` Help For Benghazi Was NOT '20 Hours Away'
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Help For Benghazi Was
NOT '20 Hours Away'

By Ted Twietmeyer

Gregory HIcks, former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya at the time, was told by the military "There were no planes available to refuel aircraft."
 Officials at CSPAN Benghazi hearings stated they were told by the US military it would have taken 20 hours for help to arrive, and that was why no help was sent.

 America has bases in Italy.  Over 100 of them.

 Here are a few of the US military bases in Italy:

     Aviano Air Base, Pordenone

     Caserma Ederle, Vicenza

     San Vito Dei Normanni Air Station, near Brindisi

     Naval Air Station Sigonella, near Catania, Sicily

     Camp Darby, near Pisa and Livorno

 Italy is 777.9 miles from Benghazi. This shows help for the attacked Benghazi consulate is NOT 20 hours away. By fighter plane, it would be about one hour away.
 By helicopter, about 3 to 4 hours away. Italy is just one example of how close help was for the stormed consulate.

 Not 20 hours.  Lives could have been saved.

 Here's a sample of critical facts from several hours of testimony aired on CSPAN:

 * Added to this Mr. Nordstrom and Mr. Thompson were not interviewed by officials regarding the Benghazi event.

 * Mark Thompson, counter-terrorism chief, was told to stay out of meetings.

 * Mr. Hicks stated, "They told me not to be interviewed by Congressman Chavez."

 Ted Twietmeyer





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