From The Shadows
To The Looking Glass

By Jim Kirwan


Above and Beyond Project Looking Glass
An interview with an Ex-Navy SEAL
NOTE - This is a condensed-summation of a two and a half hour video which ought to be required viewing. However as most people can barely manage ten minutes, I decided to cram as much information as possible into an abbreviation that might induce more people to view this long but horrifically interesting video. (1)
Bill Wood is a ten year veteran of the Navy Seals who has decided to go public with what he did as a controller of clandestine Tomahawk Missiles fired into the Middle East; in places like Northern Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and one or two in Iran, and Lebanon, Syria and Libya from 1992 until 2000. This tape is long because it summarizes what he did in over a ten year period: And it is critical to what he is revealing to the public and the world, by officially coming from the darkness to throw some light on what has been going on in that darkness which this government has denied all knowledge of. I have skipped over much of his critical personal information, to save time: But those interested can watch it all in the full-link below.(1)
On a regular basis Wood was instrumental in bombing places in other countries, most of which we were not at war with. What he did would have been considered as Acts of War, according to the rules of War and violated UN conventions. He was part of a secret group known as Navy Seal Team 9, who practiced Asymmetrical Warfare for the government of USI.
The missiles the team fired cost $1.2 million each. The unclassified thing about Tomahawk missiles is that you can go online and figure out “how many were used between 1992 and 2000 and see if those numbers ring true with the fact that we weren’t ‘at War.’ The numbers would indicate from the hundreds into the thousands”
“In Northern Iraq we found certain villages that could be used as assets to aid us in accomplishing our missions. In December of 2000 we came back to a village that we were using as an asset and on the mission before this one we had gotten intelligence from the village elder that involved an eminent attack on US soil that involved ‘pilots.’ We did not understand what the information meant but we took it back to base and reported it. (Subsequently) we discovered that the village had been destroyed, in a Tomahawk missile attack. At that point we (he and his two other team members) were psychologically broken. As to how we were being used and the obviousness of that village being destroyed. That village was of absolutely no military value whatsoever. In the village there were probably thirty to thirty-five people ­ and no permanent structures other than ­ three? Before it was destroyed these people lived very simple lives ­ they were nomadic and detached ­ there would be no reason whatsoever to bomb that particular target, unless the information we obtained was significant.”
Because of the fallout from the attack by another Seal Team on that village, the usefulness of Wood was over and the fallout screwed up all three teams within Seal Team 9. Wood was hospitalized in a mental facility after 6 months he was discharged. Coincidentally Wood was discharged on the same date he would have been discharged on, had there not been an official and damaging incident,
On 911 Wood brings inside information to what happened on 911 and his views about the missile that hit the Pentagon is critically illuminating. He then describes why he didn’t come forward sooner, based on his experience and what he knew to be the case against the government—across the board.
Between 2001 and 2007, Wood was watched and interfered with because of his former classification level by Defense Intelligence. That was something that happened to everyone that had a clearance above top-secret: After said individuals no longer had that classified clearance. There’s a lot more to these conversations, but the ending to this interview is of particular interest because it is massively illuminating. You should know that in his early training for his job Wood was sent into Area 51, for a class.
Around 1 hour and 48 minutes into the tape, Wood begins to discuss what he came to know about what was in Area 51. “The level of secrecy and secret facilities and the capabilities of our nationally kept secrets would shatter most people’s imagination of ‘what is possible.’ Area 51, Los Alamos, a hundred other top secret bases, where information is kept or hidden, from the public in general, it would be very  hard to accept that all of this information that is currently held secret and classified is actually REAL!
I’ve experienced things in the military that I then told people about ~ and people told me at the mildest that I was a liar or the greatest accusation - crazy. Certainly my experience at Area 51 and psy training and what I learned there and the abilities that evolved from that training session ­ were most easily described to the laymen as Jedi skills. It’s very easy, if you know what I know to see the correlation between what happens in the movie in the Jedi training and what happens in Area 51 and psy training.
CAMELOT: “What can you substantiate having personal knowledge of?”
“Beyond human abilities, for every human not subject to popular belief, but we as human beings are far more capable of using many, many advanced skills beyond five senses. With a little bit of training and the knowledge that it was actually possible most people could accurately predict the possibilities of the future.
Camelot: To get back to Area 51? “What could be so important that it would require the level of secrecy that is in existence around that facility. Certainly if I said that we kept the US Space Fleet there; and that that space fleet was what we would understand to be UFO’s ­ even though the technology is easy to describe and easy to talk about and easy to educate people on: You need a lot of background in the evolution of the science ­ that makes it possible to accept that the US has dozens if not hundreds of vehicles that are more than capable of space flight. And make it so that we would have a fleet of vehicles that would be seemingly extra-terrestrial.
The reason that that has to be kept that way is because if you know that those vehicles exist, you start to question the technology that they are based on. And when you start to do that then you start to question why we’re still using petroleum products and solid rocket boosters ­ and things get quickly out of hand after that. So to keep those vehicles is to keep everything else a secret: Which is why you’d need that level of security to prevent anybody from finding out about it.
The space fleet is capable of going anywhere throughout the solar system without much time or hindrance to the occupants.
‘How fast could one get to Mars for instance’? “Just below the speed of light. It would take a day. ‘Incredibly fast’! ‘Have you seen these vehicles yourself? I’ve seen one type of one vehicle. And compared to when I saw it, which was more than ten years ago, and what should exist now—I would say that it was a tinker-toy bucket of parts, compared to what we should have in existence now: Based on the evolution of the technology that I know.
As far as off-world bases I do not possess any personal knowledge. I do however believe in and have seen information that would suggest that anybody with a decent telescope could take a look at both the surface of the moon and the surface of Mars and see some things that look very terrestrial ­ things that didn’t exist twenty or thirty years ago.
