By Jim Kirwan


Illustration by David Dees

The real world lies far behind us now as we have crossed over into the Twilight Zone when nothing is what it might seem to be. The figureheads in this murderous charade move about like so many potato-headed hand-puppets, mumbling the lies in their scripts as if whatever they say has no meaning whatsoever—and the public continues to swallow it all as if it were real. Meanwhile a great many of the things that were suppose to have been real, have been changed to more clearly reflect the new truths that were unveiled in this very educational 22 minute video. (1)

For instance yesterday it was discovered that the formal message given to the surviving family members of dead veterans has been changed from “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation,” to "On behalf of the Secretary of Defense and a grateful nation...”  Thus reflecting who and what the dead person really served while in uniform; it wasn’t the nation or the president, it was the US War Department that is now owned by the United Nations and the Zionists of Occupied Israel. (2)

Also yesterday in a striking turn of events Obama issued statements that both confirmed his plans for WAR on Iran and Syria while claiming to be seeking PEACE in that region—ineffectively attempting to have the public believe in him—no matter which path the public might be favoring. “Now President Barack Obama is pretending to want to avoid a war on Iran and to want Israel not to start one, while constantly pushing laughably bad propaganda to get that war going ... ...and given Obama's refusal to take openly illegal war "off the table." We might suspect that peace was not the ultimate goal, except of course that Obama is a Democrat. ... Why supply Israel with the weapons to attack Iran more forcefully if you don't want Israel to attack Iran? The Israeli newspaper Maariv claims to have the answer. Apparently people in the know are spilling the beans earlier this war cycle:” (3)

Yesterday also brought us the news that the Public Law which licenses “Indefinite Detention,” cannot be found anywhere in the government’s records ­ online or anywhere else.  And of course, in keeping with what that Public Law supposedly legalizes: The current FBI Director was unable to define whether or not it is legal to kill Americans without Due Process. This is the same FBI Director whose agency totally failed in their duty to the nation before, during and after 911—to protect this nation from the events of that day. (4)

And so it continues, while the herd begins to stir itself over the many outrages which the above changes appear to represent. Late yesterday it was reported that a representative introduced a Bill of Impeachment against Obama, for what his Secretary of War said yesterday, which clearly made the congress into nothing more than a ceremonial decoration and indicated that the US congress is meaningless when it comes to declaring our wars. There is a transcription of that interview here. (5)

By late afternoon Alex Jones was reporting that there was a news blackout on the Bill of Impeachment, but by this morning no more congressional people were listed ­ yet ­ as co-sponsors for the Bill of Impeachment. It might just be too early, or it just might be that there is not yet the outrage so many would like to see. But the truth is that congress is, in reality, only a ceremonial body and has not been anything more than that since Truman created the Committee on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the 1950’s—which has actually been doing what the congress was supposed to do  for the last 62 years! This is part of what makes the 22 minute video so critical in footnote one, below.

Beyond all that we also have the truth about what is about to take place in Iran and possibly Syria. This is massively important information that has always been true at least since Obama took office—yet the global media has managed to shut out the global public from the needed awareness which should have been front-page news around the world, at the time that all the criminal-sanctions which are ACTS of War were first instituted against Iran.
George Galloway gives us all what we need to KNOW in no uncertain terms; so that public pressure can be exerted to stop the Madness before we cave in yet again to Zionism’s latest demands of American military forces—to solve their latest craving for the lands and property of yet more nations. (6)

And on top of everything else, now we have a slave-state (us) that no longer wants to have a military force that is responsible to anyone, not the congress, not the people—no one except the privatized forces that will now own the US Military who will take their directions from the UN and the Bank of International Settlements, but not from the people (who pay for the military) and that made the US-global-military possible.

“In order to be able to claim "no more troops on the ground" in Afghanistan by 2014, the Pentagon envisaging transferring its special operations forces to the CIA, thus "making them spies" and "reducing the number of troops". This was reported in an AP article quoting two unnamed Pentagon officials.

The troops, such as the SEALS and other units, would only change titles since they “still would target militants on joint raids with Afghans and keep training Afghan forces to do the job on their own”, according to AP. (Kimberly Dozier, Pentagon may put special ops in Afghanistan under CIA control to meet 2014 pullout deadline, March 3, 2012).” (7)

A reader comments: “actually, Jim, this happened already in the early 1950's during the "cold war" when the major oil companies and other large corporations (including Ma Bell were "deputized" as agents of national security. The tobacco companies were too. Also all the major oil companies and at least one missionary group, and many charitable organizations stationed around the world. This was the start of the privatization of Intel which is now 80%+ complete.
This recent law is just an exercise in gaining legitimacy for what they have been doing for many years anyway and gaining direct "wired in" access to data bases in real time.

This accomplishes many things, this privatization of Intel. It creates instant deniability for many covert operations, providing great cover for many spy operations and deep cover black ops. Infraguard is just the tip of the iceberg as are the FEMA clergy response teams. Laws now have given corporate security agents "shoot to kill" powers in any time of an emergency.

One aspect of this is relatively unknown by most. It is the importation of private armies such as the Mung after Vietnam (a private CIA army in waiting if ever needed, run by recently deceased Gen Vang Pao), a large group of Iraqi Republican Guard moved near Oklahoma City. A group of Russian Spetnatz allegedly moved into a small townin Minnesota, and several private mercenary armies assembled here in the USAwith secret bases, able to be deployed in the Mideast warand in the continental USA.

Right now there are two specific int'l Intel treaties in place involving the US. The first is an interchangeability in technology and spying treaty between the US and England where all defense high tech must be shared (this started at the end of WW2 in regard to the captured/surrendered Nazi anti-gravity craft). This means that the US leases space inside their spying facilities like NSA where the Brits engage in what would have been illegal spying for any US agents, then they share the information, and vice versa in England.

This allows spying on UK and US citizens supposedly without violating the laws. After 911with all the anti-terrorist "police state" Nazi/Stasi laws, this is being phased out and each country is spying in any way they want on their citizens.

The second treaty is a "protected license to kill" treaty. It involves most major powers such as the US,UK, France, Israel, Russia, Germany (I don't know if Canada or Australia is included, but could be). This is an extension of diplomatic immunity. If in the process any foreign agent kills a target and has proper orders such as a extra-judicial "with prejudice" signed finding, that agent is allowed to skate even if captured by law enforcement. Sounds strange but this is the way it has been. If that agent kills a citizen of another country they are "visiting" without proper authorization, they aresubject to a variety of specific sanctions and usually flee that country quickly after they complete a "job".

This allows use of secret mercenary armies with no military code of justice, like in the movie "wild geese". It also allows the pursuit of "perpetual war" now deemed necessary to maintain adequate war profiteering for the defense related industry, most of whose main offices are located offshore where they avoid US taxes.’

 So THIS was Yesterday in the Twilight Zone ­ How much more of this shit can you put up with. . . When everything is a lie or a modern day Trojan-Horse for still more lies and almost everyone is denied the whole truth about our overseas forces and how devastatingly bleak their performances have really been (see link # 6) ­ Is it any wonder that they have had to resort to hiding in the Twilight Zone, just to make it through the next nightmare that if it is not stopped could easily end the world?

1) Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine ­ 22 min video

2) ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission for Military Actions ­ 7 min 31 sec. video

3) Evidence of War Lies

4) FBI Director Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process: video

5) Yesterday’s Fatal Crack

6) Iran is Not a Punch Bag ­ short video

7) Afghanistan: “Reducing the number of troops” to Claim total pullout



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