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By Jim Kirwan


So many people ask me what they can do, especially now, to stand up to the government now that they are about to start collecting our guns.

I have a violent-suggestion. Anyone can easily do this, to both relieve and actually begin to end personal enslavement.

What is it?

Toss that TV out the window, or take it out in the backyard and shoot It! (2)

I ended that direct line when government demanded that everyone buy a new television. Thatís when I threw mine into the street. END YOUR ADDICTION TO THEIR FALSE-FLAG DISTRIBUTION HOT-LINE. Itís a GREAT feeling!

Permanently destroy their direct-line into your life, in one quick and very satisfying moment. This is NOT a joke! You need to do this to free yourself. Once you end your unconscious-obedience to their-tube ≠ you can begin to live your own life free, not just of televisionÖ (1)

Then you can finally begin to


And thatís when the real celebration

Finally begins!

There was almost no mention of

New Yearís Resolutions

This year


1) UNIVERSAL "Declaration of Human Rights"

2) NOTE: If youíre going to shoot your TV

Be sure to wear protective eyewear ≠

Follow every other NANNY- RULE that might

ever apply, no matter how extreme ≠ good luck!





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