(Beginning at the 2 hour mark)
I did get personally involved in the Star Gates & Looking Glass and more specifically the 2012 problems with those projects. The popular opinion of what’s out there right now is that the project was shut down because there was a problem when we approached 2012. But to my knowledge the problem is that the time-lines converge on that point in time. And when you know enough about the Star Gate and the Looking glass and you know enough to know how string-theory works and how the possibility of possibilities works and making one choice over here doesn’t necessarily mean that the other choice couldn’t exist in the same time.
Once you get your brain wrapped around this subject you find out that at the end of 2012, the choices that we make become less and less consequential to the future. Eventually we’re pushed into this bottleneck of time, no matter which choice we make. And that’s important to the people that had access to Looking Glass because they would use looking-glass knowing the choices that they would make and the future would pop-up.
The big mistake was coming up with the possibility of future.
And when we started using a computer to say ‘Well if we make this choice it’s 79% possible that this scenario happens and that 23% is possible or whatever ­ that this scenario would happen. The understanding at the time was that this was realistic—however if you go down the road further and free-will continues to exercise its will on this game that 79% possibility sometimes changes very, very fast. But if you look at the situation in a point of time it seems very realistic, that that’s the greatest possibility.
What happened was that very smart people began to figure out that ‘Something Big was coming up.’ Something that made it so that all the possibilities of all the future scenarios, of any choice: Any possibility that was fed in and observed through the Looking Glass inherently ended up in the same future! And no decision and no possibility changed, past a certain point: That’s the Big Secret!
This well coincides with December 21st 2012.
CAMELOT: So at that point all possibilities lead to the same Rubicon?
All possible time lines lead to same basic set of history in the future. And that is the big question that is the big secret that is what sends everybody that has all the information ­ that knows everything into a blind panic!
The people that know everything about Looking ‘Glass that have gotten all the reports and have gotten all the information the Élites of the world ­ probably figured out that was—the end of the game. Nothing could be manipulated beyond that point. (Woods’ knowledge comes from before 1997when he got into trouble) "One of the areas I was amazingly intuitive about is problem solving/mission planning or more specifically taking a bad mission and ‘fixing it.’ Camelot:  Trouble shooting an optimal future? Exactly! Certainly knowing how string-theory and possible futures works makes it so you can work your mind very quickly to see the reality of what’s happening and then decide what decisions need to be made to change it for a particular outcome.
At a certain point after they are done having the computer tell them “This is what’s going to happen” over and over and over again ­ all they become focused on is “How do we fix it”! The inevitable contraction of the Time-Lines.” Camelot: But what does that mean for this reality? “I don’t know that. What I do know is that I was called in and asked to solve this problem. This time-line contraction problem. I did all due diligence and confirmed that the computer is right: The time lines will contract down to some inevitable thing that you guys won’t tell me about so I can’t help ya! There is an inevitable event; it’s been forecast it’s been predicted its been fed to us in a slop-trough of what they want us to believe will happen however, they don’t actually have control over “What Happens.” They only have control over the reaction, and it seems that no matter what they try to do to cause their desire to reaction it’s going to have an opposite effect. If I had to give this a name I would say it’s the AWAKENING PROCESS. It’s an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not; and no matter what decisions are possible the possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually it all resolves down to us all LEARNING THE TRUTH and then becoming aware of this massive dam of LIES that has been built: That keeps us from knowing massive amounts of information that we should otherwise possess.
This information was obviously of monumental concern (when Woods was in the military) but now it is far more critical to keep this knowledge secret as we approach 12-21-2012.
“At first I thought it was end of the world. Now I see end-of-the-world as ‘End of their world’.
If I could convince everybody out there to say that for all intents and purposes what we believe to be true ­ eventually becomes true. If somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future—a major disaster happens, in the very near future! I we don’t buy-in to that FEAR and accept that there is nothing that we know that is going to happen ­ and accept whatever happens ­ that makes the convergence of the time-lines happen as naturally as possible. Any attempts to try to go away from this one inevitable conclusion ­ I again see as a new beginning, at the end of this reality a beginning of a reality that we can’t possibly understand, based upon the level of our beliefs currently. But when all that information comes flooding out there’s going to be no denying what’s TRUE and what’s a LIE or what’s ILLUSION. We won’t have the choice to believe that 911 happened because of a bunch of terrorists because we’ll KNOW exactly what’s happened!
Basically what we’re experiencing right now is two master-chess players sitting at the board. One of them looks down at the board and sees that he’s in Checkmate in seven moves. And he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too. So there’s no ‘getting out of it.’ So at this point the loser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is over ~ and eventually checkmate!  If we as a race, if we could understand that the game is over: Based on the rules of the game the bad guys have already LOST the good guys have already WON: Yes there are moves left on the table but those moves are being forced by the player that is going to win. ~ The good-guy on his side of the chess board knows exactly what has to be done to win the game, so at this point any mistake would be all but impossible. But again you would really have to understand the game to KNOW that the guy that’s losing has lost!
Let me say why I believe it comes down to one inevitability: It’s because I was entrusted in getting it down to two possibilities (the good and the bad). To most easily put it to people: To put it to most people one scenario is what most people would see as ascension, or an evolution of consciousness that brings us out of the cocoon and turns us into a butterfly. Time Line two is some kind of global catastrophe that drives most of us underground and leaves a few of us on top to fend for ourselves. But I would like to point out that they call time-line TWO, timeline 2. It seemed odd to me that even back then it was identified as “not one.” “
There’s a bit more but this will have to end here ­ please watch the whole presentation!   



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