Can You Stand Next To A Cell
Tower And Not Know It?

By Ted Twietmeyer


People put cell phones up to their heads without ever giving a thought to health effects. Phones transmit with about .4 watts of power. EACH cell tower antenna outputs about 100 watts EACH. Four antennas is equal to the power of a microwave oven.

But what about standing too close to a cell antenna at ground level and not know about it?
Are there always warning signs posted?
How close can you get to one without even knowing it?

Here are a few examples:


FCC warning sign at the base of one cell tower, not seen at all towers. Note how the text leaves out what the actual damage to your health will be from excessive RF radiation. Cataracts in the eyes can be one form of damage. Instead of saying "MAY EXCEED THE FCC PUBLIC EXPOSURE STANDARD " it should read "EXCEEDS PUBLIC EXPOSURE STANDARD."


New cell tower "cactus" erected in the desert. Standing close to it when it becomes operational my just give you that "warm and fuzzy feeling" you've always wanted.

People everywhere are becoming more aware and concerned of an increasing source of cancer - RF radiation

Mira-Costa college cell tower clock in San Diego. Were radiation exposure estimates based on the theory no one would ever stand under it or near it? We can clearly see that at least 3 sidewalks converge under this tower showing it must be a major intersection.

Ted Twietmeyer



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