The Coming Fragmentation
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
There is no point in trying to be specific about the destructive changes that are about to engulf this planet, and all other physical structures in the Universe.
I have written previously that the Divine Energy has been withdrawn from this dimension and now all that is left, apart from a few thousand warriors assisting the evacuation of viable conscious from all classes (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human) is the Evil energy in all its forms.
Evil begets Evil.
The evil energy will do what evil always does: it destroys everything, including itself. We will not be the first planet to be destroyed by evil practices.
Obviously Evil needs instruments by which it can cause its destruction. Evil beings lie, and cheat and are hypocrites and murderers.
There is also what is called "Natural Evil" where the evil elements in the Mineral Kingdom express their madness and cause pains, suffering, fragmentation and destruction.
I have also stated that all constraints have been removed, so Evil  can plunge headlong into its self-destructive mode. This is quite obvious now. The Archons are not trying in the slightest to hide their evil.
Dishonesty everywhere has become the modus operandi.
Violence and anarchy are the disorder of the day. We will witness the most atrociously evil actions imaginable. War crimes of unprecedented magnitudes, slaughter of animals, children the elderly, often for no reason. Remember demons get energy from that sort of suffering. Bestiality, cannibalism, sexual depravity, etc., will also occur openly. We are going to see the demons at their worst.  
And all nations are planning on war, war, and more war, regardless of whether they have a cause to go to war, or whether they have no cause. Some are planning suicidal missions against superior forces for no reason other than that the ones in charge are affected by the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. No one is going to win. The result will be a loss-loss. So, does it really matter where it starts and by whom  it is started? Of course not.
All the ridiculous plans of the Archons to cull Humanity, to introduce a New World Order, to announce the arrival of Aliens who will supervise us, will all be a grand show of idiocy, and although these things may begin to happen, they will come to nought.
Every activity now on the planet can be likened to shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic. Earth's fate is sealed.
But awakened ones will suffer least for they will be prepared and will understand the operation in action is for the removal of this malignant tumour called Evil from the face of Creation.
The emotions that will saturate the planet will be those of Selfishness, Hate, Anger, Fear, and Despair. We see this even today.
Purify by cleansing meticulously, and protect, protect, protect,
Don't let these destructive, evil emotions destroy you.
Think and express LOVE, True Love, and gratefulness that the Divine Light has seen fit to rescue us and correct this Celestial Error. With Love in your heart, the difficulties will be easier to bear, and you will be a comfort for those around you who may understand less than you do.
As the process proceeds, Viables will want to be with those of like mind and energy. We will be able to congregate if there is time. Already you have probably noticed you don't fit into the Virtual reality very well any more. Others may shun you for they cannot stand your (purer) energy. You too find you cannot be near Reptilians when you recognize them, and those who carry much negative energy, be they robots or demons.
Those who do NOT respond to LOVE are not your friends.
Read that again: Those who do not respond to LOVE are not your friends, and in all likelihood are non-viable, regardless of what excuse they give for not responding to love.
Do not equate Love with sex or physicality. You all know what Divine True Love is. I am sure you have experienced it. I am sure you recognize it, and I am sure you have met people who respond to it and those who do not.
Do not make excuses for any who do not respond. Do not take chances.
By all means emanate love at all times. It is never wasted. It will bounce off those who cannot use it and return to you or go to one who can use it and needs it.
There is so little True Love in the world today that the pervading essence is of Darkness and Gloom.
You will find that as you purify you will recognize the New Green Energy more and more and it will nurture you more and more.
This is a miracle that should leave you in no doubt that this Finality is upon us.
Do not despair at any stage. Do not contemplate suicide to hasten your departure. You will most likely pick up such thoughts from the Thought Pool circulating the globe. It is full of the thoughts of Depression, Gloom and Despair. That is why suicides are increasing all over the world exponentially.
I have explained that as thoughts of Finality and Accountability reach the lower minds of failures, they will despair. That is the cause of so much gloom and its consequences that we see.
If you are alone a lot, do not become lonely. Focus on what is happening and where you will be soon. Stay in touch with those of like minds, by phone, by emails, by skyping, by snail mail, etc.
Thus, fragmentation is of minds, of realtionships, of families, of communities. It is a religious fragmentation, a geographical one, a political, industrial, financial and climatic one, as well as a solar and a Galactic fragmentation, culminating into a Universal fragmentation and conflagration.
The process cannot be stopped. All the physical structures must all go.
The mendacious Archons will no longer be able to hide the Truth with their lies. We will all see what they have done. We are seeing that today are we not with evidence of their greed, deceitfulness and hypocrisy everywhere? But they cannot help being like this. They have always been like this. It is their nature. They cannot change.
Their lies will no longer matter. They are doomed along with their lies.
As less and less energy is available to sustain the Evil Empire, it will collapse upon itself.
Long after Human Consciousness has ceased to exist, the very bonds that hold atomic and sub-atomic particles together will dissipate for they too depend on energy to operate.  Thus matter will fragment to its energetic form and be transmuted. Nothing will remain.
A dimension collapses upon itself if it has no content, as this one will have. Thus, time and space will no longer exist and the dimension and all its sub-dimensions will cease to exist. If you can believe the nonsense uttered by theoretical physicists, they are up to 27 or 28 sub-dimensions mathematically now, perhaps more, in order to accommodate their String Theories for explaining the totality of the Universe. They would be closer to the truth of they counted the string bags people carry around for shopping in any metropolitan area of a major city.
As an awakened being, you will see this fragmentation as having a purpose. While it is painful to see it occur, we must remember that we are seeing an illusion disappear before our eyes.
Gaining psychic powers like I predicted may assist in knowing coming facts, but it can also traumatize minds for we shall see who is who. Don't be emotionally exploited. You may see reptilian Consciousnesses in your parents, your children, friends, associates, pets, etc.  It is a shock, believe me. But, we must soldier on.
When I saw Amitakh's reptilian eyes (we were having lunch at a restaurant) I was shocked into disbelief. I had to leave hurriedly. "It cannot be", I said to myself. And yet the imprint of what I saw stayed in my mind. I could not erase it. The more I thought about what I had seen, and the more I examined her actions, they more I knew I had seen truly. When I examined what I knew of her dispassionately, clinically, I knew she was a liar, a thief, a hypocrite and a murderer. Why did I not put this together before? Because it was not time!
Timing is everything. And things will happen in your life when it is time for them to happen, just like you and all of us will leave when it is time for us to leave.
We will all know who is who near the End. You will know who is a demon, who is a robot, who is viable and who is not.
We will all, Viables and non-Viables, come to the realization that this world must end, so horrific will its state be.
It will emotionally destroy us, if we let it, to find some of those we called 'loved ones' are reptilian demons.  That will truly fragment our lives if we let it.
But we must be strong and not falter.
Remember, all beings have had innumerable chances to turn to the Light.
It is their choice to be evil ­ except for demons, of course, who have been created totally of Dark Matter and they cannot see the Light or respond to it or to Truth.
My final point is this: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Not to survive physically, but to survive spiritually.
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