Stupid Strikes Again In Georgia
By Yoichi Shimatsu
As for the dead blue whale in Tokyo Bay (see below), it probably was while still healthy...feeding somewhere between the Bering Strait and the Sea of Okhotsk, unknowingly ingesting radioactive and chemically-contaminated krill at depths of 100 meters or more. These krill are spawned over the Japan Trench were the warm Kuroshio meets the cold Liman currents.
Upon feeling strange symptoms in its gut and having difficulty in holding in air, the huge cetacean rose to the surface for easier breathing and slowly swam southward in the Liman/Oyashio Current in search of warmer waters. Once past Choshi Point, it headed toward the brackish water flowing out of Tokyo Bay in hopes of reaching the estuary of the Edo River, where it could rest in the shallow bed of running fresh water. It senses filth in the water, however, and decides to push further south in search of a cleaner river.
Whales are not ignorant creatures, that is why they sometimes "beach" themselves in search of estuaries and lagoons. Unfortunately, tragically, these pods are blocked the former mouths of estuaries where idiotic humans have lined the shore with rocks and sand. Fresh water still seeps through the sand, but the whales have no chance of getting across to the lagoons, most of which have by now been filled or are polluted with chemicals and human and pig excrement (not a noticeable difference between those too species except that pigs are not dumb enough to pay for fast food). Repeat: human are total arrogant idiots compared with intelligent species like whales.
Now, this big blue boy or girl is disturbed by the seismic action out of the Izu Islands southeast of Tokyo on January 1, and so it flees directly into Tokyo Bay, where the high radioactivity from the incinerator ash dumped in the bay water poisons its respiratory system...and it dies.
Thank you, TEPCO - now we can't even eat whale! (not that their meat tastes any good.) Next challenge: incinerate the whale or tow it back out to sea, where, within a year, the carcass will wash ashore in North America because the sharks won't touch it.
From The Mainichi Daily -
Huge Whale Found Dead In Tokyo Bay
The body of the dead whale that was found in Tokyo Bay on Jan. 10. (Mainichi)
A dead whale was found in Tokyo Bay on Jan. 10, it has been learned.
At around 8:30 a.m., a sailor spotted the floating carcass approximately 20 meters away from Tokyo Port's Aomi Container Terminal in the capital's Koto Ward, and immediately contacted Tokyo Coast Guard Office officials.
The Tokyo Port Management Office confirmed the whale was dead after it was transported to the wharf by two patrol boats.
According to Tokyo Coast Guard Office officials, the corpse was approximately 15-meters-long and is presumed to be a blue whale. It is unclear for how long it had been dead.
Although it is not clear how the whale entered Tokyo Port, the Tokyo Coast Guard Office believes its tail or other body parts may have somehow gotten trapped in the propeller of a large freighter, which carried it there.
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