CIA Caught Hoaxing Iran
Nuke Site 'Explosion' Story
From Helen Bloomberg
Note - Our sincere thanks to Helen for sharing her sharp-eyed discovery.  No doubt, there is a torrent of CIA created and planted disinformation about Iran and the entire Middle East in the zionist owned and controlled media. -ed
Dear Jeff,
Western media is so corrupt by the banksters, that I stopped believing anything I am reading anymore, and I am checking the details myself.
May I humbly direct your attention to a detail, which I hope others in the alternative journalism may inspect farther...
I read this article today in the zionist CIA  controlled 'Daily Mail'.,..
Was There A Bombing At This Iranian Nuclear Site?
New Satellite Images Show Big Changes At Underground Facility
The paper printed photos from the CIA controlled ISIS:
The photos allegedly show 'before' and 'after' the 'explosion' at the Iranian nuclear site.  But the contradiction between the two articles attracted my attention.
Since it is perfectly clear from the photos that the 'before' and 'after' are reversed in time chronology, I am humbly suggesting that the CIA just, possibly, changed the date on the old photo, and passed it off as a photo from Dec 3 2011.
The bulldozer tracks are a perfect evidence that the photo was taken BEFORE the buildings ever existed.
There are plenty more evidence for the astute reader who inspects these photos carefully.
Below, I am enclosing the OLDER photo first and then the new photo from this month.
 Incidentally, I Google scanned the desert around Isfahan and could not find any such nuclear site.
I hope other researchers will look for it.
Meanwhile, the Bushehr reactor was VERY easy to find on Google Earth.
Helen Bloomberg
PS - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your relentless work in bringing the truth to journalism. You, especially, have opened the eyes of many of us Jews to see the truth about the Zionists. We Jews will be eternally grateful to you. You are one of a kind, you are what journalism should be, you are the worlds' undisputed leader in journalism. You have enriched my life greatly and stimulated me to spread your website among my Synagogue congregation. I hope the Goyim are listening to you as much as we Jews.
Like Jay Weidner, I start everyday by checking the news every morning on your website. I am astonished at your ability to find the REAL news worldwide, you saved me many many hours of looking for the truth myself.
I am listening to you religiously three hours a day, Monday through Friday.  This helped me completely erase my 72 years of Zionist brainwashing. THANK YOU.
Addendum - We have recieved one comment from a person who sent us coordinates of the 'location' in Isfahan where the site is 'located'.  However, the 'location' is mistaken.  The coordinates lead to a view of a mountaintop in the desert!  If anyone finds the location of the photo shown in the Daily Mail article, please send them to us.  - Ed
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