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Orgies Of Empire
By Jim Kirwan
Empire's have been with the human race almost from the beginning of time, or at least since we began to try and keep track of ourselves through what we call history. There is a single common denominator, aside from all the others: Every one of these takeovers has been "financed" by others to increase the power which the financiers seek.
This has been true of every faction that ever sought to influence others and includes all political parties, throughout history both established and the virtually unrecognized: And yet we fail to look at the political forces that we have grown up with as having anything to do with these revolutionary forces. That has perhaps been one of our greatest mistakes. We must come to understand that no party, no faction, no movement is capable of sustained efforts without political and monetary backing. Having said that, we need to look more closely at the main components of the confrontations taking place around the world in opposition to the "Austerity-measures" which are nothing but formal terms for the 'governmental-contracts' that will, if implemented, enslave us all.
In the US the demonstrations have been proud to remain non-violent, as if this somehow justifies the validity of their claims against the private-corporate-governmental-forces. This is particularly repugnant when you realize that the Police-State has already eliminated all other forms or forums in which the public could put forth their "just-complaints" against the government, the corporations and the business-interests that are so viciously and aggressively attacking the public at every opportunity.
When the forces of this cabal, the Police-State Thugs, show up to initiate RIOTS, and then begin to violently beat and arrest the protestors for "RESISTING" their uncalled-for violence and excessive force that now includes grenades and rubber bullets fired directly into the crowds-it is NOT the police that are charged with the violence but rather the unarmed protestors. To remain non-violent under these circumstances is to defy everything known-to-humanity about human survival. (1)
What is happening around the world today is something that was deigned to happen everywhere so as to destabilize the entire planet simultaneously. This is a full-scale war against the 99% of the population that is demanding an end to Empire and to the self-serving orgies of power that the slightly less than one percent now enjoy.
If you doubt this then just look at the vast amounts of money that are thrown into supposedly necessary 'SECURITY' mechanisms that are beginning to enslave this country. From the 60,000 strong TSA that istaking its fight against the public onto the highways and into the bus and train terminals, as well as the airports all of which is completely unconstitutional, and un-American. Our people are starving, almost half of us are now unemployed, our infrastructure is collapsing, our health-care system is non-existent and cuts are being made everywhere that public services were once mandated across the nation. The privatized-government has instead chosen to keep right on sending trillions to Zionist-Israel, while starting new wars every month, in addition to funding ever more ridiculous scanning and testing equipment to spy-on and interfere with daily life in America.
No mention is ever made as to "how these extra-governmental policies will be paid for: Because they are being paid for with money that is printed out of thin-air by the Fed. However when it comes to the genuine needs of the unemployed and starving public, this "nation" is 'OFFICIALLY BROKE" and cannot afford to help its own people. Instead the people are given "PROMISES" that are nothing more than more lies that will be reversed after each and every election, by all those that used the lies just to get elected. Yet the public is encouraged to keep on voting to keep on pretending that this country is the same country it once was back when there were paper ballots and the actual monitoring of every election. ALL the current formalized political forces in this country have been co-opted.
Anyone dumb enough to even listen to all the current crap about the next election will deserve what thy shall get which will be even more of the same: IF we ever even get to that next election, before being shut down completely by these globalists that have clearly stated: They want to own it all!
As things stand now over 85% of everything you earn is taken by this government one way or the other. If the government can just simply print money, why are we even paying taxes-if the government can just print whatever they want whenever they decide they need to?
In addition to that, Government and the private corporations have colluded to ship all of our decent jobs offshore. The result is the virtual impoverishment of the entire nation. On top of that for all the money that we (the 99%) have paid into the system we have gotten absolutely nothing in return: NOT SAFETY, NOT SECURITY, NOT PEACE: NO FUTURE IS POSSIBLE, AND THE ONLY CHOICE FOR ANY FUTURE is FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL SLAVERY, WITH OR WITHOUT ACTUAL PRISON BARS.
