Beware Of Growing Internet Fear Mongering
By Ted Twietmeyer

It seemed to be time something is said, to warn the unwary. Several years ago, the government said they would engage in counter-intelligence using the internet. And clearly they kept their word.

Lately, many of us have been receiving unbelievable, unrealistic-BS fear-mongering emails in our in-boxes. Who are the unwary people? For many, the closest to the government they ever have been was taking their tax return to the post office or visiting a historic site in WA, DC. We must take the time to turn a light on and get out a big magnifying glass before believing anything emailed to us. And at the same time, apply a hefty dose of common sense.

Below is an example of a recent email I received. This is one of many utterly unbelievable emails which quickly made the rounds to others who soon after sent to me again:


"Largest Russian Air Cargo Plane lands at secret Mexican Air Base at night. Each plane capable of carrying 500 Chinese troops. Chinese have six (6) bases under construction in Mexico and have at least one super cargo carrier converted for carrying troops.

Bases capable of supporting 600,000 Chinese troops.

China cut a deal with Mexico that they can have Texas, California up in the air, Arizona not mentioned, but Mexico drug cartel now controls a good portion of Arizona."

(I have left out the name of the radio show also referred to in the email.) ++++++++++++


1. Are we to believe that China needs a Russian transport plane to carry their troops around? Is there suddenly a loving relationship between China and Russia the world doesn't know about? For China to do this is equivalent to the US military asking the Australians to borrow one of their planes to move US troops.

2. Where are real photos of these converted super cargo carrier? If they have the ability to do these conversions, WHY would they be using Russian transport planes?

3. Bases supporting 600,000 Chinese troops? Apparently the creator of this piece failed to consider that a base of this size requires building a large city about the size of Detroit, MI - population 706,000 as of 2011.

4. China cut a deal? With who? Giving states away like Texas? And no one would notice this? Are millions of Texas residents sworn to silence, refusing to tell the world they have to mail their property tax payments each year to another country? Is another country going to pay BILLIONS of dollars to buy Texas - and not even change a road sign? I think not.

At first glance it all sounds alarming. But the BS alarm should go off inside the head of anyone with an IQ greater than the number of balls on a billiard table.

Someone, somewhere is cranking out much of this material. Some of this originates from alarmist, sensationalist civilians trying to pedal their radio show or Tyranny-B-Gone soap. But others may be created by more serious government personnel who's sole purpose is to cluster-screw the civilian population.

Now combine together...

* Plastic caskets documented by Jesse Ventura on his suddenly-cancelled television show. Thousands of large molded plastic boxes, each deep enough to hold several corpses, were stacked on the side of a road in the south out in the open. Photos of these are all over the internet. No fence or signs and all in full view of the public. After Mr. Ventura visited the site they were all moved somewhere else. Of course these boxes had to be moved - to impart the impression you're not supposed to know they exist. HOWEVER - If the government wanted to hide all those caskets and lids which covered several acres, they would have never been seen by anyone. But they WANTED the public to see them.

* Consider the POW camps supposedly built for Americans located all around the country - more than 200 of them at last count. Locations are not hidden and are easily accessed by anyone. Many of these camps are now in ruins, constructed decades ago of unpainted, untreated wood. Even these camps can be just a propaganda ploy to instill fear in the public mind - reinforcing the word OBEY over and over with a liberal dose of fear factor.

* Propaganda in the media nearly every day often showing police dressed and acting, dressing and with brush cuts like the military

* Publicizing police who accidentally kill or wound an innocent person, with nothing done to the officer or the officer is put on paid administrative leave (?) This helps enforce the idea that police are basically unaccountable no matter what they do.

* Endless police-state type television shows like Criminal Minds showing government agents solving every case, even though this never happens in the real world.

* Movies promoting powerful and invasive government such as films like Enemy of the State and others

* Fear-mongering emails you get each week out of nowhere, each one more fearful than the last. Ever wonder how much money is paid to the people who concoct these emails?

* Radio frequency mind control designed to drive people wacky, alter their moods and destroy their health.

* Internet radio hosts who get on the web 5 days a week screaming, yelling and ranting about the police state and spouting knowledge of what's supposed to be coming. Some hosts may have 20 people working for them as reporters. One big question no one seems to ask: How are all these people paid and from what source? Fans of these clowns refuse to acknowledge this fact and ridicule anyone who asks the question.

All these put together create a powerful tool to make people not just fearful, but utterly terrified of the government.

There is no media entertainment or movies left today which does not have one or more elements listed above.

I, for one, am sick of all the mind games. Are you?

Ted Twietmeyer



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