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Chemtrails - A Deadly Designer Air Pollution

By Dennis Clarke


This is not an invitation to debate.

After some years of research into this, I am now writing this answer as to the "what and why" the NWO people are spraying, what's in their Chemtrails and why.

It is, bottom line, all about a vigorous form of planned population reduction from the current seven billions that now make up Earth's global human population to around five-hundred-million, world wide. For perspective, The United States of America, in 2012, was reported to have a human population of three-hurdred-twenty millions of persons.

This NWO plan has often been disclosed but covertly billed as “a necessary, rapid reduction of Earth's human population,” to what a few have dubbed, “a sustainable human population for the planet."

But the planet wide population reduction isn't to be via starvation as many have suspected and posited. What is planned is lot more basic and insidious than starving the populations, will kill them a lot faster and will cause far more chaos and panic than almost anyone even suspects, allowing the global consolidations of government power, sought by the people who currently consider themselves to be and who seek to be the “elite” of the NWO.

To understand the insanity of the orders of magnitude involved in their human depopulation plan, consider the basic logistics of disposing of the dead bodies of even a hundredth of Earth's seven billions of our population in one year. In other words, one one-hundredth of seven-thousand-millions of human bodies, all dead in one year. That is only a small fraction of the potential “die-off” that will be brought about, if these Chemtrails are “successful,” in achieving the goal planned and anticipated, by their perpetrators.

To get a small idea of what has happened previously, know that over the winter of 1918/1919, fully half of all pregnant women on Earth, died, taking their unborn with them. Millions of other persons also died, “all as a result of what is now called, “Bird Flu,” or more specifically, “the 1918/1919 version of the H1N1 influenza virus.” This added up to the largest known, single year human die off in human history. None starved.

What I urge you to look at is not the distractions from the core Chemtrails plan. These include but are not limited to such as the real and verifiable horrors of the millions killed to date by nuclear radiation experimentation in the forms of war, thousands of bomb “tests,” the massive radioactive pollutions produced by nuclear reactor core meltdowns starting with Simi Valley, California in 1959. up through the contamination of Three Mile Island, and other such “accidents,” including at the various nuke laboratories at Hanford, Ct., Lawrance Livermore, Ca., and hundreds of other such sites, foreign and domestic around the world, the Chernobyl disaster, agreed by most to be the greatest nuclear disaster to its date and now the still unmitigated (by this writing), multiple core and waste pile meltdowns in Fukushima. Japan, the use of thousands of tones of depleted uranium (DU) as munitions, all reduced to ash particles, all burned down to two microns in size or smaller, and all of which will remain deadly, theoretically through the half live of DU, two billions of years and beyond.

Add to this, accidents with plutonium powered reactors in space craft that failed to achieve or maintain orbit and burned up upon reentry, showering the planet with yet more deadly radiation, all the effects of which are cumulative. Then, add in all known and unknown military reactors including portable reactors, stand alone on on-board land, air and ocean going craft with nuclear reactors aboard including nuclear submarines and a myriad of other craft in the water sea and air, including on lighter than air vehicles and drones.

With all of this is known to the old world order and now by the NWO folks and all of this is just a tiny fraction of their unaccounted for crimes against humanity, committed by those who consider themselves to be the “elite,” of the for profit scoundrels on Earth.

So, I do study and write about such things for perspective and understandings of that data as being the tell tale signs of comparable magnitude to the Chemtrail schemes and to illustrate major examples of the depths of the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy, exhibited by two-and-a-half-percent of Earth's population.
But this business of the very visible, "in your face Chemtrails," and what is being done under the “suitable guise” of their fake yet often "exposed secret handling for global warming," is the most sinister of all of the Machiavellian plans for world rule that I have ever seen.

What this is all about is using aluminum and barium particles, placed high in the atmosphere where they can be tracked as to coverage, as they spread to selectively filter out or block, virtually all ultra violet-B (UVB) emanations from the Sun.
This is all being done, over wide areas during "the prime growing and eating seasons" and when all animal life needs to harvest UVB exposure, when and where it is available. For living animal forms, UVB is a vital solar emanation. But UVB is yet, of the the UV frequency bands, the weakest that still reaches part of the atmosphere at such an angle so as to allow some of the UVB to penetrate enough atmosphere to reach some ground, part of the time. UVB is easily blocked by clouds, pollution in the air, home and car windows and not only by the surface quarter inch of clear water oceans and lakes and clear puddles, but can even be blocked by very high humidity in the air and any angle from the Sun to the Earth's atmosphere of less than (<45 degrees).

However, as a result of billions of years of evolution with UVB, it has become a necessary and healthful inclusion to almost all plant and animal life forms via Earth's symbiotic food chains.

