How Quickly We Forgot
By Jim Kirwan


When 911 happened the people of this country demanded answers. What we got instead of ‘ANSWERS’ was something both unexpected and totally unnecessary: That ’something’ was called The US Department of HOMELAND Security.

And from that day to this, DHS has been a colossal FRAUD and as ‘security’ goes a complete and utter failure.

When “the Decider” was questioned about 911 he answered by explaining that ‘America would never let anyone do to the United States anything that could “hurt us.” And that basically the United States was far too strong to ever be harmed by a bunch of terrorists.’ Looks like he was right—because he and his buddies in Israel did 911 and in the aftermath the United States has been nearly totally destroyed. At the heart of this destruction HOMELAND SECURITY has always played a massive and invasive role in the destruction of the US Constitution as well as in the take-down of so many American Industries that it is almost difficult to remember. We used to have an automotive industry, and we used to be able to fly, anywhere with ease. We had a manufacturing base that was the envy of the world—but now all that we “manufacture” is garbage and lies. Yesterday it was announced that DHS now wants an additional $32 Billion to pay for its continuing sexual and sociological invasions into the lives of every person that still tries to fly. Foreigners did not do this to us—we allowed this to be done to ourselves in the name of an ever greater amount of false-flag-security that we purchased by giving away our human rights, by the truckload. What did we get in exchange for this “sacrifice”?

“The Obama Administration has proposed significantly hiking air travel fees to cover the costs associated with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) molestation of air travelers. Under the new plan, which would garner a whopping $32 billion in ten years, ticket fees that cover the costs of TSA security screenings would more than double for passengers, costing them at least $5 per one-way trip.

As the TSA continues installing naked body scanners at U.S. airports and hiring hordes of new agents to grope travelers at airports, bus stations, trains stations, and even sports stadiums, the agency's more than $8 billion annual budget is rapidly ballooning. And rather than continue to siphon the cash to pay for this unconstitutional nightmare of tyranny directly from taxpayers, Obama and Co. wants to make airlines, airports, and air travelers foot the bill.

According to a recent Reuters report, the administration wants to charge airlines a $100 departure fee for every commercial, business, and other type of jet that takes off from an airport. The plan would also eliminate federal grant funding for medium and large-sized airports to complete construction projects, which means the airports would have to significantly raise fees for travelers and airlines in order to cover these costs.”  (1)

In 15 days, US troops will replace civilian cops and this nation will become just another place that is now formally a POLICE STATE!   
No Constitution, No formal LAWS, just another bunch of international Outlaws that will have taken over one more country in the name of greed, massive arrogance and global-corruption. And ‘NEVER FORGET’ that “we” made all this possible because we have never resisted any of the crap they’ve been trying to sell us since September eleventh 2001!

Oh and in answer to the NEW $32 Billion Dollar Question:
The US Department of Homeland Security Must be dissolved!

The people of this country have paid, and paid, and paid into this dump: Over three trillion (far more than the one trillion they are claiming) went into the Iraq War alone, and what did anyone get for that? We’re still at it in Afghanistan and that FAILURE will continue so long as the Poppy-fields grow and the oil continues to flow. We are currently involved in seven ongoing wars, and we have possibly four more on the side-burners just waiting for the “right moment” to launch those as well. Is ‘eleven’ still our magic number: and how much longer can this one way street survive where we pay for every mistake that every corporation makes and every fraud that every major bank chooses to indulge in? New taxes are proposed every week now, along with new draconian limits on every facet of our lives. Don’t just dissolve Homeland Insecurity SMASH IT, and arrest everyone associated with this criminal enterprise.

There are only a few days left: Is there nothing that you will not just accept without questions or resistance! This goes way beyond disgusting!

1) Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA Molestation



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