Frightening Pictures
From London - US Is Next - Photos

By Lindsey Williams

 PLEASE take this to heart. Pictures tell it as it really is. America is next. 
Remember these pictures when you go to the voting booth in November. 
A SPECIAL email from Lindsey Williams....

 IS  THIS WHAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH MEANS?   Pictures  from London -- this  is beyond scary... Makes  you wonder doesn't it.  Can you imagine having a Christian demonstration against Islam in an Islamic country?

View the pictures below  and decide how you really feel about the future  of the Western World.
These pictures are  of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF  LONDON during their recent  'Religion of Peace  Demonstration.'

On  11/11/11 there was a  complete news  blackout on  reporting these demonstrations -  if you were  not there you would never know.

Radical Muslims have stated that  England will be the  first country they take over.
These are  pictures not shown  on TV or  Newspapers - there was a D Notice placed on them  banning showing or reporting of them. 
   I guess it  would be against 'their' human  rights to do so...



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