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By Jim Kirwan


A reader asked:

What might happen if the people of this country got serious about changing this nation? What could this place look like if government feared the people instead of what we have now?’

I thought about it and looked at some suggestions.

The first thing that the public could alter would be to officially

terminate the six-part political-system that is the root of the criminality behind the co-opted thefts, routinely used to rape and plunder the wealth of both individuals and the nation.

The Democrats & the Republicans along with a very small number of independents have controlled the purse-strings and the agendas of USI for over a hundred years. Each of the major parties is composed of extreme-left, middle, and extreme right which re-made each political-party into three distinctively different points of view. Together that gave the nation six different-parties, not the proverbial “two-parties” which the media seizes on, at every opportunity. All political parties of every persuasion have committed massive criminally-based-legislation which combined to end the American way of life.

The current ‘political-parties’ have committed treason-unlimited for decades and must be suspended. Three new categories could be created. The American-party, The Israeli-party, and The Independent- party: This would cut the number of actual political-factions in half and give people clear choices about what they would be voting for or against without all the crap that currently is focused upon.

Without the current labels, people could clearly see exactly what is in whose best interests. This would eviscerate the political-masks that have hidden every major-point behind every vote in congress, the courts or the administration, not to mention the ballot-box that has been stolen by the total-fraud of the rigged-voting machines. Voting could be monitored by returning to paper-ballots and supervision by local people at every voting booth. Only votes cast by citizens would be allowed to be cast.

Foreigners would not be allowed to vote. All those who are here illegally would be deported immediately. America could again be America with real-borders that block any and all illegal immigration into this place, as they were originally created to do before Reagan broke the laws and opened this nation to this 43 year long flood of foreign workers that has been making war on the American jobs that are still left of Americans.

The foreign employees of Federal Reserve need to be arrested, charged and either imprisoned or deported—the FED itself needs to be taken over by US troops and the DEBTS incurred by the multi-national corporations and private banks need to be returned to those that created the debts ­ so that the United States could follow the route taken by Iceland who did exactly that to free themselves from global controls…

All the “Free-Trade-Association-Deals” would be null and void. Symbolic “Bonfires” could be held in every city in America while the nation reclaims our right to control our own affairs in the wider world.

The United Nations Offices in New York City should be permanently-closed, and those who came here to work, should be deported. Agenda 21 would be outlawed, from applying to the people of the United States. The American-criminals that tried to enslave America, thru the UN, need to be arrested and charged with sedition. Foreign representatives who came to the UN legally will be asked to leave immediately. The contents of the UN headquarters building ought to be turned over to an international-court for possible criminal charges.

Former Defense Secretary Panetta and the current UN Ambassador Susan Rice should be charged with treason as both chose to take their orders from the UN rather than from the USA, the country they were sworn to protect and to legally-represent.

Of course this would be difficult, but if the choice is between another global-war or cleaning up the criminally based disaster that we allowed to be created in our names—then most of the above would seem to be required. It’s a fantasy, of course, but while I’m at it what about the following suggestions?

Just imagine what would happen if the Israeli-Party had to run as the Israeli-political-party that would be created to always-favor Israel over the US in every instance, including LOYALITY?

For that matter the religions inside the country need to go back to being religions, and not just political-parties that pay no taxes because they call what they do religion. The overdue taxes that the “churches” owe the nation already, not even counting fines, penalties and interest - could be enough to get everyone else out of debt!

What would the political landscape look like if partisan-political parties did not exist as such? The American Political Party would represent everyone who is an American, because in the end any particular political affiliation does not really matter—because everyone here legally is an American-first: Everything else is secondary, or it should have been before the criminal-political-parties became an end in themselves. Of course people will disagree on policies, but that is as things were meant to be. We should return to being Americans and rid ourselves of all that garbage which only feeds the flames of illicit profits, kickbacks and criminality that has been the bedrock of government since before the end of WWII.

Constitutional legislation was meant to be very limited and should benefit the people of this country—not the corporations. The Supreme Court has to be dissolved and the “PERSONHOOD” of corporations must be delegitimized. Corporate Charters need to be renewed every ten years, so that corporations face the same hazards that ordinary people face in everyday life.

The rule of law as established in the Constitution must be re-introduced if the Republic or the nation is to rise again. The United States of Socialist Anarchy that we have become must be destroyed and those that created this abortion need to pay for their crimes.

Every criminally introduced law that came into being from Bush Junior through Obamanations’ tenure must be erased—including DHS, Patriot Acts, One & Two, and the massive private-military must be dissolved: Its leadership charged and imprisoned. Posse Comitatus must be reactivated and the unnecessary-troops overseas need to be massively cut. The CIA, FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF and all the criminal federal agencies need to be totally re-examined for traitors for clearly criminal activity.

Police and all the supposedly protective services across the land have to withdraw until they can certify their minions and go back to trying to protect the people they are currently trying to arrest, torture or murder in the name of National-Security and the Fourth Reich that is using the Socialist State and the Nannyistas to instill nothing but raw TERROR and INSECURITY, under the guise of permanent FEAR of every other person on the planet.

Openness is the basis for a free-society’, but the politically-crippled and politically correct mobs that refuse to think have killed simple-conversation throughout the land. FEAR of everyone else has become the national watchword. Nothing can succeed here anymore except oversized-paranoia and blind intimidation that has no need to exist.

The rogue agents and directors of every excessive government program need to be arrested; of course this is impossible because we let it all go way too far into the depths of Hell itself!

Of course it can’t be done unless we finally take charge of the traitors ourselves and force reality to overcome the fraud, the massive deceptions and the blatant global-theft that has been our nearly total preoccupation for seemingly forever, at least since we began to practice “MANIFEST DESTINY” in all its’ ugliest forms.

Given the scale and the scope of this infection that is destroying whatever’s left of this place ­ There seems to be very little left for the rest of us to work with, but we will be here to the end of it. Who knows maybe there will be more that will change before the whole ugly-thing is set in stone…


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