Dispelling Confusion - Part C
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD

71        The Awakening Process to the Truth of what is occurring to us and to the world in general can be emotionally disturbing in the initial phases even though it will provide much Joy and Elation to True Ones as they eventually realize the truth of things.

When one is awakened, it is wonderful to finally Make Sense of the Madness and to attain an understanding that allows one to not only see what has gone on but also take steps to extricate oneself from the evil mire of the Fraudulence in which some of us have been trapped.

It is by focusing on the future, which involves the destruction of all things evil, the Liberation of the True Spirit from Evil’s clutches, the fulfillment of the Promise of Rescue, and the placement in an Evil-free zone that one not only copes with the deteriorating conditions and the coming disasters and distractions but also is filled with the bliss of the Numinous

But, the lower mind, being what it is, namely a creation of Evil to serve Evil and to thwart one’s Divine nature, can blackmail the awakening one with thoughts of further pain and suffering.

Thus, awakeners may initially be tormented by many thoughts. Here are some examples:

72        Torment can come from the thought of whether one is really Viable or not to continue existing. Every individual knows in its heart whether it is a True Viable or a damned Hypocrite, regardless of what s/he expresses in the lower mind. Evil Beings can’t imagine themselves being Evil and they have no sense of True Justice or of True Light. They are blind to the Truth and the True Light. Thus, you will see every Evil criminal that is caught expressing the exact same words: “I have done nothing wrong!” That, in fact, is the imprimatur of Evil. They say this because, for Evil ones, there is no Evil, and they cannot see that they have done wrong. For evil ones, Darkness is Light. They are blind to the True Light.

73        The thought of the suffering one may undergo in order to leave the physical may be bothersome. Any concern about this is programmed fear that the body expresses about any chance of physical death. It is ridiculous because the body knows via each individual cell of which it is composed not only that it will die, but also when!

74        Evil has used the Fear of Physical Death to greatly advantage itself. If you know about Consciousness and its cycles, you will realize what a mockery Physical Death is, and what a mockery Funerals are, as are the mental traps of mourners who cannot get out of that depressive state.

75        The Truth shall set you free. If only people knew that we spend much time in the Astral and Etheric Worlds with those who have dropped the body when we go there during sleep, they would stop their grieving. Once they re-incarnate, they would be back in the physical as someone else. So why mourn someone who could very well now be the baby next door?

Besides, we all have to die, that is, dump the Cardboard Box, sooner or later. And if you think about it, ‘sooner’ or ‘later’ do not exist, for once you have traversed time, there is no gap.

76        Time is very much an illusion. Let me give a simple example. Think of 20 years ago. It is but an instant away in your mind. Now think of 20 years hence. It seems far away, but when it comes, it is the same moment as now for you. Thus, where is the fear of dying sooner or later? It is an evil illusion to frighten us. Besides, if you understand and fully accept the continuity of the consciousness, you really should be impatient to get out of the Cardboard Box for conditions are much better outside of it. But don’t do anything rash. You will leave when it is the proper time for you to leave

77        As further consolation to dispel this fear of death, just remember that you have ‘died’ many times. That is, you have exchanged Cardboard Boxes as they wore out, or were injured beyond repair, many, many times. And yet you are still here. Where is there the need for fear?

78        The ridiculous process of Re-incarnation is no more significant than us changing clothing throughout our lives. We do not mourn the suit we wore out 40 years ago, do we? Of course not!

Can you really remember the shoes you wore in tenth grade in your youth? That is how significant each life and each Cardboard Box we use in that life is.

But, evil ones have greatly exploited the situation. Look at the price of funerals, just as one example. And do you think the Evil System wants to correct the gross emotional exploitation that occurs when someone dies? Of course not! Those emotional states give Evil great amounts of energy. Hence, why would it stop them? Once we wake up to that, we put a stop to the energy drainage.

I explain all these things to my moribund patients, and their loss of fear is great to see. They then approach death as they would a doorway, calm and enthusiastic to go to the next stage of their existence.

80    You will have noticed some of the mainstream Religions are mechanisms for energy extraction especially in this death phase of living. Thus, it is easy to see they are exploitation tools acting for Evil. That is why in the West they had to expunge Re-incarnation from their Creeds. Otherwise, if people knew that would come back in a new Cardboard Box sooner or later, they would question why there should be so much energy draining emotionalism for a recycling of consciousness.

81    Alas, many partners suicide on the death of their loved ones. Destructive ignorance does that, and the Evil System would have it no other way, for then there are increasing numbers of mourners and more and more energy harvested by, and for, Evil.

82    Ancient cultures knew better. Thus, as examples, the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, explain that physical death is but a revolving doorway.

