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For A Few Dollars More!

By Jim Kirwan

Syria 2013 New York Times


US Incorporated as the leader of the Nest of Middle-Eastern Vipers has added another scalp to their well-worn whore-house belt of absolute servitude to Israel. Syria, that once proud and ancient nation has been murdered.

Assad may not yet have been sodomized, but Syria is definitely DEAD. This vain-gloriously murdered country just happens to share a border with the Darkest Forces of Israel and will no doubt be added to the Greater State of Israel. Since the country of Syria has been almost totally destroyed Israel will probably just bulldoze the remains, and expand their terrorist state into what was once a powerful and fascinating place, in a world that would not yield to colonial-empires. It took three years but Syria no longer exists. Russia tried to help, but waited too long to make any real difference, So the corpse of ‘Syria’ will be added to USI’s growing list of conquered nations and all of this was done ~

For a Few Dollars More”!

Ahead: Jordon is waiting to be chopped into oblivion, to flesh out and expand Israel’s West Bank. After that no doubt the remains of Yemen, Somalia, possibly Pakistan, and a handful of other nations will meet the same fate—unless the world ends the blatant looting, the genocide and the mass-murder of civilians. Meanwhile Israel continues to blackmail the rest of the world with their stolen nuclear arsenal. The “chosen-ones” are desperately trying to cover their sorry-ass while the rest of the planet faces global-strangulation, by mercenary-forces hell-bent on ending any monetary-recovery for any other nation: Anywhere else on this planet.

Israel has generously “GIVEN” Iran (today) another three months, in their own land, to surrender to Israel or face extermination. This is not part of an international world ruled over by International law of any kind.

The primitively-savage creatures inside Israel won’t stop until they own the whole Middle-East and to hell with all the laws of anyone that gets in their way. They will of course continue to hide behind the skirts of Amerikan-forces who will do the bulk of the dying while Israel takes the profits when the sectarian-bloodbath’s are finally ended!

The only thing that might stop this hideous carnage is happening today in Cyprus. Cyprus unwittingly unearthed the massively-illegal squeeze play being practiced by the FED, the World Bank & the IMF on most of the planet. What’s about to ensue will contain much clearer delineations of global-power than has yet been clearly drawn.

The result of this unexpected gift (the outing of the true forces of global-criminality behind the scenes) being played out by the global-monetary and military forces of the bankers and the élites is full-spectrum-dominance throughout the region. These global-thieves murders and their own private armies of mercenaries, which until-now. have remained shrouded in secrecy. They’ve been flushed out into the spotlights surrounding the global-collapse that will finally change everything! (1)

With any luck the N.W.O. could suffer an irreplaceable series of losses and lose most of their own heretofore thought to be bulletproof leaders… But this masquerade has only just started to publicly disrobe, and the world has reached the outer edges of the shadows surrounding the darkness of societal-oblivion…

There is a direct connection to all of what Israel continues to add to their design for the end of all things human

And the obliteration of Syria.

This connection can be easily seen

In Israel’s deep connections to the Crimes of 911.

If 911 had NOT happened

The dark-doorway to the heart of the Middle East

Could not have been penetrated. (2)

1) Reality & Images

2) Scum of the Earth Blood Hungry for the Kill 10min 13 sec video





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