The Drone
By Joseph Farrell
Well, I depart from my usual practice of talking about a particular article or video today, to present some thoughts about the drone that recently "crashed" in Iran. Let's back up to the story via the context. First we had the death of Osama Bin Laden, whose body, let us recall, was quickly buried at sea. That's called tampering with the evidence. We are simply asked to take the government's word for it, not to mention there were stories in the media long before that he may have died. Then there was the matter of the Iranian used car salesman plotting with the Iranian government to commit acts of terrorism. Well, that one was in my opinion designed to beat the war drums for a strike on Iran. Don't get me wrong here. The government of Iran is nuts. What other country has as a component of its very national constitution the mandate to export jihad and to annihilate an entire nation? But the car salesman story was a non starter. It quickly fizzled in its utility for hyping the war fever.
Then came the drone, which let us recall was first reported as having crashed, until the Iranian government showed off its "crashed drone" which looked to be in pretty fine condition. Then we were fed the cock-and-bull story that it had a malfunction and "glided" to a landing.
Now, I am having difficulty with all this and I hope you are too. It seems silly to me that such advanced technology would not have some sort of self-destruct mechanism. Now maybe it doesn't. I don't know. The military has done stupid things before, and it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe it does, and it "malfunctioned."
But all this is merely prelude, for however the drone got there, the fact of the matter is that it is there, and there under circumstances that are all too suspicious, in my humble opinion. The question is, why, and who is behind it, for it seems to me that someone wanted Iran to have this drone. So, working with that hypothesis, the question is, who and why?
We have, it seems to me, two basic possibilities here: (1) someone within the American military wanted them to have it, or (2) someone else hacked into the system, and commanded it to "glide" to its landing in Iran as quite a prize for Tehran (and by implication, Beijing and Moscow). If the latter, then someone else has penetrated our national security.
It is the former possibility that intrigues me, for it might then mean that there are some within the American defense establishment that wanted this technology to fall into Iran's hands. The question is: why? Here there are, as I currently see it, two further possibilities: to give Iran and its major power backers, Russia and China, access to key defense systems to forestall the current war fever emanating from certain circles in this country, or to give Iran technological capabilities that will make any future action against that country, if or when it comes, a bloodier affair.
In any case, I remain skeptical of the public explanations that have been thus far forthcoming. Something else, I genuinely think, is going on, and any way one slices it, it doesn't bode well.
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