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Dreaming The Impossible Dream
By Jim Kirwan
This morning's Democracy Now is filled with something particularly ugly, because of what is not said. The "Horizontal-nature" of the 'new protests' is something that conflicts violently with what people that are oppressed do when they object to being slaves, anywhere throughout history. This is the 'Part II' of the faceless "GENERAL ASSEMBLIES" that are supposedly leaderless. The "General Assemblies" referred to here come directly from the New World Order's own United Nations.
Speakers, this morning on Democracy-Now, refer to things that cannot happen without in-depth financing. For instance how many people do you know that can go from Argentina, to Greece, to Egypt, Italy and Tunisia, and also England and then back to New York, in a timely way in order to track and participate in various "movement actions'? The last time I looked; an around the world ticket no matter the mode of transport was NOT cheap; not to mention how anyone can live along the way? How can the unemployed have cell-phones and other electronic gear without a home address to be billed to? Moreover on top of the expense of being a roving supposedly independent observer - each of these people has to eat and sleep somewhere, not to mention the costs of travel and personal maintenance? In brief this 'political-movement' - contrary to what they say is being financed (heavily).
While it is apparently also true that a conference call was held with the mayors of some 80 cities where "OCCUPY" has been active - that apparently concluded with call to end the Occupation movements in many places at the same time - it is also clear to me, that the Occupy Movement too is being equally "run" from a "secure location" as well. The difference is that OWS is claiming that they are not like that. What Amy is revealing today feels like a large pool of sludge that is intended to gum up the works in the name of every single person being allowed to have a clear voice in this new democracy (nice idea but completely impossible). The only effective 'democracy' comes within very small populations in which every citizen can actually be heard. Also it can only work when the population actually shares in the community being discussed and is also already aware of what their community and their world are actually all about. Most of these global citizens on Amy's program do not appear to belong to any one place at all: Rather they appear to be flack-management for a large concern that is still not publicly available to answer any questions - just as the one percent has NEVER answered any questions, from the public.
When it comes to anonymous 'GENERAL ASSEMBLIES' that speak of sharing power WITH all the people, (with no actual leaders) and a resultant covenant that can never be involved with any kind of power OVER anyone - this might seem very attractive, but it is completely unworkable with anything larger than a very small city.
The other troubling aspect of all this 'new-look-in-advocacy' is WHO WRITES THESE SPEECHES? It is fascinating to me that no one seems to care where the "ideas' come from, or how these concepts are being PAID for? If you listen to the spokespersons you might believe that somehow these ideas just ergonomically evolved? That is not possible, as the order of the words had to be created by someone, or a group of someone's - so why not tell these potentially permanent followers just who it is that has coordinated all of this wonderfulness that seems to want so little from the 1%of the society that has come to kill us all?
I submit the reason that we still know so little (about the OCCUPY MOVEMENT) is because it is SOROS and the Zionist State of America that are paying for all of this, and when the trap is finally sprung and the militarized forces move in, to erase any trace of this exercise in 'public-occupations' ­ most if not all of those that actually believe in non-violence and permanent happiness without any need for direct confrontation with the oppressing forces - will have been thoroughly erased, and their road to total submission of the public, will be completely free of obstacles.
There is of course also this rather disturbing point as well, from yesterday.
"A Federal Security Services or (FSB) report circulating the Kremlin states that the US Military went into a "panic" when a soldier e-mailed his mother to "prepare for the end of the world."
The report states that Millay had growing concerns over a massive military buildup of NorthCom. This buildup is said to include troops and equipment being shipped in from Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea through the Alaskan base and then to "staging areas" in the US.
NorthCom was created on October 1, 2002 after 9/11. NorthCom is charged with protecting the United States homeland in support of local, state, and federal authorities. This support is limited by the Posse Comitatus Act .
AFNORTH would take charge of the situation or event in the case of national emergencies, natural or man-made.
Specialist Millay believed that the redeployment of these tens of thousands of US troops to America was "somehow" related to the November 9 testing of the United States Emergency Alert System (EAS) that is occurring "coincidentally" with a vast number of disaster drills and exercises being planned for the same time period. This was according to the FSB report.
In a series of e-mails to friends and family that were intercepted by the NSA, the FSB reports, Millay warned when asked what to do, "prepare for the end of the world".
The FSB notes in their report that the Kentucky region where Specialist Millay comes from is "heavily populated" by staunchly religious Christian conservatives who believe we are living in the "last days" and that President Obama is a "secret Muslim" whose goal is to destroy the United States so that a New World Order can be established ushering in the age of the "anti-Christ" foretold about in the Bible's Book of Revelations.
The e-mails detail nothing about specific troop movements or plans by the US military.
The "heightened response" by the highest branches of the US government is what caught the attention of the FSB.
According to the FSB report, a "standoff" between the FBI strike team sent to apprehend Specialist Millay and US Army personnel ensued with the Army winning out and keeping him from being taken by Obama regime authorities.
Neither the Army nor the Obama administration have publicly stated exactly what Millay was arrested for. However, the Army is refusing to allow the federal government to prosecute Millay and will handle the case themselves." (1)
This story above, might well be what is being covered up by "OCCUPY" in order to give Northcom, and the White House a chance to sort out who and what will rule when all this takes effect!
There can never be any substitute for real FREEDOM, or for that price that must be paid by those who seek to claim her advantages. 'Freedom' can never belong to those that are not willing to die to obtain what freedom offers. The road being paved above is about a world without RESPONSIBILITES, whether that pertains to people, to governments, or to the Corporations - because without actual and BINDING RESPONSIBILITES, there can never be the kinds of FREEDOM that enables life and love to continue anywhere. . .
This entire enterprise (The Zionist State of Amerika + the GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER) has now been completely criminalized. To think that the forces of this obscene world will simply roll-over and surrender to leaderless groups of people in the streets, basically without any real demands, is the height of folly.
Every revolution that has ever succeeded anywhere has always DEMANDED real and substantial changes, and heads have rolled in order to obtain the changes which the particular revolution required from the criminal-state that was being rebelled against. Virtually every aspect of this society has now been captured and is being used against the population at every turn. There is no longer any "written law" upon which the actions of the police-state are currently being based - basically they can maim, torture, rape and murder people at will - and when these 'crowds' do not demand that these actions be answered for - there will be no change, except to increase the brutality and virtually every other aggression against this captive population.
Yes the public does need to "TALK" among themselves, but the same people that are now advocating-conversations are the same people that have done so much to kill every normal-opportunity for that natural-interaction at least since 1994. (2)
And just because we allowed these zero-tolerance freaks and their cohorts to kill this society then; we can hardly expect these newly acquired adherents, (people that have never taken the time to learn anything about the world we all inhabit) to reverse all their hard-earned public-prohibitions now, just because we are all facing outright OBLIVION ­ is not just an oxymoron this borders on near-absolute-complicity with treason!
1) Strange case of Kentucky soldier charged with espionage:
2) ENDGAME ­ Revisited
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