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By Jim Kirwan
What exactly determines our individual identities. Is it what we have done or what we have accumulated; or is 'identity' something far more mysterious, and perhaps far more compelling? Does our identity involve more than just ourselves and could it be that this mystery is perhaps part of the key that many need to look more closely at: If we are to succeed in the continuing movements around the world to end the slavery that is waiting, just out-of-reach for the next misstep, before the Monsters in the Nightmare reach out and shut off all the lights.
David Icke was speaking about Identity recently when he commented about the Fascist-State-Police that are behaving like conquering forces in a hostile land. I can't find that video but his words went something like this:
'The Police have no power of their own. It is their job to animate that uniform and their supposed power is ONLY in the uniform they wear; and when they take off that uniform they are no different that the people they routinely assault.' (1)
What does this say about 'identity? Is it something that we can just remove, leave behind or conversely is it something we can add, create or just put on? I think this goes much deeper. Our personal identities are part of who we are, but it is the spirit of any person that inhabits that spirit which is the basis for any real identity. And like personal knowledge, intuition or personal imagination this can never be taken away.
Writers and artists create a great many things over the course of their lives. But what they created continues to live, long after they are no longer personally here on this plain of life. Because what they have dabbled in are the concepts and thoughts that are about the way we think and live; as well as the images that will linger long after the originals have faded into the mists of time.
Since the origin of the printing press the world has witnessed book-burnings, as a way of destroying ideas: To essentially erase the identities of those who created the writings or the paintings, or the projects that any particular barbarian found to be unacceptable. But in the end the ideas continued to live; even as their authors did not. And interestingly it was those that tried to destroy the thoughts and ideas whose identities began to disappear, while those they tried so hard to erase began to reappear.
In my own case, in the late 1980's the work that I had begun doing in the mid-sixties and beyond was not available anywhere. I established a website to bring that work back to the possibility of being seen and thought about again. To do this I created a website. That site was used as a profile of my work and an archive for my writing, as an artist. Ironically the IRS ruled some time ago that there is no such 'legal' category as "artist" ­ there is only the business of being an artist (one who works commercially for clients). That was my Achilles' heel.
Network Solutions decided that I had to have a business license or I could not have a website. And based on this 'illegal-fiction' they proceeded to retroactively disqualify my site; and thereby they entered into site-burning, to be added to book-burning, as a legitimate way to silence at least one of those that has intensely-disagreed with them about the world and Globalism today. But the site itself was only an archive, and since nothing lasts forever; particularly the thrusts being made now by the New World Order & their troglodyte enforcers.
I would argue that the identities of those who have been sentenced to uphold these illegally created global-bastions of indifference are far more important; than what happens to an archive or to books or manuscripts that find their way into the fires of hate that made book-burning and now site-burning so fashionable today!
In fact when people begin to understand more about the truth of their own identities; they might actually awaken to what exactly they need to do bring about an end to this overreaching nightmare. A reader said this:
"That which is to come from you will rise higher and bigger, and those who play unjustly will not come away unscathed. The festering disease of corruption and deceit, of grotesque suppression will take them down, will eat their cruel and contaminated hearts, and they will be no more."
"Tyrants don't fear the torches and pitchforks anymore. What they do fear is balanced insight, self reliance, and exceptional force of will. A handful of men with these attributes are far more dangerous to a corrupt system than thousands of citizens driven only by insatiable anger. To overcome oppression, we must first overcome ourselves. The ability to step outside the paradigm, the ability to act without permission, and charge the gates without apprehension, is the key to toppling totalitarian systems and exposing the great lie of our age; that we cannot exist without the cage we were born into." (2)
We are winning this battle for the ending of the BIG-SIX banks: And as this begins to finally make a real difference the entire power-bloc will shift dramatically so that it will be the Tyrants that will have to run for their lives, instead of all those nearly faceless beings, like us, who been assigned the task of BAILING THEM OUT ­ again and again and again and again. When will you reach your breaking-point and finally commit to ENDING THIS NIGHTMARE for the foreseeable future!
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