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Cashing-In Our Checks Today
By Jim Kirwan
What is happening now is that we have reached the point just before serious confrontations begin to be forcefully challenged by the Police State. All of this has happened before: And in every case it has been those in 'AUTHORITY' that have chosen to open fire upon the public that have always ended up either in the hangman's noose or in a ditch somewhere as just another anonymous corpse.
This image (left) came from KUSA-TV, Denver, Colorado. (1)
The second image below would appear to be simply the current day version of a painting from Francisco Goya, which shows what happens to unarmed prisoners facing troops of another illegal state, in an earlier time.
This cycle must be interrupted and ended if we are ever to find our way through the Labyrinthine tunnels that can lead us back to real freedom and to an actual new beginning!
Some thoughts come to mind about the basic ingredients required to arrive at a just and lasting solution to this standoff.
To begin with 'TRUST' is not something that anyone can 'win,' it has to be built upon actions and outcomes, over time. And by this standard we know that everything that has been promised to the American people has all turned out to be nothing but a massive pack of conscious and pre-meditated lies. (2)
Given these two paragraphs from yesterday's article we can see what's in store for us unless we radically change this game now-for the future:
"The pursuit of money is the root of all evil, and the capitalist system was inherently corrupt and wasteful. Anarchy reined in the marketplace, as corporations blindly pursued profit, with no concern for human needs or for the Earth. How much more sensible are our production brigades, producing only what is needed, and using only what is sustainable. Capitalism encouraged greed and consumption; people struggled to compete with one another, to 'get ahead' in the rat race. How much wiser we are now, to live within our ration quotas, and to accept our assigned duties, whatever they might be, in service to humanity.
How scary were the old days, when unlicensed, untrained couples had total control over vulnerable children, behind closed doors, with whatever neuroses, addictions, or perversions the parents happened to possess. How did this vestige of patriarchal slavery, this safe-house den of child abuse, continue so long to exist, and not be recognised for what it was? How much better off we are now, with children being raised scientifically, by trained staff, where they are taught discipline and healthy values." (3)
So essentially this society, this government and many religions have made millions of promises to those they have interacted with that can only be cashed, in the next life. For the religions that 'reward' will only come in the next life; for the government our problems will all be solved, but only in "the future" which of course (because it is the future) will never arrive. So in essence the people that have been guiding and governing over us have promised much-but none of those promises or rewards can be cashed in the here and now-ever!
Is it not time that we began to deal with this reality in this world, at this moment? In fact what better time that on November Second, 2011 in Oakland; where a nationwide STRIKE is being called for one day! Why not ask every demonstration currently being held, to join in sympathy and determination with Oakland California, in their outrage over the shooting of the Marine Veteran of Iraq; and of Police Brutality nationwide? We need a completely new government if we are to ever have a nation again: Because all we are now is Tel-Aviv West, as far as the world is concerned along with being the most dangerous military-force in the world today. (4)
We must remember that any "thing" can be taken away from anyone at anytime. What we sometimes forget is that those "things" are no more than mere illusions. Those things that cannot be taken away from us are what has become part of our very beings; and that will not change.
Another critical fact is that no 'contrived false-power' in this world is ever untouchable!
And finally each of us has a purpose in this life that goes far beyond just making money or being entertained. To thwart the treats we are all facing: We must begin to call in all those Shattered Promises for payment, with interest and penalties to be paid in full for all the Decades of Deception and the Lies Unending that have been the legacy that we are about to bequeath to the next generation!
1) Denver Police Use Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Batons and Pepper Spray http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/10/denver-police-use-tear-
2) Military Joins Occupy Wall Street?
3) The 'NOW'
4) General Strike and Mass Day of Action, November 2
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