Framing People To Discredit Them
By George Paxinos

How many of us have not returned home, after even only a few hours' absence, to be surprised that something in our dwellings has been inexplicably moved out of place, when we remember so clearly that we had left it in a different position ?

We ask ourselves why anyone would want to bother us ? More especially, how did they enter, when only we have the key ? And, most especially, who the hell (or is that a tautology ?) has the money to employ goons to bother otherwise innocent people ? Or are we all slowly living in a police-state where such conditions of being under constant surveillance have become the order of the day ?

A few years ago, I was being bugged, literally and figuratively, see my old article

Outhouse Outlaws and Privy Police

What I did not mention in that article, was, that whoever was doing it, was also trying very hard to frame me in a particularly nasty, not to say expensive, way :

I am not rich, so have few articles of clothing. And just during this time of finding the wall-bug, I also suddenly missed, believe it or not, at least two pairs of jockey shorts and three-to-four pairs of socks ! Now this would have been bad enough, but they also happened to have been in my laundry-basket, in other words, they were used articles waiting to be washed !

To me, this was remarkable, indeed : were the creeps bugging my apartment also perverts, collecting used articles of men's clothing ? Seeing the massive public outrages against women and children committed these days by those appointed to preserve “security”, rectally probing little kids in case they might be carrying an anal nuke, I would not be surprised at all if most new security personnel had not crept out of the woodwork to take such jobs, allowing them to finally do their thing -- legally.

I might rather tend to believe a rectal nuke in some corpulent, well-fed politician, not mentioning the ridiculous case of the alleged “crotch-bomber” helped past airport security at point of embarkation by apparent government agents, and allegedly willing to sacrifice his family jewels just to light a fire inside his shorts, which would unlikely ever spread any farther. I mean, just how idiotic can the social equivalent of the CIA's most-hilarious home-movies get ?

But then I also noticed something that made me aware of the true goal of these clothing disappearances : Inside my front door, I had a shopping-bag with eight empty milk-bottles awaiting return for recycling. I know very well there eight, because they just filled that bag, side-to-side. The next day, there were only six. With the most dire suspicions about the Tooth-Fairy mistaking the white plastic bottles for dinosaur teeth, I looked around for a gold coin, but -- nothing !

I was still wondering the next day, when I looked in again --and now there were seven bottles ! One bottle had been brought back ! Was it a Trader-Rat ?!? If someone had taken the two missing ones, and just left it at that, one might think one had mistaken six for a count of eight -- but to have two disappear and then one returned (!) was the quintessence of idiocy on the part of whomever did it -- yet some damn-fool had done just that ! So I knew there was an operation on.

Never forget the immortal line from “Men in Black”, where “the best of the best of the best” were being interviewed for the job of a Man in Black : “Gentlemen, you are the product of years of Government Training !”

What could the operation be ? Well, for starters, getting my fingerprints off the bottles. One bottle was not imprinted clearly enough, so had been returned, and the suitable one withheld. What idiots ! But what could they be wanting with my socks and underpants ? I asked a friend, the self-styled “Iowan Idiot”, whose IQ is right off any human scale, and he knew :

“They are laser-etching your prints on a latex glove to use in depositing your DNA on surfaces at some crime-scene !”

“My DNA !?”

“Yes ! -- they will recover tiny traces of skin and bodily oils from your stolen socks and underpants, increase them thousandsfold in a process known as PCR -- Polymerase Chain Reaction -- and you WILL be convicted -- on incontrovertible evidence !!”

Well ! The only thing I could do, was publicly open the story slightly to a number of friends and official and semi-official people here and abroad, into which latter group I fortunately had a small crowbar, if not yet a full Damocles Sword, and whatever operation was on, it was axed, or I should not be here now.

But over the past couple weeks, I have on several occasions got clear evidence of incursions into my apartment again while I was out. On my front door I have a 28-pin Swiss security cylinder and ingress otherwise is impossible, so to get past that cylinder, whatever is on is obviously an official operation.

Remembering what happened to the UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who ended up opposing US foreign policy and was apparently framed for his honesty,

Ex-UN weapons inspector Ritter guilty of all but one count in sex sting

yet not being of the importance of a Scott Ritter, nonetheless having apparently annoyed the “powers-that-be” enough to have thankfully survived at least two poisoning attempts since I started protest writing in 2001, yet not wishing to follow a similar fate as Ritter's after that first foiled attempt at framing me a few years ago, I decided to do the decent thing any Swiss citizen not a modern-day Wilhelm Tell would : I reported my suspicions to the official organs appointed to do their best to stop anything like this happening to the poor innocent citizen.

I mean, if anything might em-bare-ass the racy Mr. James Bond enough to cause him to desist from “doin' his thang”, it would be his apprehension by the local village cop, would it not ?

Think about it ! -- Get two systems, one of narcissistically-ravishing butterflies and wannabe-wasps with their pernicious little Freudian stingers, all flighty and lawless in fairy lightness amongst the pansy gardens of today's more secretive services, all worshipfully following in the atmospheric cracks of politicians like Bush, Blair and Obama, to mention only a few that we know of, and enmesh that system with the slow-moving family values the local, I should say, LEGAL, police-force -- and voila ! -- when those two systems meet, it is like clashing the gears of a gearbox ! -- Mr. Bond's Jaguar screeches to a halt and his stinger wilts ! In Heaven, old Sigmund Freud chuckles to himself and taps the ash off his cigar, takes another pull and wishes he were Bill Clinton, who enjoyed flavoured ones.

So, to avoid unpleasantness in my own life, I reported my situation to the Police -- the OFFICIAL Police ­ which is what I can only advise any good citizen to do !

And here is what I wrote, in the English translation, with the German acknowledgement on the official police website,, tacked on beneath :

“Good day,

“Am South African by birth, naturalised Swiss since November, 2001, home-town Hausen am Albis. In 2008 had called Swiss federal security due to incursion by unknown persons into my apartment and an optical-accoustic bug in my wall. In past circa 3 weeks, UNEQUIVOCAL traces of incursion again present, suspect someone may be planting incriminating items, perhaps drugs, recording-media or child pornography in my apartment, or on my computer. Wish to declare that I might be being framed, because am, as every neutral Swiss should be, objective and critical and therefore an internet activist writing sporadic articles for the English-speaking Internet against Anglo-American world-wide state terrorism and a precedent for my being surveillanced was given in 2008.

I should be grateful for any advice you might give me !


George Paxinos

I find it wonderful how the honest, local police can stop all those behind-the-scenes pretty-boys from doing their perverse thing, don't you ?



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