A Funny Call From The GOP
By Scott Teeters

I had a funny phone call from the New Jersey Republican Party the other afternoon. Yes, really, they called "Me." I was so touched.

The man politely asked, "Sir, I'm Joe Elephante from the New Jersey Republican Party (I could see that from my caller I.D. spy phone) are you a registered Republican?"

I quickly thought, "What's this Kool-Aid-drinking pachyderm up to?"

So I said to him, "Why yes, I am!"

And indeed we are. We used to be Democrats, but registered Republican four years ago so that we could vote for Ron Paul in the '08 Primary. But we stopped drinking the Ron Paul Kook-Aid this year, peed in a cup, and are now clean.

So Mr. Elephante said, "Oh! That's GREAT!!! Will you be voting the Republican ticket on November 6th?"

I thought about the two Democrat Congress critters that are up for election here in our district and State (Jon Runyun for Congress and Bob Menendez for Senate, plus the guy in the Whitehouse - all Dems) and said, "YEA!!!!"

And he said, "Oh! Thank you SO much! That's great! Thanks for your support! Have a nice night." He was SO happy.

And I said, "Bu-buy!"

Now the serious part. What he DIDN'T know is that I will vote against ANY INCUMBANT no matter what their party happens to be! Like tilling the good earth every season for a new crop of vegetables, they should all get ONE TERM.

The People's message needs to be this...

"Mr. President, Mr. Senator, and Mr. Congressman, you have four years, six years, and two years respectively. Get your shit together. Do something good. Do something constructive. Do something honorable and leave a good legacy. It's a TEMP JOB! Best of luck to you!"

Until we all start voting like this, we will continue to have these life'r political hacks that spend all their time preparing for their reelection, talking to corporate-paid lobbyists, and paying NO ATTENTION to the people they are supposed to represent!

ENOUGH! They are not loyal to us. We need hold no loyalty to them. Remember, they are supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are supposed to serve us, THE PUBLIC. As Ralph Nader says, "NOT their corporate gift givers."

And what a better time to start this New American Tradition than this coming November 6th?



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