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This is a comparison of the facial features between the accused shooter James Holmes, and the shooter who appeared drugged and confused in the courtroom.

Let's call them James and Court James.

First of all, the hair of James Holmes is thin, while Court James is thick and wavy, almost curly. Do you really think that if James grew his hair out it would be wavy like Court James? And also Court's hair color appears to be a deep reddish brown, but James's hair is a definite black.

The skin tone of James is a pinkish pale fair tone, with undertones of blue. While Court James skin tone has much more pigment, and on the nose we even see freckles. In the large blowup photos of the noses compare the freckles and see if you see any of them match. The noses are a dead giveaway, the nostrils are completely different and none of the freckles match. Case closed. But I will go on.

Compare the angle and thickness of the black eyebrows of James to Court's, big difference. The black eyelashes of James are also far more pronounced than Court James.

Notice the shape of the upper eyelids do not match, and the lower bulbous eyelids of James are much larger than the thin lower eyelids of Court James.

Court James has an eye off center, his left eye stares off a bit, while James Holmes' eyes are pretty square on. Also the shape of James's eyes are very almond and tilted up at a slight angle, while Court's are more rounded. Even the color of the eyes are different, James eyes are a pure blue, while Court's are a blue green hazel.

There is an obvious mole on both men's faces by the right corner of the mouth. But they are not in the same place, off by a half an inch. Also there is a mole on Court James adams apple, and not one on James Holmes throat.

The earlobes of James are thinner and not as plumb as the lobes of Court James.

Chins do not match, lips do not match, and everywhere you look there is no match.

My conclusion, an obvious imposter. Just another massive red flag in a botched government psy-op staged to force through their draconian gun laws designed to disarm the public. The founding fathers foresaw exactly this scenario, and wrote the gun laws to protect the people from such an encroaching brutal government.



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