83    The thought of the fate that awaits Loved Ones can cause concern to some.

Being trapped in an emotional body, which is an Evil-created electromagnetic envelop around the physical body that acts via the neuro-hormonal pathways to drain us of energy, we do express joy with our Loved Ones, but also anxiety and fear for their welfare.

84  Most of us have seen the destructive effects on people from losing a loved one, a child or a pet. It is a cruel blow indeed, and not only do they ask “Why?” but also often blame ‘god’ for their misery.

They are right of course; they should blame the Evil God, known by many names, including Yahweh, Jehovah, Yaldabaoth, etc. He set them up via his iniquitous system to hurt them as much as possible. That is what the Evil System is for. Our existence is not a life or game of chance. Nothing is by chance. It is calculated, imposed iniquity that destroys lives. Thus, these people, so hurt, are in danger of learning to hate, and falling into the trap of being alienated from the True Divine. Do you see what a trap this is?

85        As I stated before, Evil can only teach one to be Evil. The story of Job, in the Bible book of that name, is spurious and one such as Job would be a fool, for he accepted Evil as being the natural state of affairs. But, it is not. The story is all about an innocent man suffering at the hands of ‘god’. Suffering is an evil-imposed state. We should never have been placed into any state of suffering. It is because of the existence of Evil that we suffer.

86        Job’s story makes suffering a virtue. It is not. It is a mechanism of evil exploitation. There is no reward in ‘Heaven’ for suffering. In fact, suffering can drain the spirit so much that it loses the ability to remain in its Class. Thus a human can be reduced to a state where s/he can only re-incarnate as an Animal, for it has insufficient energy in its Centres of Consciousness to support a human Cardboard Box which requires 7 functioning centres.

Then, if it loses more energy in its next few lives, due to evil energy drainage via exploitation, it can incarnate only in the Vegetable Kingdom, then into the Mineral Kingdom. If the exploitation process is not stopped, it can finally expire and be spiritually assassinated. Thus, it can be seen that Evil murders spirits. No Just Loving God would do that. Do you see how evil that process is? Now do you see why Evil MUST be eradicated totally from the face of the True Creation?

87        I was strolling along the riverbank with Babaji in the Kumaon Hills where His ashram was at the foot of the Himalayas one morning in 1983. The awakening of this Cardboard Box I use was just beginning and Babaji was ready to pass me the “Baton”.

           Shortly after my visit, he left the physical. As we strolled and chattered, he would stop periodically and bless the rocks along the bank. Finally he said, “Many of these rocks contain what remain of human souls, and they are near Me for comfort, quietly awaiting Liberation.”

88        After the visit to Babaji, the further awakening of this ‘Cardboard Box’ I am using was fulminating. The following year I travelled to Adelaide in South Australia to give a lecture. I arrived in the afternoon for the evening’s lecture and strolled into the gardens opposite the motel. It was summer and over 40 C degrees. As I approached a seat under a very large, shady tree, I made out the phantasmic outline of an old man in the silhouette of the tree. He started crying and then connected to me telepathically. It was the consciousness of the tree projection his former human form.

“Thank you, thank you for coming” he said. “I and many others who can now only express in the Vegetable Kingdom have been waiting patiently for a long long time for you to visit us here, and for the Final Rescue”. He then recounted how foolishly he had fallen into innumerable traps as a Human in many lives, and then in the Animal Kingdom in repeated incarnations. He gave me much information of what he experienced over thousands of years, and then said my visit had given him and the others enough energy so that they could hang on till the End.

If you think I made that up, and I don’t know why you would think that, how do you explain what Babaji said?

89        Back to the Bible and Job: Later in the story, Job is rewarded by being immersed in an even greater trap of the Virtual Reality via Wealth, exceptional Fecundity for himself and his wife by which they produced a lot more ‘cardboard boxes’ in which to house robots or trap Theomorphs, and Physical Longevity ­ all very useless things in spiritual terms.

90        You must now know and acknowledge the fact that every consciousness, be it your spouse, child, parent, relative, friend, stranger, pet, etc., has had exactly the same opportunities as all of us have had to turn to the Light, or choose Darkness, or remain in the Light if it is Theomorphic.

91        No one can alter another’s choice. You cannot make anyone Viable by wishing it to be so, if s/he has turned away from the Light or failed to enter into the Light. You have to accept their choice and not be emotionally blackmailed.

92        Elsewhere I have given the percentage of Humans to be relocated. The remainder will be transmuted.

93        If you suspect, or confirm via your psychic abilities, that any person or pet you thought was your ‘Loved One’ turns out to be demonic, know that their fate is sealed.