Please bear in mind: 'When jobs are stolen and medical services are withheld, these are not non-violent actions: these are AGGRESSIVE & VIOLENT ACTIONS TAKEN AGAINST UNARMED PEOPLE. When your home is STOLEN, your money is DEVALUED and your ability to protect yourself is NON-EXISTENT ­ These ACTIONS ARE NOT NON-VIOLENT THEY ARE JUST ABOUT THE MOST PERSONAL of all aggressive actions that could ever be taken against a POPULATION - SHORT OF GOING TO OUTRIGHT WAR. So for the demonstrators to remain NON-VIOLENT in the face of this kind of massive overkill by the POLICE-STATE; IS TO CREATE A SITUATION THAT CANNOT LONG REMAIN - NON-VIOLENT!'
Much has been said about the potentially corrupted forces behind the OCCUPY WALL STREET demonstrations. Because so much is at stake every political concern is trying to find ways to spin or control those demonstrations. For my part I tend to go with the final words of Arron Russo, the man that made the feature length film Freedom to Fascism. (2)
Arron contracted cancer shortly after finishing the film, and here are his final warning words to humanity. Arron put his money and his talents to work to unveil the corruptions that are still out there, can we not apply our own skills, each in our own way to do our part in this? Arron showed the world what is behind the IRS and the FED. What can you and I do to further this effort to free ourselves from Tyranny?
"Americans, mobilize, stand together, stand tall, tell government you're mad as hell. No longer cooperate with the government, do not accept the national ID card, Do everything in your power torestore freedom, and your individuality back to America. Stop being a country run by the institutions for the institutions. Let's go back to 'We the People, by the people for the people'; as opposed to, We the institutions, by the institutions and for the institutions. Stand up for your individual rights. Stand up for the godliness that's in each and every one of us." (3)
The world has experienced upheavals millions of times in our collective history; but nothing of this size has ever been seen before; because always before the "Known-Worlds" involved did not include the entire planet. Today it does. The chaos we are seeing was designed to create even more destabilization with the belief that the designers could then be turned to, to supply their answer to the problems they created in the first place (problem, reaction, solution): And of course their answer, no matter from whose platform or mouth this might come; will always be "MORE global-power and MORE one-world-government."
Instead we must restore individual rights while removing existing governments as institutions and replacing them with community based governments everywhere. Global powers such as the Zionistas must be totally abolished, along with the World Bank, the IMF, The International Bank of Settlements and on and on and on: including NATO & the UN: All of whom have had these criminal ventures at the very heart of their own political-stances since they were each created.
Americans are of three-minds. Those who accept the current situation and want to modify it. Those who are demanding peaceful change but want to do that without violence, and those who know that the only way that POWER will ever relinquish its control, is if they are forced to do this! About the only 'peaceful way that this could be done is to bankrupt the big-six banks which would completely break their first line of attack against all of us. That would lead to the end of the FED and from there a chain-reaction could move like a Tsunami throughout the global financial markets and the world could begin to free itself from Tyranny. (Alll you have to do is withdraw you money from the Biggest Banks and leave them with nothing) ! (4)
The reason this will work is that their crippled Global-Financial-Empire is more than just vulnerable, it is beginning to bleed the whole global structure to death as we speak. If they lose that false-fortress to us; then they must begin to run for their lives-which seems preferable to our being ENSLAVED for eternity under their fascist boots of the tyranny, which they have planned to force onto all of us.
Virtually everything is now at stake in this protest-revolution that is sweeping the planet. The Globalists might well have designed it to increase the global-chaos (to accompany the new and ever-expanding wars for total-dominance): But if we take control of The OOCUPY DEMONSTRATIONS, both here and abroad, as the individuals-most-directly-affected, with our own minds and our community based thoughts; then we may yet be able to snatch Victory from the jaws of impending Global-Defeat!
If we do not do this then the Orgies of Empire will simply have billions of new victims to dine upon. . .
1) Occupy Oakland Police Fire - video
2) Freedom to Fascism - video
3) Aaron Russo's Last Message to Humanity ­ 40 second video
4) The Large Families that Rule the World
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