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F-16’s Murder
Another Family of Twelve in Gaza

Jim Kirwan

Photo by PRESS TV

During Vietnam a T-shirt “Nuke Em All and Let God Sort ‘em out” was popular. Now apparently the same mentality has been loosed again, this time on the Middle East and specifically in GAZA.

In this continuing one-sided massive military attack by Israel on GAZA—it’s not so much what we continue to do everywhere—but that we set up these endless and continuing WARS: Each ‘new war’ over there; becomes the substance that justifies everything that is about to be done to Americans here in the ruins of USI.

Amerikkka’s latest jointly operated attack on Gaza has its base-of-Operations for WAR-Criminals, headquartered throughout the Middle-East, amid the ruins of those nations that we’ve already sent back to the Stone-Age, like Libya: Or inside those places we’re trying to add to that list such as Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Egypt and Iran, along with Iraq and Afghanistan.

These WARS flow directly from our global-headquarters inside Israel. It’s possible because while Israel is still the launching point for GAZA, it is also the safe-haven for international global-criminals everywhere who need absolutely safe-havens for the global-crimes they continue to commit. Israel (today) protects global WAR-CRIMINALS regardless of where they committed their crimes from ever being prosecuted. Ultimately the US taxpayer, by default, is responsible for protecting all the major WAR-CRIMINALS from any actual-prosecution and this keeps the WARS going, all around the planet!

What is overlooked is that this newly declared US policy, under the terms of the NDAA signed into law on New Years Eve, 2011—actually INCLUDES American-citizens among those that USI plans to kill!

Gaza for its part will become the fuse on a massive Nitro-like-bomb that will finally lite the fuse which will spontaneously create an extremely explosive global war. It is this event that “everything” is in reality all about. Gaza, because it has always been imprisoned, will provide the human-fuel needed to push the planet over the edge into the next major global-war. This will happen unless the public finally finds the guts to DEMAND an end to all of this in Palestine!

Once this heinous act is completed there will never be the possibility of ever “going-back” to anything that can ever be “managed” again. The HELL of this fact is that everyone involved in creating this nightmare KNOWS every aspect of these LIES and have complied with Israel and the USI’s demands to this point; in the firestorm that the world is still passively watching unfold…

Ray McGovern a retired CIA analyst talks about the War in the Middle East and Israel’s latest actions in Gaza, in detail: This is a concise and knowledgeable military & political overview of the war. (1)

NOW for the other side of this OBSENITY


Hasn’t anyone even wondered why the only people that make DEMANDS ~ are the criminal psychopaths that claim to rule the planet ~ when nothing could be further from the TRUTH?


Watch this ten minute video (2)

Then there’s this clarity that sums up what has happened to what used to be cops…

Illustration by

Do your job.

Do what you are being comfortably paid to do - to protect the public and serve the law. You are doing neither - you are protecting pedophiles, criminals and demonic plunderers.

Do your job.

Start to work within the law not as outlaws. Work within Common Law under the Magna Carta as you

should be; not within this filthy Jewelian oppressive admiralty/maritime contract law. Do your job.

Start to act as a servant to the public, to the people and not to elite Jewish families as you currently are. Do your job.

Start to have self worth, pride in your occupation and levels of conscience with your role in life as a policeman/woman

should have. Do your job.

Begin to act under integrity and have depth of character by serving the greater good, not mammon and your overlords.

Do your job.

Wake up from your slumber and look at the despicable acts you are DIRECTLY supporting - the crimes, the degradation

of society, the Orwellian state. Do your job.

THINK for a moment about what exactly you are doing. THINK about what impact YOUR actions are directly and

indirectly going to have on your future, your families future - what nightmarish world you are helping to create. Do your job.

Look around at your corrupt colleagues and associates in other Jewish-controlled government organizations. How can you

fail to not see this blatant evil?? Yet you CHOSE every day to go along with this nonsense. Do your job.