94        No member of the Demonic Creation has turned to the Light. That is a fact and no amount of praying or wishful thinking will change it.

95        Again I urge you to recognize the distinct and very real difference between Emotional Love which is an Evil-created tool of relentless exploitation, and True, Universal Love that is the Love of, and from, the Divine Pool. For details, see my books.

96        It is important that you realize that Evil beings do NOT respond to True Love. They respond very well to emotional love and its possessiveness, its selfishness and its pathways to sensuality, but they do NOT respond to True Universal, Unselfish, and Godly Love. And that is one of the major problems of why they cannot turn to the Light and/or live in Peace Simplicity and Harmony.

97        The physical body is appeased in various ways by Emotional Love for a while, until that so-called love dissipates and turns, as it often does, to sourness and then often to abusive hate. Do you recall the black comedy movie called ‘The War of the Roses’? It highlights the eventual punitive dramas and destructiveness of Emotional Love succinctly.

98        Some may be tormented by their “Sins” of the past. We will examine this topic at length later, but realize that the ‘Cardboard Box’ can be programmed to do very stupid and even evil things when the being is severely programmed and unaware.

99        As I wrote elsewhere, there is no Freewill while we are in the ‘Cardboard Box’. Freewill decisions can only be made when out of the physical body. While in the body, all the factors of Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination see to it that we virtually react as automatons It is only when the lower mind is connected to the Higher Mind that these factors of Evil’s Programming, Pollution and indoctrination can be bypassed to some extent.

           Are you having trouble accepting this last paragraph? Let me give you three very easily understood examples.

i           Given enough cortisone, in whatever form, a person will become psychotic regardless of their wishes. Where is the Freewill then?

ii          Ingesting enough “L.A. Ice” a person will become a demon due to demonic possession. At first the demonic state is transient, but if the ingesting continues, it becomes permanent. Where is the Freewill to prevent possession? There is none. You may want to argue that the person used Freewill in the first place to take the drug. But, if you examine each case carefully, you will find evil programming factors that predisposed that person to taking drugs. It may be worry from numerous sources, or peer pressure, or depression, etc.

iii         Given enough Testosterone, a man, or woman, can be turned into a rampaging wild, insatiable sexual predator. No act of supposed Freewill will prevent him or her from attempting to masturbate or copulate indiscriminately with others or even inanimate objects. Body builders and athletes who have been foolish enough to overdose on this hormone know all about what I am writing.

Once the lower mind of the Cardboard Box is connected to the Higher Mind of the Consciousness, Freewill decisions made at a Superior level can manifest in the physical and one can genuinely make an attempt to bypass further, and with greater ease, Evil’s harrowing factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination.

100      The thought of destruction of all the Beauty that exists may cause concern. On this point I want to reassure all of you that not only is the beauty we see around us in the main an illusion, but that nothing of value will be lost in the transfer of viable consciousness into a New Evil-free Dimension.

Near Death Experiencers invariably comment on the far greater beauty that exists outside of the physical.

When one is truly spiritually awakened, one begins to see the ugliness of the World and the truly beautiful beings trapped by and in it.

One sees the ugly demons, the ruthless reptiles, the never-ending iniquities the pain, suffering and misery in ALL classes of consciousness.

One sees how those of Evil use beauty to exploit others, to blackmail their victims, the drain those with the beauty.

Not convinced of this Evil?

Tell me, ·         Where is the beauty of a whale ‘playfully’ tearing a seal to bits?

·         Where is the beauty of 3 children dying every 2 minutes on the Earth because of poverty, malnutrition or dysentery? ·         Where is the beauty of a majestic mountain unleashing an avalanche that kills many people? ·         Where is the beauty in rape, especially of young children?  One religious book (Jewish Talmud) has this in it: "When a grown man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than three years old, it is as if one puts a finger into the eye ­ tears come to the eye again and again; and so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years" (Kethuboth 11a -11b). ·         Where is the beauty of a child dying of meningitis, of a cancer patient slowly, painfully reduced to a cadaver during which process all the loved ones are reduced to drained shadows of themselves? ·         Where is the beauty of a wonderful, intelligent person being reduced to a vegetable with incompetence of mind, and incontinence of urine and bowels due to the process to old age? ·         Finally, consider how girls and young women noted for their beauty are promoted to being starlets, fashion models, etc., only to end up, as the majority do, in the hands of the tolerated but notorious demons, as drug addicts and prostitutes? Stories of such occurrences abound.

None of these things occur in the REAL Creation.

The promise is that nothing of True Beauty will be lost once Evil is destroyed totally.

With that promise, True Ones can rejoice.

To be continued……….

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone May 21, 2012




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