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Flip Side Of Ron Paul For President
Or, Did You Sleep On A Stranger's Floor Last Night?

By Ted Twietmeyer
After reading endless stories about Ron Paul as a presidential candidate, it seemed time to apply some common sense and look at what's going on. From the surface it looks like a great thing for America, but is it? We'll take a look at the hard data to get an answer.
Many people such as Alex Jones have idolized Ron Paul for good reason. This brought Paul from relative obscurity to the forefront of alternative news and independent thinking people. Up front we should point out that Paul is a living textbook definition of an elder statesmen. As a former medical doctor, expert on economics, American history and a outspoken congressman he is somewhat reminiscent of a another statesman known as Benjamin Franklin.
Ron Paul might even be considered as a "what-if" thought experiment if someone like Ben Franklin were to be time-traveled to 2011 and run for president. Billions and trillions of dollars bandied about in Washington today as though it is nothing would probably give Franklin a headache.
Paul running for office is a actually good thing for our dumbed-down, button pushing texting world. He is trying to remind the masses of exactly what government should be and must be. I commend Paul for his outspoken and bold effort. But alas, he is most likely the last of his kind to think like this in our era.
And therein lies the rub. America has sadly become a nation of people who no longer talk about or care about the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence. As former president Bush said not long ago, "The Constitution is just a G-D piece of paper." The Patriot Act proved that's exactly what the majority of Washington, DC people saw the Constitution and Bill of Rights as when they quickly signed the Patriot Act into law with most even reading it. Paul was one of the very few who read it and refused to sign it. But Paul's voice on this matter was equally as effective as a man yelling "GO AWAY!" at a tornado coming down the street.
It is the track record of Paul's last presidential run that makes me write this. Countless supporters in the grass-roots movement quit their jobs and slept on floors of fellow supporters homes in many cities, often in homes of people they knew nothing about. Each day they went out en-mass along the streets waving signs, passing out literature and pamphlets at shopping plazas and anywhere they were allowed to promote Paul. They placed bumper stickers on guard rails at traffic lights so motorists who were bored sitting there and looked around would see them beside their vehicle. That was a brilliant idea. The ill-fated grass-roots movement must have gone into shock when Paul suddenly dropped out.
Did Paul help any of his supporters who raised 38 MILLION dollars for him in good faith? His response to the movement was that his supporters shouldn't have done what they did.
Outside of Texas, almost no one knew much about him or who he was in 2008. I did an informal survey of everyone I know in western NY state and almost no one knew who he was. Mainstream media avoided coverage of him like the bubonic plague, most likely under orders from unseen powers. The press quickly made him a non-person, left him out of informal discussions with media and often left him out of poll results back in 2008.
In June 2008 he dropped out. When he dropped out of the race he stated his campaign had nearly 5 MILLION dollars in the bank, which he would use to speak out against the UN and income tax. He would also like to help libertarian leaning politicians into public office. [1] In all honesty, helping libertarian-leaning politicians into office is about as effective as painting fire hydrants a different shade of yellow to keep dogs away. Like a dog raising it's leg up at the new colored hydrant, what has been happening in politics will continue to happen regardless of who's in office.
It's noteworthy that Paul's campaign took in 33 million dollars over his nine month run. He did not have to return the 5 million dollars. [2]
I wrote about Paul dropping out a few months before he finally did, and received hate mail like I never saw before from supporters. One person even threatened to kill me for writing about it.
In one interview in 2008 he stated that he really didn't want to run at all!
Here's something many people don't know ­ his statement about dropping out back in June 2008 was not the first time, but actually was the SECOND TIME he said he would drop out according to at least one news report. [2]
So here we are 3 years later and now he's running again. Why not? There are millions of dollars to be made with very little effort. Like most Americans I'm all for what he stands for, but I'm also realistic. Is he still in the independent party? No. Now he's a republican but even that won't help him win.
A candidate debate for 2012 aired on October 19, 2011 in which Paul was a part of. What did we see and hear? He spoke much of the same rhetoric about the Federal Reserve and about freedom as he does on radio interviews. Much of what someone is thinking about is unconsciously conveyed though body language. Most of the time through the debate Paul stood at his podium, staring downward at the podium and writing now and then. In fact, he looked quite dis-interested in everything going on until it was his turn to speak. Then he powered up like a tape recorder with the play button pressed, and began reciting much of the same things he says regularly on radio shows.
Paul's track record shows he has not stayed the course though out even one presidential election. If he refuses to stay the course for an election, how will he stand up to high pressure and manipulation from powerful bankers, billionaires and globalists who want complete and total control of America? It's well known in Washington that compromise is the order of every day. Would he compromise with capitol hill on any law or act, or just become a hard-liner so nothing will get done?
Based on his political track record realistically it appears the presidential run is nothing more than a quick money-maker for him and all the candidates. I'm as certain that it will rain again this month as I am that he'll drop out of the 2012 race sooner than later. Why am I so certain he cannot win? He doesn't think "the right way" as defined by the other globalist sell-out candidates do, and that will be his undoing. I'm not agreeing that's right but just saying how it is.
Hopefully his followers will remember the last time he ran and won't quit their jobs and sleep on floors. I wish Ron Paul the best in all his endeavors, but wish he'd stop playing mind games with himself and the public by running for president. His money-making tactic is getting a bit old.
One final thought - why do all the politicians we have trouble with have something to do with Texas? Maybe it's the water.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] Associated press - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga-38VSrFgY
[2] http://newsroom.mtv.com/2008/06/13/ron-paul-drops-out-of-presidential-race/
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