This effort to block UVB with the barium and aluminum products being spread in the atmosphere via Chemtrails is all preliminary to the spreading of already developed or evolved viruses and bacteria capable of, by causing in higher animal forms on a massive scale, excessive inflammatory immune responses, capable of taking us and most higher animals forms out.
Yet the removal of UVB is not even suspected, by even those most aware of this designer air pollution, as being the purpose for these Chemtrails and the goal of the top actors behind them.

Most Americans for example believe UVB causes cancer and is therefore “their enemy.” There is a huge lack of understanding of UVB and populations are full of deliberately disseminated, misinformation and disinformation on the subject.
So, we are about to be blind-sided.

Governments, when and where involved, are still denying the existence of Chemtrails while propagandizing "secretly," both internally, and on curious external lines that "Chemtrails are a desperate and perhaps last ditch government effort to handle global warming by reducing or eliminating the evil UVB hitting the planet, before it's too late for us all."

But if this were to be said openly, scientifically, it would be peer reviewed and rejected as insane and possibly be widely exposed as a product of the NWO maniac's current attempt to accomplish their, “sustainable population goals.”

If peer reviewed, knowledgeable medical and other scientists, could easily see and describe how blocking UVB will not only fail to “handle global warming,” but will precipitate, devastating epidemics and pandemics among humans and other living things for at lest the year it will take, without the Chemtrails to begin to reverse their effects and clear the air to let the needed UVB back in. The bulk of the medical and scientific communities could and may rebel, even if it meant giving up their seats in their seats in the ark-like bunkers. With the damage already done to soils alone, some will recognize that it could take ten years or more and vast expenditures, to give the Earth an even shot at recovery.

But for us all and our progeny, recover it must and the Chemtrails must cease.

The long existing current plan has been to house the “elite,” including all their favored government officials and their families, in pressurized and sealed bunkers, for the year they miscalculate it will take, "until the disease danger has passed or (they believe), until adequate antibiotics and vaccines have been developed to save them.”

Those bunkers, all now stocked with provisions, were begun around the world prior to the year 2000 and the last are now nearing completion.

We must understand that with infectious diseases, it is often not the pathogen itself, but rather an excessive inflammatory immune response set off by the presence of the pathogen, not unlike a response to the presence of a transplanted organ, that contributes to the patient’s death, often by or via, wide-spread systemic hemorrhage, as a result of organ damage done by the immune system generated responses and subsequent sepsis.

So it goes with many so-called infectious diseases wherein what appears to be a disease caused by a particular pathogen, what we are actually observing is a pathology brought on by the most powerful immune systems of the species, tearing the body up with cytokine storms and similar mechanisms, all apparently in an attempt to destroy what it may perceive as and what most current medicine identifies as a foreign pathogen driven infectious disease process.

But such identification is only partially correct in that there is a pathogen of sorts present, and it in turn turns or triggers on a massive and often out of control scale, the massive inflammatory immune (ne allergic) response.

So, while UVB is the weakest of emanations from our sun that can still penetrate some of our atmosphere, some of the time to reach us, we need it to live. Yet, UVB makes up less than two-percent (<2%) of the solar emanations that reach us and yet is pitifully easy to block.

But UVB, due to the “good sense of Mother Nature,” saw fit through billions of years of evolution,” to assign or designate UVB as the most important Solar emanation to the various symbiotic life forms, as they have evolved here on Earth UVB is thus a virtual lynch pin, of health and survival mechanisms, incorporated over billions of years of design and/or evolution of this very symbiotic Earth.

But remember. the designer pollution of the atmosphere with barium and aluminum is and can only be as designed to screen or block all UVB, to the detriment and destruction of mankind.

Dennis H. Clarke


NWO - New World Order.  First publicly announced by the former CIA Director and then President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush.  This is the behind the scenes operations of unelected, usually self or bank appointed pricks who now run the world's governments by arbitrary rule, via the international banks, fund armies and coerce compliance via highly technological warfare, outside of any international or national laws.  The most dangerous of these are tied to the Bank of England and the British Crown and consider themselves to be by heritage and wealth, a law unto themselves. The old world order with a new slant.

Bird flu: an apparent disease process, precipitated by the presence of any one or more of over ten thousand separate bird viruses (type “A” viruses) carried around the world on the migration routes of birds and swapped and mixed constantly in rookeries and other stopover places where migrating birds congregate to mate, feed or nest and lay eggs.

Excessive inflammatory immune response: The product of almost all severe, apparently pathogen drive illnesses, particularly those resulting in a fatal hemorrhagic outcomes. These include various bird viruses and parvovirus related illnesses in dogs, horses and many others of mammalian species. But it is only the healthiest and most powerful immune systems within a species (including man), minus sufficient amounts of the immune system suppressor or “governor,” vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), in the blood serum in quantities sufficient to block a runaway, excessive inflammatory immunologic response. Animals derive vitamin D3 from UVB exposure or they must be fed it as a supplement by man.



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