifth-Dimension. When the globe looses its access to war-related technology: Because unless conditions are maintained at the level of a perfect environment—technology cannot function—then people the world over will begin to crush this phantasmagoric dream of global-empire, back into the long-dead-dust of history where it belongs!


1) Gerald Celente on WW 3 - Middle East Out of Control


2) Naked Citizens A Look Into Your Future


3) New World Order ­ Dead on Arrival - 4min, 47 sec. VIDEO


4) Boston’s Prelude to Martial Law






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