Coexistence Is Not An Option
By Jim Kirwan

This place is no longer a country and yet the so-called mass-media reports upon it as if nothing has changed since the 1960’s. The media here is worse that the Russian-media was under the old Soviet Union of the USSR. In fact “Pravda” was light years ahead of CNN and the rest of criminally-owned US media conglomerates.

The people that continue to dump billions into the coffers of traitors that are running for office in the upcoming so-called elections, are nothing but clearly bought and paid for traitors to this country—but since the media only encourages more of the same; and refuses to stop covering these selections as if they were real—most Amerikans have no idea that everything in the now very real bottom of the rabbit-hole is nothing but more outright TREASON. If this practice is not interrupted and challenged, then we shall all very soon have become nothing but their life-long slaves!

Yesterday’s revelations about the TREASON at the highest levels of this government has exposed all of this, for everyone to see! On top of that there is the growing criminality between the Attorney General and the idiot that has been in charge of the FBI since he failed all of us during and after 911, as our supposed head of the FBI! Watch this four minute video, and judge for yourself whether the media and the Zionist-controlled US government is correct, or is there really a basic problem in the black-heart of the treason that calls itself the U.S. government. . . (1)

We have been taken over bigtime by the same people that once so arrogantly attempted to humanize the same government they have now remade, before they sold out to the filth that is the Zionist-led New-Old World Order who is using the UN to try and force the entire world into a single government, a world army, and a global financial tyranny to crush humanity and enslave the planet.

“Today the world is turned upside down. The so called radical rebels of the sixties now own or control most things including the government. The anti-establishment has become the establishment and the silent majority is being told to remain silent while this progressive minority transforms our nation into what their collectivist programmers have taught them it should be. And yet they still see themselves as the rebels fighting a faceless bureaucracy for freedom never realizing they have met the enemy, and they are them.” (2)

Between these two articles it is easy to see just how totally corrupted the remains of this nation have become in the aftermath of the media’s takeover of everything that the public needed to know but was denied knowledge of. About the only thing that will shatter this cozy-little-partnership between the traitors and their now fully owned and coercive media arm that used to thought of as the Fourth Estate of Journalism ­ will be when first blood is drawn against the enforcers that owe everything to those who have stolen the nation and now want to finish stealing the rest of the planet.

Many people here have thought about all of this and have concluded that their hands are tied because ‘in their minds’ the real enemies of the USA are living in Israel, or some other far off place. That is NOT true. You and I see these creatures everyday on television and in the society pages of every one of those sold-out publications—because they OWN this place, they OWN us, and they have been living here unmolested now since they first began to spread their poison throughout the United States and the world!

Beginning with your “representatives,” there are at least over three hundred of the them (in the congress) that are still practicing treason every day of their lives because they have switched their loyalties from the US to Israel, publicly and they have profited handsomely (in illicit money & added false-powers to their newly acquired positions as front-men & women for Zionist Israel), and they’ve recently been parading this TREASON in Washington for the whole world to see and think about during their orgy of criminality at the AIPAC Convention ­ reported on LIVE by the same media that will never report on any of their crimes AGAINST America or Americans! The front-men & women for the media should be among the first people arrested; and should be hung along with the traitors that they have been protecting now since at least the end of end of the Vietnam War (when the media was purchased outright) by the Corporate Criminals that now own the country and soon will own the whole-world, unless they are stopped!

This has ‘come up before’ but has always been crushed because as everyone knows the public will never act upon something as blatant as outright treason, so long as the individuals ‘KNOW’ that they’re friends and co-workers will not join in the accusations that need to be leveled for anything to actually change!

‘This time all the facts are there, and we MUST (and finally can) FORCE these bastards out into the open.  Always before when the facts came out, most just shook their heads because they KNEW that no one would ever dare to join in their personal anger. This time everyone will get royally pissed-off and national-action can indeed follow which they (the guilty) might not be able to deflect or stop! This time everyone can and will see just how criminal these bastards have been, going all the way back to Clinton. It's time to kick some ass BIGTIME, and that can't happen soon-enough for me!’ (3)

The whole world has known, literally forever, that it would be a very bad thing for traitors and the real enemies of this country, if the American-Tiger of actual ANGER were to ever be awakened—and it looks like this time that just might be possible—and could indeed begin to happen.

We know where these people live and work. We know who protects them and who does not. And we now know exactly what they have planned to do to all of us: We also know that quite literally, that we no longer have ANYTHING LEFT TO LOSE! So start talking with your friends and colleagues and let the chips fall where they may: America is about to finally be AWAKENED and working Americans should not stop until this cancer has been removed from the body politic!

1) FBI Director Can’t Answer Basic Questions about Due Process ­ 4 minute video

2) Real Rebels and the Counter-Revolution

3) ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission for Military Actions ­ 7 min 31 sec. video



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