Conquest Denied!
By Jim Kirwan


The medieval-military force that was used in the Crusades to carry out the supposed total Conquest of the Muslim world failed then, and it will fail now as well. Not because of religion, or war-making powers—it will FAIL now because their quest to dominate the world is insufficient to triumph over a planet that is still resisting their “best-efforts” in places like Palestine and Syria and Iraq as well as Iran.

In the end the world will blunt the white-hot spike of Tyranny and we shall turn that spike into a global-stake through the black-heart of the poisoned world of Empire. If we do not do this now; then all our dreams and hopes, along with all those over amplified fears, that today’s Crusaders are still trying to use to crush the real resistance that continues; despite everything they’ve already done to try and close the many doors of real resistance; doors that remain viable around the world today.

Few have noticed how long it takes for the behemoth of government to do anything by way of investigating the things that that damage the nation—especially when that’s contrasted with the light-speed that applies to every fascist new program which gets moved into position daily—to further undermine this place. And of course this has been the case since civilization began keeping records.

A case in point: Homeland Security will be taking over policing procedures throughout the US, leaving people everywhere without local representation inside law-enforcement, anywhere here ­ and they’ve admitted that the entire charade surrounding TSA was nothing but a shell game until they could maneuver themselves into this position where the government terrorists now will have total control over the public no matter where that public is. No longer must the public go to TSA to be beaten, searched, and sexually assaulted; now all these services are available from local police 24-7, and this was all planned from the beginning of HOMELAND INSECURITY.

"A new white paper presented to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence carves out an ‘evolving mission’ for Homeland Security that moves away from fighting terrorism and towards growing a vast domestic intelligence apparatus that would expand integration with local/state agencies and private-public partnerships already underway via regional fusion centers.
Crafted by the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group, co-chaired by former DHS chief Michael Chertoff and composed of a who’s who of national security figures, the report outlines a total mission creep, as the title “Homeland Security and Intelligence: Next Steps in Evolving the Mission” implies.

Significantly, it puts on paper and into the Congressional record a proposed transition from outwardly dealing with the threats posed by terrorism towards intelligence gathering “focused on more specific homeward-focused areas.” That is, the homegrown, domestic threats we’ve heard so much about from Big Sis already.

In short, it confirms the intentions of key insiders­ including former NSA/CIA head Michael Hayden, former Rep. Jane Harmon, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, 9/11 Commissioners Philip Zelikow and Richard Ben-Viniste, former National Security Advisor Samuel Berger and others­ to flesh out a plan we have already seen developing from an outside perspective­ namely, to build a domestic Stasi-like force to takeover, monitor and control the population.” (1)

To understand how this all has worked from before the beginning of the USA, here’s part of a tape from Russell Means that fills in a great many of the forgotten links. Here’s a 3 min 30 second transcription, a small part of the first of three video-tapes.(2)

“You know that the American People for too long have been an irresponsible, free people. And even generation to generation as they become “less free” they don’t recognize it. They have lost the ability of critical thought! In order to regain critical thought all you have to do is read your constitution and then look at the laws that govern you, especially from the federal prospective. It’s unconscionable to allow your freedoms to be taken away decade after decade, after decade; year after year.

And I’m very proud of this by the way ­ my nation the Lakota (partly mine as well) were the first nation to militarily defeat the United States of America, on the field of battle and that resulted in the 1868 Sioux treaty. Be that as it may, what has happened after they economically forced us into these Prisoner of War Camps ­ by destroying our food supply and our right of passage in our own land. >which just happens to be exactly what is happening to us all right now<

They confined us to these [camps] and then they began practicing their colonial tactics. What has happened now is because of the irresponsibility of your forbearers and the irresponsibility of yourselves: You are now on one huge Indian Reservation! All police; all polices were bred and born and birthed on an Indian Reservation and then exported to the world: So that now this comes back on the backs of the American people.

You have a near perfect document. In the words of Benjamin Franklin in 1744, to a collection of colonists discussing freedom, he said to them “ If the nation to the North can form a near perfect union that has endured for centuries; why cannot we form ‘a MORE perfect union’”? They’re talking about the Iroquois Confederacy and that’s where the Constitution comes from. Because in 1988 on the eve of the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution it was the unanimous “Thank You” by the congress of the United States: They sent this in writing to the Six Nations, Iroquois-Confederacy, thanking them for their input into the Constitution, and the formation of the United States of America. So you see the Constitution is Indian Law. And that’s why I love it!" (2)

Notice please that to win anything the native population had to fight the US military and win, before even what little they still have could be acquired. Changing one’s state of mind and heart is certainly a part of what is needed; but those who will not fight can never accomplish anything of value. In this world today, what is at stake is your life and mine—and if we continue to refuse to fight these ancient Crusaders that believe they have the right to kill or enslave us all: Then in truth we no longer deserve to live as free men and women!

Our would be conquerors are moving at the speed of light to transform this place into a technological dungeon that makes the underground cells in the Inquisition look like a  Hilton Hotel. Yesterday they announced this primeval invasion of privacy in the name of being able to do” better surgeries” on the disfigured poor.

This involves Police-State Digital DNA that is being collected from students, because 30 students were caught cheating on a test. What is not mentioned in the video is that the population has been fighting against the National ID card since it passed the TREASONOUS congress on 5-5-2005. (3)

We’ve stopped this many times, but the government went ahead and put all the information on our driver’s licenses and passports anyhow. All that was missing (until now) was this digital and optical facial recognition data that is now being gathered, because 30 highschool-students cheated on a national test. There is no longer any point to having these tests any longer as THERE ARE NO JOBS TO GET! All that attending a university will “get you” is a huge DEBT in the middle of the rest of your life, with NO EDUCATION, and only a bullshit piece of paper that will cost you about $50,000 (before interest is added)  to acquire. And on the strength of this total LIE (regarding both education and the reason for the newly invasive ID capabilities); this country will begin to REQUIRE these forms of ID on any ID that really matters in the future! (4)

It is truly amazing that so many new agencies, at a cost of trillions are joining into the government’s hijacking of the entire population through so many new and brutal methods that are supposed to appear-to-us to be absolutely-impregnable! But I tend to see these Draconian measures much like “Spitting into the Wind” because there will be ‘BLOWBACK’ and they will get all that they have tried to dish-out and more, when the BACKLASH-EXPLODES!

This global government has put all its eggs in the technological-basket: and that is not only a huge mistake, it will take them down in seconds instead of in the years, that would have been required if they had tried to do this conventionally. For every advantage that technology lends to their criminal-enterprise; there are at least three absolutely lethal reasons why that method should not be used. If you doubt me just look at Nuclear Power and how many sites we have here that were built on earthquake faults: Not just near them, but ON those faults, by design! The same thing will prove to be true of the choices they have made about weapons and when they might chose to use them—in the Middle East for example. They have all used them to threaten other states and other agendas. Now they are about to allow them to be used by some of the most insane megalomaniacs the universe has ever seen. And just as with everything else—this thermonuclear and global war will not go well for those determined to play the Nuclear Card—because that can only end in a version of Road Warrior that the world has never even remotely seen or even been able to imagine before. . . (5)

It’s time to fight America, and as the Lakota say “It’s a Good Day to Die!” Which identifies the importance attached to living as a free people, rather than as indentured slaves, forever upon your knees!

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4) Police State 2012: Digital DNA May Soon be Required -2min Video

5) Next False Flag: Israel Bombs US Navy Ship + WWIII 15 min. video



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