What does it mean to you to be a policeman, an 'officer'? How does it honestly make you feel? Big? Special? Superior/better?

Secure? Are you really satisfied with yourself at the end of a day's shift? Do your job.

You are now a million miles away from the original purpose of policing. Your role now as a modern day policeman and woman

is diametrically opposite to serving goodness - YOU ARE WORKING ON BEHALF OF EVIL. YOU ARE SERVING A

DEMONIC FORCE. Snap out of your coma and

Do your job!” (3)

Meanwhile: “Israel is a "pure" Masonic nation-state cutout who does all the dirty work for the real controllers and are allowed all the rewards they want in exchange. Doubt this? Then do some web research on the Knesset, designed, built and financed under Rothschild Bankster controls. - The Rothschilds Supreme Court Rockefeller DuPont Knesset ' Look at the images!

Look specifically at the hallways and the roof design and walkway there. What is the theme of world wide masonry? It is the two headed eagle, duplicity (say one thing, do another opposite what you claim and deny, deny, deny the truth). Their motto is "order ab chaos".

Translated from old English this means order from the pit, or one can bring about a new world order by creating hell on earth (literally hell on earth).

Thus this is what these folks who are the super-elite controllers are doing, they are creating hell on earth by destroying all basis of normal society including the family, and they do it by flesh peddling, pornography, pushing perversions and political correctness, taking God out of the churches and schools and substituting cults and phony churches, by generating massive crime and death in the cities through massive illegal drug trafficking, and war which is also used to restructure society and generate many new central government powers - and extreme war profits - for the defense contractors.’

Thus we have organizations like Skull and Bones, Talmudic Noahidism, and other interlinked death cults who worship death

as a purging of the weak and a means to preserve the human

race (i.e. Eugenics in its most inhuman form). Note the Cabala, Babylonian Talmud and other such death cult manuals and roadmaps suggesting death be ministered to the masses

as a purification rite. Now is this sick enough? And these folks run every major government of the world. The USG is basically being run by a fourth Reich invisible shadow government and the visible or ceremonial government merely takes orders.’

This is WHO & WHAT we’re SERVING now, right down to and including absolute slavery—no matter how you choose to describe it. Whether your views correspond with Ry Dawson, or with me or with billions of others of us that can’t stop seeing the ugly-truth in all of these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: On top of crimes so obscene that showing them to the public is not sufficient—especially since the scum that remained glued to their SPORTS-FIXATIONS or to the political circuses that are no longer political but which are only more criminals acting out their SHADOW SHOW, that serves themselves and the vast SHADOW GOVERNMENT’S around the world.

Those that issue all these crude-demands that have no basis in anything except perpetual GREED enforced by fake-terror. They’ve been doing this shit OPENLY NOW for the last TWELVE YEARS. Apparently that public” is every bit as DUMB as these Outlaws believe them to be—but there’s another side and some of that side has begun to stir itself and finally it has begun to DEMAND what must happen now –

Ry Dawson’s closing comment: “Israel’s (been) disgraced to the world, you’re immoral you’re ignorant or all of the above. So join me in this campaign say: “I’m from such and such place. Israel needs to GET OUTTA GAZA and Netanyahu should be hanged for War-crimes.

Sentence that fat bastard to death, because that’s what he is a fat psychopathic murdering, Zionist, racist-BAIN on HUMANITY. He and Richard Pearl should both be just be buried up to their necks in Palestine and give the kids a bunch of baseball bats and let ‘em have at it. They do not deserve to be on this earth they should be tried for War Crimes—just like some of the worst criminals in history.

There’s no excuse for it ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF GAZA

And Hang Netanyahu!”

The same thing ought to happen to Gee W Bush & Cheney

But we could start with Netanyahu!

1) Profiteering on Gaza Conflict: Business as Usual for Military INC

29 minute, 13 second VIDEO

2) Gaza Netanyahu should be hanged for war crimes

Ry Dawson – 19 min 01 second VIDEO

3) Do Your Job





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