Eerie Sounds - The Haarpies
Orchestra Of Woodwinds And Brass

By Yoichi Shimatsu
General Editor, The Japan Times Weekly
Exclusive to

Oboes and flutes of wood; trumpets, trombones and tubes of metal.

Pianos and cellos have metal strings and wires while their mellowing resonant exteriors are of wood.

Forests are wood; and radioactive protons are metal.

Protons ring around in spirals inside and against the mirror edges of electromagnetic field lines.

The electron shells around the protons are highly excitable, reacting to inputs of energy, and thus metal vibrates, creating oscillations. Ionized metallic protons still have remaining electron shells, but being unstable due to the loss of some electrons, they vibrate more.

Protons trapped inside artificial electromagnetic belts are known to disrupt radio transmissions. These eerie new sounds, however, are at a higher frequency in the audio range, a likely explanation being that high-charged nuclear protons vibrate at higher frequencies

The audible vibrations are carried by atmospheric gases at lower elevations. Carbon dioxide molecules which, with their two oxygen atoms, is a minuscule alarm clock with two oxygen molecules that resemble bells, relaying aural signals over long distances, say, from Alaska to Finland or from the vicinity of Australia to Borneo.

Carbon atoms bound in tight lattices are diamond-hard and immovable, but in other configurations its has all the flexibility of a fishing rod. Benzene rings, for instance, are hexagonal, allowing many variables in angularity, and so the structure enables vibration. Carbon strands in wood fiber are like tiny whips rippling with waves.

These barely audible vibrations then reach the trees, and their carbon molecules start to hum, gaining strength with resonance, with the music of the orbs.

Music affects our psychological well-being, lower frequencies in the normal HAARP range causing emotional depression, while higher frequencies trigger merriment.
And so we have a perfect Aeolian instrument of vibrating metal and resonant wood - the HAARP.

If there were only angels to play the music...but no. This is the siren song of the fallen spirits, the blood-curdling cries of the harpies, the sonata of ghastly apparitions...the dance of the dead.

Post Script

Massive winter storms on both coasts of the United States arising?

The proton and electron surges into HAARP are electrifying the clouds.

The Hardtack and Argus nuclear blasts of 1958 created the artificial electromagnetic belts over the Pacific and Atlantic, which trapped these into resonant spirals of high energy. In the next year, 1959-60, when the system was operational, running or flying smoothly, the USA saw the biggest winter snowfall since 1912.



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