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Far Right Dinosaur Party
Wins Japan Elections

By Richard Wilcox


Looking over the results on the TV here in Japan, the far right CIA created and sustained "Liberal Democratic Party" (LDP) which ruled Japan since WWII is back in power, BIG TIME. They won almost all the seats. The only other parties to win numerous seats are almost or just as far right and as pathologically fueled by power. All of these parties are captured by the Nuclear Mafia and fiercely devoted to the continuation of nuclear power, if not the development of nuclear weapons to boot. Don't ask me why the Japanese vote for these nuts and if you ask folks, "why?" they like a certain candidate, they are at a loss to give a reason and smile with embarrassment.

I guess the LDP pay off certain voting sectors with construction projects and kickbacks since they have a pile of stolen money hidden away.

Of course, the system is rigged so that only big money candidates can get enough votes.  Also, culturally, Japanese tend to support the utmost superficial and glib politicians in a battle of form over substance. Same as USA! Japanese have forgotten about the nuclear disaster thanks to media manipulation so there has been no referendum on nuclear policy.

There are intelligent and sincere political parties and candidates in Japan but they get no-head way, because they are too principled and lack the funds, and the system is set up to block their progress (sounds like USA again, aka Ron Paul). Only the most cheeky and shameless people ascend to power.

Any of the mildly progressive or anti-nuclear power parties took a few pitiful token seats, which are probably in the restroom of the Parliament building-- the toilet seats.

Look for some of Japan's nuclear power plants to start up next year, fast and furious, devil take the hindmost. To paraphrase the punk rock band the Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Earthquakes.





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